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21 Troublemaker Troublemaker

How is nobody voting for this?!?!? WORST LYRICS I've EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!

In single words is the biggest bull in all around the world, Green Day is awfull

A friend of mine likes this song his name is rigir he introduced me into this


22 Extraordinary Girl Extraordinary Girl

The whole Arabic-something feel to me is quite annoying. EVERY OTHER SONG ON THE ALBUM IS TOP NOTCH but I can't bring myself to like this :/

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23 Still Breathing Still Breathing

Are you kidding me? This is one of Billie's more personal songs, and you are all hating on it? Do you really thing Billie wants you idiots to hate a song, that's personal to him? Don't call yourself a Green Day fan if you don't like this one. - Tristan1975R5

You are a freak if you hate this song!

It's a good song about billie I love it

Terrible. Just sounds like another song you would hear off the radio. Worst song of revolution radio

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24 X-Kid X-Kid

What's wrong with this song? Seriously? It's a great meaningful song with catchy riffs. My favourite from the trilogy. - Tristan1975R5

25 Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia

Eh a lot of this list is rubbish, this song is good, despite it being number one on my top 10 Most Overplayed Green Day Songs list. A lot of these songs aren't really bad, just overplayed or underrated, some overrated. - BoredJeff02

A big " F.O.D" for those who voted this

This guy must be on drugs because its amazing

It has good parts but the song is to long in my opinion. I just loose interest in the song around the 'I don't care' part.

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26 Fell for You Fell for You

I very much disliked this song, it's the only Green Day song I really don't like. It's pandering garbage. Green Day is my favourite band, but this song is just awful.

27 Dirty Rotten Bastards Dirty Rotten Bastards

Who idiot put this here? It's a masterpiece! @

28 F.O.D. F.O.D.

Dookie is THE most important album of the pop punk music. There are technically no flaws and the music is very good!

Why is this on the list? Its one of if not the best non-single green day songs from dookie.

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29 Restless Heart Syndrome Restless Heart Syndrome

HOW?!? How in the hell and why in the hell is this song on this list? - RestlessHeartGrenade

This song is a masterpiece I wish this was more popular

One of best for guitar riffs its good

30 D.U.I.

This song needs to be wiped from green day's history, it's moral is terrible, and lyrics are dull!

Where is the link to this song I'm too drunk to find it.

Yes because every other Green Day song has an amazing message to it...
Controversy is their entire brand!
Geek Stink Breath, Brain Stew, Jaded, pretty much the entirety of Insomnia, while talking about how drugs are bad, still has morals that are pretty bad.

31 Like a Rat Does Cheese
32 Know Your Enemy Know Your Enemy

This song literally has no substance to it. All it is, is the same repetitive melody... Over and over and over again. I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't so boring. Green Day needs to learn: they are not the Ramones, who were actually good at making 2 minute repetitive punk songs.

Also, please do realize-Green Day are my favorite band of all-time, I just dislike this song... A lot... - seankraus99

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33 Walk Away Walk Away V 1 Comment
34 Rest Rest V 2 Comments
35 My Generation My Generation

What's wrong. It's just a punk version of The Who's; My Generation

36 See You Tonight See You Tonight
37 Longview Longview

I'm listening to it and it classic

38 Carpe Diem Carpe Diem

Not that good. Sounds a lot like Before the Lobotomy(which is better). Also sounds like any other ¡Uno! song. Never one of my favorites.

39 Last of the American Girls Last of the American Girls
40 Lady Cobra Lady Cobra
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