Top Ten Worst Gravity Falls Couples/Ships


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21 Gideon x Pacifica

Never showed any romantic hints

Ugh. No.

22 Bill x Wendy

I made this up as a joke

There is actually a fanfic on it but the fic is actually pretty good

23 Bill x Soos

I'm deeply disturbed right now find out this actually exists


24 Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland

They are perfect

25 Tad Strange x Mabel

Just curious.. which tad? The canon human tad or the other... demon one... Just search it online if you guys want to see what he looks like as a demon. There is also several videos and fanarts about his demonic form.

26 Stan x Fiddleford

Why does this even exist like people just literally ship anyone

27 Pacifica x Mabel

Pacifica fits to Dipper way more then Mabel

28 Fiddleford

How is this a ship - CutiePoops

29 Stan x Journal 1
30 Tad Strange X Free Pizza Guy
31 Mabel x Mermando

Nah. Plus, he's already married.

32 Mabel x Candy

Why, just why?!

33 Candy x Grenda

Ok this is better than dipper and journal 3

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