Top Ten Worst Green Bay Packers Draft Picks of the 2010s


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1 Datone Jones (2013, RD 1, Pick 26)

He was an edge rusher, and was pretty sub par at it. He last played in Green Bay in 2016 before signing with the Dallas Cowboys. He is now a free agent. - PackFan2005

2 Quinten Rollins (2015, RD 2, Pick 62)

Rollins was drafted in the infamous 2015 draft class to fill in a hole at cornerback. To say the least, Rollins did not do a good job at it. He had two interceptions in 2015, one in 2016, and none in 2017. Shortly before the start of the 2018 season, Rollins was cut, and is a free agent as of now. - PackFan2005

3 Jason Spriggs (2016, RD 2, Pick 48)

We traded up for Spriggs, and didn’t get much in return. He isn’t terrible, but he’s not good either. He’s often injured, and has been a backup his whole career. I am not sure how much longer he has in Green Bay. - PackFan2005

4 Derek Sherrod (2011, RD 1, Pick 32)

Sherrod was the last pick of the first round in 2011. He only spent 3 1/2 seasons with the Packers, and only had one start. He broke his leg in 2011, missed all of 2012 and most of 2013, and was cut mid season in 2014. He hasn’t been on an NFL roster since 2015, when he was with the Kansas City Chiefs. He only had one career start. - PackFan2005

5 DeVante Mays (2017, RD 7, Pick 238)

Despite being a seventh round pick, Mays was bad in Green Bay. On his first career carry in 2017, he lost a fumble. On his second career carry, he fumbled again. He was cut before the 2018 season and is currently on the Cleveland Browns practice squad. - PackFan2005

6 Vince Biegel (2017, RD 4, Pick 108)

Fourth round picks should last more than a season with a team, but it was not the case for Biegel. He did not have a single sack in Green Bay in 2017, and was cut before 2018. He is now a special teams player for the New Orleans Saints, where he is decent. - PackFan2005

7 Kyle Murphy (2016, RD 6, Pick 200)

Murphy was a backup in 2016, but had to play in 2017 due to injuries. He wasn’t very good, and eventually, he broke his foot. He was on injured reserve for half of the 2018 season before being cut. He is currently on the Los Angeles Rams practice squad. - PackFan2005

8 Montravius Adams (2017, RD 3, Pick 93)

Adams was supposed to be good depth for the defensive line, but ended up missing most of his rookie season in 2017 due to injury. He only has one sack to his name, and that came in late 2018. How much longer will he remain a Packers player? - PackFan2005

9 J’Mon Moore (2018, RD 4, Pick 133)

It seems kind of unfair to put Moore on already, but he has looked like a bust so far. He caught only two passes in his rookie season, and fumbled a kick return. It’s not looking good for him so far, as he is at the bottom of the depth chart in Green Bay. - PackFan2005

10 DeAngelo Yancey (2017, RD 5, Pick 175)

Yancey never made the 53 man roster in Green Bay, and was cut before 2018 began. He is currently on the New York Jets practice squad. - PackFan2005

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1. Datone Jones (2013, RD 1, Pick 26)
2. Quinten Rollins (2015, RD 2, Pick 62)
3. Jason Spriggs (2016, RD 2, Pick 48)
1. Derek Sherrod (2011, RD 1, Pick 32)
2. Jason Spriggs (2016, RD 2, Pick 48)
3. Datone Jones (2013, RD 1, Pick 26)


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