Roadside Attractions


This episode was an utter disappointment. I wanted more Bill, but this episode got in the way! We had to wait 5 weeks to learn about BILL'S plans! I love this show, but I thought this episode didn't need to exist. I was expecting more Bill and Ford but what I got was a road trip of disappointment. - StevenU

This is not a bad episode, I repeat, this is NOT a bad episode. What's bad about it though is the timing. It should've come out after Into The Bunker and before Not What He Seems in my opinion.

In my opinion, this is number one. I honestly think that this episode was a pointless detour that nobody wanted or needed. While I understand that the episode is not entirely "filler," I don't think the episode directly before Weirdmageddon breaks loose should be this... pointless. There were good parts, but even Dipper vs. Manliness had some form of character development besides "By the way, I don't know if you noticed, but Dipper is having trouble getting over Wendy." - gidlr

This is my least favorite episode of Gravity Falls because the writing feel like one of those Regular Show episodes with botched romance involved as well as some crappy fanfic. The writing just went nowhere with this plot. There's still some good moments, but it was half good and half bad. - truespongebobfan

Horrible. Gravity Falls episodes were so relevant to the plot around this time and then this presence of an episode scoots itself in. Gag, gag, gag.

This episode was very different. And let me just say, it wasn't in a good way. I mean, I LOVED seeing Dipper pick up chicks just because that proved a lot of people who said he didn't have it in him wrong. But the plot was slow and I HATE CanDip with a passion! - dipperpinesfangirl618

This totally ruined the vibe of season two, it would've fit better in season one honestly

This episode is the most weird. Weird animation, Weird history, Weird Romance, WEIRD ALL.

The masterpiece known as "Sock Opera" is above this garbage? - 445956

This along with boyz Crazy was the only one I skipped.

To be honest, I did really mind this episode, but JEEZ it should be a season 1 episode or at least beginning of season 2 not the episode before the 4 finale episodes, I mean Ford isn't e in the episode, hell he doesn't even get a cameo, and the villian was just really weak (even for Gravity falls standards) all in all I did really mind it but just a weak episode

Wait all those times I said did I meant didn't

In my opinion this is the only bad episode.

This episode is terrible. It feels like a fan wrote this episode. The plot was really weird and I just felt super uncomfortable watching this episode. this episode is straight up weird

I'm glad dipper got to bond with stan. They didn't have much of a relationship and that was all awkward after not what he seems. I'm glad they bonded. Also adviceburg.

Typically, I wouldn't say this about an episode but... This was a piece of crap. It's like they have all the ideas and plot for an episode and this was at the bottom of the bunch -.- The plot was terrible, Sub-par comedy and the dialogue was just...Ughh.. The only thing I liked about this episode was Dipper opening up to girls and bonding with Stan somewhat.. And the Dipper X Candy thing..NO. JUST NO.

I think every episode is good but... Some are just worse than others and this is my least favorite of all time; this episode was ok. But there were some MAJOR flaws; including dipper being out of charecter, candip, Mabel and Grenada forcing it to much. When it comes on T.V. I think of it as the worst episode. But then again... Teen Titans Go! Episode all of them are worse than this.

The plot is pointless and why does Dipper need a girlfriend? I mean, he's 12!
And I hate the ship "candip' because Candy is absolutely annoying and boring -.-
When Dipper called her "cute and cool" or something like that I almost jumped out of the window

It was interesting but slightly ruined Dipper and Stans charecters. The animation was great and this reminded me of Scobby Doo but Dipper is smart enough to know Stans methods were wrong.

I will admit, Gravity Falls has no truly hate-worthy episodes. the show is without a doubt the best cartoon, dare I say T.V. show of at least the 21st century. but if I had to choose, it would need to be the last filler before the 4 Weirdmaggedon episodes. the premise of Stan & the kids sabotaging other tourist traps is still not bad. however, the whole part with Dipper trying to pick up girls at every one they go to was just not that good. the monster was, I must say, pretty bland & one-dimensional when compared to opponents like the Shapeshifter or the living video games. also, the stuff with Dipper & Candy just seemed forced & out of place. while I still don't mind this episode, it just seemed like the writers were having a pre-finale brain fart.

Worst episode by far. The plot with Dipper picking up girls was ridiculous. They had one non-romantic smalltalk conversation with him and act like he cheated on them? And we're supposed to feel sorry fror them?
The forced candip scenes were really cringe worthy and Candy saving the day was predictable. - Organ