Top Ten Worst Groups of People

There are many people in this world that you can't help but facepalm at. Some are horrible, horrible monsters that are only here to cause harm to society. At worst, they cause the Holocaust (who cares about 9/11). At best, they annoy you.

Then we have groups dedicated to bigotry and terrorism and all sorts of despicable things. These are groups of people that hold back the Human race and the sooner they disappear, the better off we will be.
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Can apply to any terrorist, stupid, Islamic group.

At least there almost gone out of iraq and syria

Once again, self explanatory

All ISIL Member should be sent to inner core

2 Nazis

Supporting a despicable man who murdered millions of innocent people, and negatively affected the lives of many more, simply because they are not of "Pure Aryan Race". They better wake up and smell the 21st century.

They still exist but they in small numbers called neo nazis they will never get anywhere

At least there's none anymore

But isn't isis like islamic nazis?

Responsable for 60,000,000 people dieing, what else has to be said?

3 The KKK

Incestuous and a low IQ terrorist organisation

They're so racist

hate colored for some reason ? what

Self explanatory

4 Communists

My family fled from a communist country to America. Trust me communism is nasty.

They shouldn't be on the list. Where is the best groups of people list?

Communist regimes killed more than fascists

I forgot what this is

5 Al-Qaeda
6 Neo-Nazis

Same thing as nazis

bigoted jobless skinheads that are severely lacking social cues

natzi s but modern

neo-nazis literally missed history class.

7 Genocide Supporters

do I need to explain this one

why support mass murder

the should die

who tf would support this

8 Holocaust Deniers

I'm baffled as to why they still exist! The Holocaust is obviously a cold hard fact. The Holocaust killed millions of lives and denying it is just a disgrace to those who died during it and the rest of the human race.

I mean? What kind of idiot denies the Holocaust?

You can’t Denie a genocide

the holocaust happened

9 Anti-Vaccination Movement

Do I have to go through this? Well basically, the anti-vaccination movement is just sad. The worst part is that it somehow causes stuff to happen with the child? Allergic reactions to vaccines are unsurprisingly uncommon, and one certain point is linked to a single document. Come on...

I met a boy who had autism and was not vaccinated. True.

People are dying

terrible because we need vaccines

10 Feminist

Sorry not sorry that you men or should I say boys are mad that woman are realizing that they don’t have the same rights men do. Also why did you put feminists at number 5 and things like Neo-Nazis and Holocaust Deniers below them? What’s your problem with woman in power?

Feminism = the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Sounds reasonable to me. And to place feminists on this list next to Nazis, ISIS, Holocaust Deniers etc. seems wildly inappropriate. Why such a strong, irrational reaction to feminism? Women only gained the right to vote in the US in 1920. History is not a straight line. Progress is not guaranteed. Women (and men) have the right to fight for women's equality and to fight to maintain women's equality.

Over the years, women have been getting more equal rights. That may be true, but now in first-world countries, these Femenatzis are a movement full of bigoted misandrist out to get men. While some (like a certain user here) may say that Feminism, by definition, is looking for equality among both sexes, you must remember that Feminism is a movement, meaning that the actions in that said movement define what they stand for. Actions speak louder than words. To put it simply, the definition in the dictionary is irrelevant.

Did you know JK Rowling is a feminist and she didn't demand her publishers to have Joanne Rowling on the Harry Potter books instead of JK Rowling. Did you know she doesn't even have a middle name and she used K after her mother Kathleen.

The Newcomers

? Biden Supporters
The Contenders
11 Alt-Right

Bunch of bored white people dying to be oppressed about something

I don't know but I think conservative?

what the alt-right is literally terrible

Eww Steve bannon

12 Social Justice Warriors

I think these groups should have gone extinct and ousted from the society. They are nothing but a group of warheads who wants to do what things right for the sake of their own. They ruined everything even for entertainments. Hollywood is already in panic since Ghostbusters 2016. Do they think they are "people" who live great without men? Without men, then how can the Earth's population reproduced?

Biggest discrase to humanity

why they call themselves that like I can advocate for human right but don’t have some kind of savior complex about it

13 Terrorists

Most terroists are isis

Stupid people

14 Rapists

Is there an explanation for these people?

How could people do such an act?!

They should all die

Need I say more? They’re disgusting rapists.

15 Pedophiles

An abomination, pedophiles is what Satan worships

Should be number 1, ISIS by number 2.

Why do I need to explain this

Kill all pedos

16 Mexican Cartels
17 Black Lives Matter (BLM)

They take things too far! Protesting for ones rights are one thing, demolishing and repeating the same things are another. They should be stopped.

They kidnapped and abused a disabled white guy what is wring with them

Black lives always matter have you seen what cops have done smh

18 Satanists

They want eternal damnation? They're going to get it. They will NEVER enter Heaven because they worship Satan.

Satanists are evil

19 Flat Earthers

These people are absolute idiots, there is science to prove that the earth is not flat.

Again, one of the 4 Idiots.


Get This to Number 1

Hate Steve Irwin

21 Americans

I remember making a whole list dedicated to these people. And I'm American myself!

There are some rude people in America, but also in every other country! Geez!

Death to America. America is the enemy of humanity.

Oh great. Why did you have to bring this up again?

22 AntiFa

Not the worst terrorists but have killed people & burned & looted buildings

KKK, Nazis, communists & Islamic state are worst but Antifa is worse than Americans or Trump supporters (you might not like Trump but you gotta admit Antifa has caused more damage than Trump supporters (except for Capital Rioters))

23 Al-Shabaab
24 Trump Supporters

Trump is funny, his supporters though...Only God can help them

Remember the guy on the delta airline

No comment needed.

Ignorant and racist don’t even believe in science

25 Furries

Transgenders, furries, feminists, wannabe gangstas, racists, sexists, anti-straight gays

I have no problem with women or homosexual or bisexual people but homosexuals shouldn’t have superiority over straights or be able to discriminate straights or force their beliefs on people or should women force men to wear bras for equality or make women get paid more than men

But people have gone to far, honestly if I just say abortion is bad I’m gonna get death threats from liberal women that have sex with random men & use government tax money on abortion because they don’t take responsibility when that money could’ve used it to clean the damn water, just be warned humans have gone to far..

These people are just DISGUSTING

Pure disgusting

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