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21 Franz

Wait what? I've watched all the episodes and I don't remember that name

Isn't he that taking Dutch golf ball?

He is a jerk that hates losing. - RalphBob

who is he

22 Ford Pines

I'm actually pretty surprised that Ford isn't higher on this list. Ford is shown as a selfish jerk who couldn't care less about his brother even after Stan spent 30 years trying to bring Ford back. It literally takes right until Stan loses his memories that he realizes how much his brother means to him. Stan still cared about Ford after everything he put him through, and Ford shows nothing. Worse yet, he tried to bring Dipper and Mabel apart when he wanted Dipper to be his apprentice. I really can't stand Ford.

He just annoys me. When he first came, he told Stan(who worked 30 years to save him) at the end of the summer he was going to kick Stan out and close the mystery shack. Also, he tried to get Dipper to quit school and study mysteries without Mabel. Mabel helped Dipper with almost all of the mysteries and even did a few of them herself, (Ex: In the Boyz Crazy episode) so why doesn't Mabel get to stay to? That always bothered me. I get that he's there to show what Dipper would turn into if he didn't have Mabel, but he just annoys me.

He's in desperate need of truck loads of character development. If he's allowed the leeway to see the error of his ways, he can become a great character. I really want this to happen after Weirdmagedon part 2

I really like Ford. He's probably in my top 5 favorite characters, around #3, behind Dipper and Bill. I don't know, I just love his personality.

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23 Celestabellebethabelle

I added her on here. She is the worst character on the show ever. She's completely selfish and likes to mess with humans, plus she ruined the episode "The Last Mabelcorn". I hate her get her to number 1. - Anonymousxcxc

She should definitely be number 1

She was so mean to Mabel!

Should Be Number One.Here Are The Many Reasons I Hate Her:She's Selfish,She's a Lying Bi***,She Makes The Worst Ever Noises Ever,Her Design,Her Voice,The Position of Her Eyes,Her Name and EVERYTHING ABOUT HER!

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24 Preston Northwest

He rightfully deserved having the functions of every hole in his face shuffled

I've always wanted to kick him in the balls - RainbowArtist191

Why isn't he up higher?

He littrealy tried to make a deal with the devil

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25 Paper Jam Dipper

Why? I'm sorry, but now people are going INSANE! First it was Bill, now THIS?

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26 Toby Determined

This guy is forever alone

This guy solely exists just to be the town's cannon fodder, someone to point and laugh at, who never grows into something greater. Seriously--the show could do so much without him.

27 Soos Soos

It's SOOS, not so, you fool. Plus, he is awesome. Your putting the best characters on here because there aren't that many characters!

Dipper, Mabel, Stan, now Soos? Did you just run out of characters and decide to add all them? They're all my favorite characters!

He knowingly, on multiple occasions, almost caused the deaths of everyone in the show for his selfish reasons. Why is waddles ahead of him? I hate soos...


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28 Tad Strange

What's wrong with Tad? I don't even see how you can put him on this list since he's in very few episodes and is only meant to be a joke. DON'T TAKE IT TOO SERIOSLY! (I think I spelled that wrong). But on the other hand... I can't see why Dipper is on this list either! But that's another story...

I don't know what your talking bout Tad is the best

He is the Derpy Hooves of Gravity Falls

He was on the show for like 15 seconds -_-

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29 Steve

Who is that?

30 Time Baby

Annoying,Idiotic,Uneeded Screen Time,Stupid Design,I HATE HIM! Thank You,Bill,for Killing Him! AHAHAAHAH!

31 Soos's Father

He was a jerk to Soos because Soos needed to have a reason to make Stan his father figure. He is a jerk, though.

How is he at the bottom of this list!?!?! That dude was a jerk to poor Soos ( who should not be on this list).

Stan and Soos can bind over having bad dads

After typing this did he move up?

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32 Agent Powers
33 Agent Trigger


34 Craz

The second worst characters in Gravity Falls (oh and yes I added them and Celestibellabethabelle because they are bad characters, but I really am a Gravity Falls lover). - Anonymousxcxc

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35 Jeff

He asked Mabel to marry him and kidnappad her when she said no! Seriously?! And then he tried to marry Gideon... Yeah...that's...that's great you know...

36 Tyrone
37 Reggie
38 Duck-tective
39 Summerween Trickster

I Love Sumerween Trickster,But I'm Just Adding Him to The List,Because Some People Have Different Opinions from Me.

40 Manotaur
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