Top Ten Worst Gravity Falls Couples/Ships

The Top Ten Worst Gravity Falls Couples/Ships

Billdip (Bill x Dipper)

Yesss, so glad this is #2. This ship makes absolutely NO sense! The fact that it's the most popular ship honestly says a lot about this fandom. It's simply bizarre and ridiculous, and also the result of ONE damn episode!

The fact that Bill left Dipper for dead in Weirdmageddon Part 1 proves Dipper's insignificance to him. Sure, Bill destroyed the journals, and I believe crushing Dipper's hopes was just a bonus. And who was tied with Dipper's hopes? Ford! Ford, whom Bill turned to gold while everyone else was stone or carelessly left for dead. The fact that Bill casually told his friends to eat Dipper proves he never CARED about Dipper once, not in Dreamscapers, and most certainly not in Sock Opera. One can argue that Bill used Dipper like Ford, but I feel like there's more to the relationship between the scientist and the dream demon. I think Bill said "I like you" to Dip in an attempt at flattering bribery, but I also have a feeling that Dip he reminds Bill of Ford. ...more

This ship is absolutely disgusting and makes no sense whatsoever. Dipper is a 12 year old boy during most of this series, and Bill Cipher is a demonic triangle as old as the universe. This ship is basically pedophilia. This ship is also abusive, as it is shown in the series that Bill had no regard whatsoever for Dipper's safety and his family's. This ship is gross, creepy, and it's terrifying that this ship even exists.

They hate each other
Also I'm pretty sure they're both straight
Just saying...

It was really hard for me to choose if Billdip, all the incest ships or Gideon Mabel, but I finally chose this as THIS IS THE WORST. I understand how people will ship Bill with somebody else, ( I ship Mabill ) but this ship simply does not work. Dipper and Bill's personalities simply do not click! Heck, even Mabill makes more sense than this! ( And I'm not saying that simply because I ship it, but Mabill does make MUCH more sense than this. ) And this is the result of ONE DAMN EPISODE. Seriously?

Pinecest (Mabel x Dipper)

This is simply gross! Not just incest is wrong by itself, but Pinecest put two underage characters to do unspeakable things, completely ruining the cute and heartwarming sibling relationship between Dipper and Mabel. Please stop shipping them!

Seriously people, what is going on in some of these people's minds?!?! The fact that people actually support two 12 year old TWINS doing such UNSPEAKABLE (and I'm pretty sure illegal) things is just wrong in the FANDOM, and the mind. I could write an essay about why this ship is so horrible if I had to, and I will (some day)! I even ship BILLDIP over this, and that says a lot. And not to mention the fan art! Why do people feel the need to even make ART for this disgusting ship...just...WHY?!?!?!? I mean, come on! Some people in this fandom are his sick...not insane, just plain SICK. There is no need whatsoever to turn this (somewhat) kid friendly show into like Game of Thrones, or something! Just...please people...stop shipping these two innocent little children...please.

This is just nasty... why even ship incest? Incest reproduction is at higher risk for birth defects, and that is a fact. And if you think about it, whoever ships pinecest is subtly shipping Alex and his twin sister (his inspiration for Dipper & Mabel). Absolutely horrifying.

To be honest, I've never seen that siblings could have so good relationship as Dip and Mabel have. So why are these two innocent kids shipped? Heck, they're 12 (ok 13 at the end of the show), so why some people support them to do such unspeakable things plus write fanfics and draw fanarts about it?! Don't forget they are based on Alex and his twin sister, Ariel. Just gross.

Candip (Dipper x Candy)

Why do I love this ship? Their both nerdy, and I forgot the others. - pupcatdog

The reason I don't like this is because roadside attractions subplot just ruined it and it seems like dipper isn't even interested in her.

This ship sank

It was a cute ship for fun until road attractions.But they never really had interactions... - CutiePoops

Mabill (Mabel x Bill)

Guys watch the summerween episode, it's so cute candy goes to dipper for protection, the ship is really cute

This ship doesn't really have any backing to it. There isn't really any evidence that Bill OR Mable cared about the other. Some of these shippers may be coming from the "Reverse Falls" AU, but I don't think this ship really is even anything.

I really don't ship it. I don't see it. And It doesn't make sense at all. I'm sorry, but.. Ok you're saying that "It makes sense", like In fanfictions,(I guess? )that there is a slight possibilty that Mabel could forgive Bill, and because Mabel sometimes is too trusting, and we all know that Bill wouldn't that change that easily. And so, Bill could take Advantage Mabel's kindness, and it wouldn't work at all. And for older Dipper, in fanfictions, I see it. Why? Well Because there is slight possibilty-like, Dipper is too Paranoid on Bill, and wouldn't trust him that easily. And of course, Bill can't take advantage of that if Dipper is paranoid and all. And of course, If they see each other like enemies on the start, as the story progress, The other (Bill or Dipper) see some side of the other that they don't know.

This fandom seriously needs to stop supporting toxic relationships.

Dipper x Wendy

I Ship This So Much, Bill Dip And All The Other Stuff Is Trash.

I love it

Wendip OTP. And it's canon too...

Love wendip

Mabel x Gabe

Gabe is a jerk! Mabel, you deserve someone better! - Organ

Wendy x Robbie

Um its okay Robbie might learn to be a better person from Wendy, but I still don't think it will ever work out

I don't know if anybody ships them, but I don't - Organ

Mabcifica (Mabel x Pacifica)

It just doesn't fit - Organ

I'm actually a fan of this ship because how different they are and how they could easily get along. You should Google it!

I find this ship really annoying and stupid I don't even understand why people ship it most of them ship it because of billdip

Mabel and Pacifica are not lesbians - Flowerrose

Dipper x Pacifica

This is the best ship not the worst I love this ship so much

Trash. TRASH. This was made from ONE EPISODE. ONE EPISODE. I honestly hate this ship so much. If anything, Mabcifica is way better and way more likely to happen than this.

Its not awful or anything and I have nothing against it, I just don't really like it for no reason. It does make sense though unlike Billdip

I love this ship! Probably my favorite girlfriend ship!

Stanley x Stanford

Just like Mabel x Dipper it is so wrong!

This should be up there with pinecest, it's just as bad. They're siblings AND old men. Gross.

Y'all are wrong it is a cute ship and they belong together! Yes their siblings but so what?

Whats the matter with the people why always the siblings

The Contenders

Dipper x Journal 3

This is a thing? Really people? This is ONE ship I can't agree with.

I think these people just ship everyone with everything

How would be love a book, that mean he's pretty much insane with loving book

I ship it.

Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland

This is perfect honestly. they are so nice to each other and act like family!

They are perfect

The underlooked best ship in this fandom. And it's literally canon so

BUT IT'S CANNON! - PokeFallsMagica

Mabel x Waddles

I literally have nothing to say about this.

Still better than billdip to be honest

Weird ship! I found it on instagram - Organ

Why god why people are weird

Waddles x Gompers

I like this ship and In one of the episodes mabel shows waffles and gompers taped together and a ribbon says just married so...yeah

This is my otp to be honest


The best

Tad Strange x Bread

I think this needs no comment...this is by far the best ship out there and no one can change my mind. I mean he already professed his love for bread.

This ship is just plain hilarious.

enough said"

I SHIP IT! - Pokemonfan10

Mabel x Robbie


Mabel x Gideon

Maybe. He might have redeemed himself. - AnonymousChick

This ship is pretty meh to me.

This is my favorite ship!


Dipper x Stan

EW who would ship this? - AnonymousChick

-_- notice that he is Dipper's GREAT UNCLE stan. Family and he is like, 60

Dipper x Tyrone

I am not even going to ask about this one...

What a hippie would say to a kid (Dipper) who is sad that they would never find a girlfriend. (To be loved,
You need to love yourself) - Pokemonfan10

Mabel x Mabel

hippie - Pokemonfan10

This is like murder X suicide ^_^


God I wish this ship didn't exist. It's not cute at all, just dumb.

People only ship this because of yaoi I have nothing against gay ships but they have to have chemistry not just because it's gay I like ships that are narrow and make sense

This is the only ship that makes my blood boil...

Fiddauthor is amazing!


@CutiePoops, yeah, that's Old Man McGucket's real name. How does this make sense.

How is this a ship - CutiePoops

Bill Cipher x Pacifica

How would this even happen? Seriously, how?

They don't even have a line together!


Help... - PokeFallsMagica


Mabel x Mermando

Nah. Plus, he's already married.

I personally like this ship because they both like each other and they are same age

Tad Strange X Free Pizza Guy

Best ship in my opinion.

So underrated

Gideon x Pacifica

Never showed any romantic hints

Ugh. No.

I regret nothing - PokeFallsMagica

Bill x Wendy

I made this up as a joke

There is actually a fanfic on it but the fic is actually pretty good

Ford x Dipper
Pacifica x Mabel

Pacifica fits to Dipper way more then Mabel

I think GideonxMabel is better to be honest. Like, for Gideon and Mabel, it would be when they are older, and you see their relationship develop, and Gideon waiting, and giving Mabel time, and stuff like that. <3 Besides, I ship DipperxPacifica

Gideon x Journal 2

Up next! Bill x Journal 1! - Pokemonfan10


Candy x Grenda

Ok this is better than dipper and journal 3

Abuelita x Bill

This is beautiful.

(I'm kidding though, obviously. This is really weird)

Gideon x Robbie


Bill x Ford

This is horrible. They have no romantic interest in each other. Stanford hates Bill and Bill only wants to use Ford for evil. It's wrong and they would never have romantic feelings for each other.

Ford x Waddles

Oh HELL No! This-Why does this exist?

Stan x Dipper

What you people are disgusting

This is peno

Ford x Pearl in SU Pearl? Honestly, I have no opinion on this.

Stan x Journal 1


Bill x Soos

I'm deeply disturbed right now find out this actually exists


Tad Strange x Mabel

Just curious.. which tad? The canon human tad or the other... demon one... Just search it online if you guys want to see what he looks like as a demon. There is also several videos and fanarts about his demonic form.

Carla McCorkle x Stan Pines

To be honest I know that nobody ships this, but I was watching “Boyz Crazy” and I thought “why the heck not? ”

Stan x Ford
Waddles x Bill

This is amazing.

What... is this a thing? Waddles x Gompers forever!

Gompers x Abeulita

Better than god himself

Stanford x Pearl
Stan x Soos
Soos x Bill
Stan x Abuelita
Stan x Fiddleford

Why does this even exist like people just literally ship anyone

Mabel x Candy

Why, just why?!

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