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Dipper vs. Manliness

LADIES LADIES! You can't put a worst episode on gravity falls! That's like saying that they should cancel the show! Curse whoever made this list!

Just because there is a list of worst episodes doesn't mean we want the show to end. It is just saying we don't like these episodes as much. If the creators of the show even saw this list, they should take it as advice. - RalphBob

While Little Gift Shop of Horrors is my least favorite episode, this one held the previous record. This episode didn't even really have to exist. Like Little Gift Shop of Horrors, it wasn't bad. Just doesn't show was Gravity Falls is all about. Dipper is all out of character in this episode. To me, I have always seen him as someone like me who always has known he's a nerd (except I'm a she) and proud of it. The nice quality of him is completely thrown out in this episode. Even if you're a hardcore Faller like me, you really don't need to watch this episode.

This episode an Little Gift Shop Of Horrors are the only episodes of Gravity Falls that I think are bad.

The characters seem so flat in this episode it would have been better if it came later in the season since we barely knew dipper besides his mystery solving antics I guess the writers were trying let the audience get to know dipper a bit when Mabel would get more character development in irrational treasure

Boyz Crazy

This episode was just incredibly dull in my opinion. The main plot with Mabel and the boy band was so completely unnecessary. It doesn't establish anything new about Mabel, and the clones were so annoying I couldn't wait for Mabel to get rid of them. I did, however, like the subplot involving Dipper and Stan, seeing the two of them bonding was really cute. But the stuff with Robbie and Wendy was kind of confusing. Am I the only one who thought Wendy was really out of character in this episode? She's usually so chill but in this episode she just snaps at Robbie for lying to her and then yells at Dipper too. Overall, it was one of the weakest episodes of the season.

I love Gravity Falls, but honestly this episode... Was not my favorite, the humor struck me a stupid, the plot seemed pointless.

Good episode, but bad response of Mabel. I can't believe it. This is the first episode that showed the meanest side of Mabel. Seriously! I learned Mabel kills anybody who doesn't like Several Times. But I thought the boy band was pretty funny. Anyway, this episode gets an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

While this episode is not bad by any means, I think it is the weakest episode of the show. Mabel is out of character for a large portion of the episode. I did not care for the A-plot very much. I probably would have liked this episode better if it focused more on the B-plot.

Roadside Attractions

I passionately loathe "Escape From Reality," but while that one makes me angrier, this one is just objectively worse in every way. I only saw it once but it stuck in my head. From its poor and disappointing placement in the series, to its terrible handling of the characters, to its super uncomfortable, borderline sexist implications, this episode was awful.

While others here have talked about the terrible and unappealing characterization of Mabel and her friends and the annoyance of this completely unrelated sidestory stalling the plot right before the series finale, the worst flaw of this episode for me is its handling of it's themes and message. See, it's trying for "being a playboy is wrong." Ostensibly, Dipper tries becoming a playboy to get more comfortable dealing with girls romantically. However, despite the episode treating him like a playboy, Dipper is only shown interacting with girls in a friendly and platonic manner. Dipper spends a few hours at ...more

Okay... what? Honestly I didn't have very high hopes for this episode to begin with. I get that we needed a detour before the chaos that is Weirdmageddon... but this? This episode... I wouldn't call it "horrible" (I personally don't think that there's such a thing as a bad episode of Gravity Falls), but I wouldn't call it "good". I wouldn't even call it "decent". This episode... happened. That's really all I can think to describe it as. First of all, the monster in this episode. It's... a concept? A Vegas Spider Siren? Sounds pretty cool on paper, but I feel that it was one of the least interesting creatures in the show. The biggest problem with this episode is that it falls into a trap that I've seen all too many times, and that's trying way too hard to enforce a moral. Everything, EVERYTHING that enforces morals, be it cartoons, live action comedies, comics, anything, they all fall into this trap, and Gravity Falls is no exception. Did Dipper need to learn this moral? No, especially ...more

Mabel and her friends are a couple of insufferable brats. It's no wonder they get along so well. Grenda was being annoying as always. I thought Candy was boring until she turned out to be a brat like Mabel. She has a crush on Dipper all because he gave her a compliment and then rejected him because he ran away from a scary monster. And Mabel was probably at her worst in this episode. She goes behind Dipper's back and takes his secret box of Wendy photos, gets mad at him for not being over her(and that was after she locked them in the closet and nearly got them killed in "Into the Bunker"), tells him to "move on"(you'd think a self-proclaimed "dating expert" would have better advice than that.), forces Candy onto him without telling him, gets mad at him again for being a "betrayer." If Dipper had a spine, he would've called Mabel out for all the times she flirted with guys. Just goes to show what a horrible sister she is. Hate this episode.

Every single episode of gravity falls I LOVE. I love the show, and all the amazing characters! Every episode is amazing.

...Except this one. Geez, when I first saw this list, I didn't want to vote because gravity falls is always great and smart...and then I saw Roadside Attraction. This episode is TERRIBLE TO THE CORE. Sub-par comedy, cringe-worthy dialogue, and The entire episode just felt mean-spirited. I mean yeah, the idea of The gang going around and pranking other tourist traps is a great idea, same with Dipper attempting to find new love with the help of the least helpful person possible, and his advice surprisingly working. But Nothing is brought to it's fullest, and I suspect the main reason this episode was made was for Alex Hirsch to notify fans "Nope. CanDip's not happening". That is why I hate this episode with all my heart.

The Hand That Rocks the Mabel

Why the heck is this episode on this list!?!?! It's one of the best ones! This one is my third favorite episode!

Honestly, Gideon seemed like sort of a lame villain up until the last few episodes. Most of his less important cameos (Deep End, Irrational Treasure) are typically better than episodes centered around him. Although, the finale was indeed great because Gideon seemed legitimately threatening.

Despite being a major Faller, I think Gideon is an underwhelming villain in general, but it really stands out in this episode. He just seems like weird 9-year-old. Also, this episode came way too early in the season. We learn who has the 2nd journal before we even find out Dipper likes Wendy. This episode isn't the worst, but it could've been better.

I love this ep! It's so good with lil' Gideon its awesome


How could you hate this episode? I found it really entertaining for some strange reason. It was kind of just classic Gravity Falls style, I guess. I definitely don't think it's anywhere near the worst.

Unbelievable. Ok, perhaps the three-part-harmony thing was just a tiny bit contrived, but we still got an adorable song sequence out of it. Plus, the story arc with the government agents was introduced in this episode, in which they play a key role in NWHS. Also, the way Stan battled those zombies was amazing! This was a great episode in my opinion and I honestly don't get why it's disliked so much.

Really underwhelming. Seriously, we waited a year for this? The only thing that was "important" is that there was invisible ink. The zombies were really cliche and why did Dipper trust the government of all people? - TheLivingNarwhal

Well, in my opinion, that was the fun of it. Not all episodes can be a masterpiece, and I LOVED the episode :3 - TheAlbinoWolf

This was a great episode and began the story arc of the government agents following the Pines family around.

Sock Opera

I have mixed feelings about Sock Opera, really. I was expecting it to be amazing, don't ask why, but I was, and I was honestly disappointed. I like how it has Bill in it because he's a great villain and very interesting, but I don't think that "Bipper" stabbing himself with forks and all of that self harm crap was very good to put in the show. I think they should've left it at the falling down the stairs. Also, when Dipper gets back in his body, he says he feels like he needs to go to the hospital. Yeah, yeah, Bill's a villain, I know, but did they really have to include that? Also, Mabel was a big jerk in this episode. At least she owned up to it, unlike in some other episodes... (ahem, Time Traveler's Pig.) They should have focused less on Mabel and Gabe and more on Bill and Dipper! Honestly, I feel like Dipper's deal with Bill was the main point of the episode, so why did Mabel obsessing over Gabe get so much screen time instead? That was my thoughts on Sock Opera.

What? How did this even happen? This is my personal favorite. Just... What?

Best episode so far

This is bad. Just because it has bill does not mean it is the best episode so far

I didn't like how Mabel called Dipper a "dumb guy" when she was being pretty dumb herself. After she realized how much Dipper does for her, she goes back to treating him like crap. She didn't even think of taking him to hospital like he said. Mabel really doesn't deserve a brother like Dipper.


Stan was fond of his wax figure because it reminded him of Ford. Rethink about your opinions.

Why would you call the police about a wax figure getting decapitated? And why would you go on an entire mystery case about who did it? Not to mention, the wax figure villains were kinda lame. - DCfnaf

I thought this one was okay...not so great. Not so bad

Okay, this episode wasn't so good. I just didn't find very funny or interesting. Don't get me wrong, I love Gravity Falls, but there are much better episodes. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 4. Disappointing.

Little Gift Shop of Horrors

For some reason, I had really high expectations for this one. The plot seemed cool and they were mixing two kinds of animation! I was really excited for this episode also because it was the first episode I was gonna see the premiere of for season 2. With excitement came disappointment, when the stories weren't even close to the awesomeness I expected. The potty humor was annoying and the other humor in general just wasn't very funny. In the end, it just seemed like Alex needed a Halloween episode and so he made it. As for the animation mix, it was entertaining and really good, but the other parts of the episode were so bad that that doesn't even give it any real credit. It wasn't a bad episode, but it definitely deserves the #1 spot on this list.

The whole episode sucked, but the story with Mabel and Waddles was the worst of all of them. Mabel gets upset because Waddles becomes a genius and he's spending more time with Dipper(who doesn't have a friend as smart as he is, mind you). With enough whining, Mabel manages to convince Waddles to change back to normal and it's ridiculous because she keeps making Dipper give up stuff for her and now her own pet pig is doing the same. It's supposed to be a non-canon story, but it still seemed canon. It also explains why she threw a fit over Dipper's apprenticeship. Why is it so hard for her to be happy for her friends and family instead of being a selfish, whiny little brat?

Little Gift Shop of Horrors was one of my least favorite episodes, I love Gravity Falls very much but this episode just, didn't scream Gravity Falls for me. It was boring. The plot for the hand-witch story was just down right dumb! A witch steals people's hands to get a date. The Waddles one was kinda interesting but it just felt like there was something, missing. The stop motion animation (clay motion) one was my favorite and I now only watch that part because of how interesting it is.

This episode is, together with love god, the only episode I didn't enjoy. I have the idea that these episodes containing multiple skits are usually the ideas that are not long enough to make a whole episode out of. So they mix it together with two other episodes and make an easy story around it. While bottomless pit succeeded in having funny and clever stories. This episode was just boring. The first story with the hand witch was weird and uncomfortable, not in a good way. And where I liked the concept of waddles becoming smart, it was hard to watch him leave Mabel. The third one was creative and probably hard to make with the stop motion. But that seemed to be the only efford put in this episode. I did luke the ending though but I know Alex cando better than this

Little Dipper

Mabel is such a horrible sister to Dipper and this one of the episodes that proves it. First, she gets upset for losing at chess when she just played around with the pieces. Then, she starts teasing making fun of Dipper's height. It's also ridiculous how Soos could spot a millimeter difference without measuring the twins first. Just like in "Dipper Vs. Manliness", she didn't realize how her teasing hurt her brother and doesn't apologize. She claims that she made of fun of him because he's better at her in anything and rubs its in her face, which is a horrible excuse. Dipper never teased her about losing and Mabel's better at him in lots of things, like fighting, mini-golf, being funny, making friends, the list goes on. And even after Dipper mentioned Mabel's name-calling and short jokes, she still kept teasing him. I hate how the episode treated her bullying towards Dipper like a good thing.

Mabel is the worst in this episode. She claims that she teases Dipper about being shorter than her because Dipper is better at everything. Thing is though, Dipper only said stuff about him winning and not her losing. Mabel just points out one flaw about him and it's safe to say that she was a downright bully to Dipper in this episode and it's not ok. She's acting as if someone being better at you at stuff gives you a right to point out their flaws and-like I said before-bully them. I'll give this episode credit though for making me feel so bad for Dipper. Seriously messed with my emotions

By this point it's clear there's no truly bad episode of the show. However this episode features Mabel at her most hateable. Stan didn't bug me as much since he only did it once at the beginning of the episode. However Mabel not only does it throughout the episode, but we're supposed to think she's in the right for teasing her brother. And her excuse isn't all that great either since Dipper's teasing was playful and won by bragging rights. But Mabel's teasing just seems just flat out Malicious, and could be more offensive to some of the more height-challenged viewers who've had to deal with mean spirited teasing because of their height.

I'm fond of every episode, but this one came with a feel of mild disappointment. I was out of town and didn't get to see it for several days after it premiered, and I was underwhelmed when I got to see it. Despite comedic moments, this one lacked substance, didn't build on the series, and had little to no redeeming value.

The Deep End

I thought it was cool how Dipper gave Mabel the thingy. (I forget what it's called.) And some of it was pretty funny. "Look! Wendy in a bikini! " "Really? At night? " That one still makes me laugh! But still, I felt like over all the episode, at the most, just started a really bad ship with no point to even leave the dock. - dipperpinesfangirl618

This episode has great humor and a nice lesson. I don't see the problem here,

Not very original or engaging and barely advanced Dipper and Wendy's relationship and Gideon was an ass in this one.

Eww "reverse CPR" and kissing. DISGUSTING!
No offense Gravity Falls you are my favorite show EVAH but I really don't like this episode that much. I don't really hate any of the episodes but if I could pick a worst episode it would be this one.

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The Love God

This episode had it's perks (such as Dipper saying "everyone's touching everything" while crowd surfing) but I feel that in a way the moral was a tad destructive. Mabel already messed with Robbie and Tambry's love lives, but in the end she decides to not undo the love potion because they seem "happy". But isn't this, in a way, artificial happiness? Isn't it better be alone than to be fake?

I hate how the love God acts in this episode. It's so bad, it's irrelevant to the series, and really puts Mabel down on her matchmaking skills

The only amazing here was the "I EAT Kids" and I know I feel bad for Robbie so it's nice that probably they're happy now

The only part that was good was the "I EAT KIDS"

The Time Traveler's Pig

Why couldn't he just ask her to duck?!

The redeeming quality of the episode is definitely waddles

Decent episode, but I hated the moral. Mabel was being an idiot. - Phenenas

Yeah it was boring

Tourist Trapped

What?! Why is this on here? This is a great episode, and an important one too

It's the first episode, give it a break!

Why is this episode on here? It is great!

It was the best out of these by far

The Legend of the Gobblewonker

This is a great episode! Why is it here?

This episode is fantastic! It has so much clever humor and a hidden dark side that can't be understood without watching Tale of Two Stans first.

This one was my least favorite but no episode of gravity falls should be on here

This episode was so awesome! It wasn't the best but it's still good gravity falls

The Golf War

This isn't the worst episode of Gravity Falls, but it could've been better. It just isn't really interesting.

Pointless? This episode begun the beginning of Pacifica's reformation! Without, Northwest Mansion Mystery would've made less sense!

This episode felt very pointless to me. The Lilliputians were annoying, and honestly, I didn't really care who won the golf match. We already saw these two compete in Double Dipper: this just felt like a rehash of old material.

I feel like this episode is just filler. It has nothing to do with anything - Heyo_Simba


This one I waited a long time to see, it was worth it! I loved this episode! By the way, please don't make a Worst list for Gravity Falls because this show doesn't deserve it! There isn't any bad things about girlfriend :)! - maddyparrot22

Welp. If I had to be honest.
Dipper was pretty much of a dick in this episode. - pupcatdog

This was my favorite until Gideon rises. I would say they are all pretty great, and some amazing, and some spectacular. I didn't like hand that rocks Mabel, gobblewonker, Little Dipper, or boss Mabel as much as the others though.

This one is really creepy.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure there is no episode called pilot.

And to think this was supposed to be what gravity falls was. Instead of high quality crisp animation, we almost got cheap flash animation and nerves (weakened) jokes

The UNAIRED pilot thou. Stan looked like a gorilla. Ugh nightmares.

There is a pilot. Check it up on YouTube and you'll see it.

Bottomless Pit!

This is a much better filler episode than "Little Gift Shop of Horrors"

I just got bored

This is the only episode I do not like of Gravity Falls - toy

There's no meaning for this one.

Land Before Swine

This episode WAS really good but I feel like it left a lot of spaces open and didn't really explain anything. Personally, this episode was really REALLY good and I liked it very much, but at the end, it made me a little disappointing. - dipperpinesfangirl618

Just like every episode this one is a great mix of comedy, mystery, and drama. But by default it's the worst. The characters go on a relatively cliché quest but don't add anything new to the mix. It made me laugh and smile but in the end it's just not as good as anything else.

I hate the way Stan just act totally diferent, and why was mcgucket eaven in thi episode?

The Last Mabelcorn

"The Dipper and Ford plot wasn't that interesting". What?!?! Are you serious? That was the best part of the episode, and it was far more interesting than Mabel's unicorn dilemma, which still was entertaining. But Dipper and Ford's plot made this a progressive episode, revealing an intense scene as well as a backstory about Ford's past with Bill. How's that NOT interesting?

Maybe it's just the MLP fan in me talking here but I hate what the writers did with Celestabellebethabelle. Her sole reason for being a jerk was... being a jerk. Come on. These writers have proven time and again that they are so much better than that. They've had other nasty and despicable characters like Preston Northwest, Gideon, Robbie, etc. but they all had reasons for their actions. This didn't justify what they did but it was a lot better than "I'm mean because I'm mean" which is what we got here. The writers are way more talented and, had they put more time into it, could have done more with Celestabellebethabelle's character. For me, the Dipper and Ford stuff was okay but not anything that I found too great. This episode is easily my least favorite since the antagonist really had no motivation and that just killed the plot for me. It wasn't an atrocious episode by any means but I find it to be the worst of the series.

Land Before Swine was good enough to be in Mr. Enter's Admirable Animations (video #23), so I don't know why anyone voted that one of Gravity Falls's worst episodes, but if any Gravity Falls episode deserves to be ranked the worst, it's this one. I could definitely imagine Mr. Enter having some bad things to say about this, mostly involving this episode addressing people's criticisms of Mabel and throwing them back in their faces, and the things Wendy, Candy and Grenda were doing to get Celestabellabethabelle's hair that might have made them less moral than her, which Wendy said Mabel didn't need to know about. Also, Ford admits he was a fool to hide his past with Bill, which he could have told Dipper about at any time, but he never did.

Funniest episode in my opinion

Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality

While I do like this, I will admit that this is the weakest Weirdmageddon episode.

This is a good episode, though perhaps the weakest installment of the Weirdmageddon saga.

The flashback kids are immature, rude, cruel, stupid, and deserve to die

Agreed sadly.

Fight Fighters

This episode rules BUT it is hard to understand jokes if you are not a die hard gamer like me

Why are Gravity Falls haters so stupid?

Get this off of there right now! - MinusTop10

Boss Mabel

Yes because a rampaging gremloblin attacking the shack is boring.

This one is so boring

Just kind of meh. Hilarious, but meh.

Carpet Diem

No this Episode is great why is it on here

I loved this episode - AliciaMae

Worst Episode ever!

This is the worstest episode of gravity falls (i hate make up, which is in this idiotic episode)

Not What He Seems

This is the Best. We find out that it was Stan's Bro who is the author of the mysterious books.

Damn. This is a episode where you find out Stanford is lying! A fraud! But Geez guess yall gonna hate

This must be some kind of cruel joke.

Take this off the list holy crap

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