Top Ten Worst Groups of People

There are many people in this world that you can't help but facepalm at. Some are horrible, horrible monsters that are only here to cause harm to society. At worst, they cause the Holocaust (who cares about 9/11). At best, they annoy you.

Then we have groups dedicated to bigotry and terrorism and all sorts of despicable things. These are groups of people that hold back the Human race and the sooner they disappear, the better off we will be.

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1 Nazis Nazis

Responsable for 60,000,000 people dieing, what else has to be said? - GreninjaGuy

Fu Nazis

At least there's none anymore

But isn't isis like islamic nazis?

2 Holocaust Deniers

I'm baffled as to why they still exist! The Holocaust is obviously a cold hard fact. The Holocaust killed millions of lives and denying it is just a disgrace to those who died during it and the rest of the human race. - PerfectImpulseX


Can apply to any terrorist, stupid, Islamic group.

They kill people!

Fu people of isis

4 Terrorists
5 Communists
6 Feminist

Over the years, women have been getting more equal rights. That may be true, but now in first-world countries, these Femenatzis are a movement full of bigoted misandrist out to get men. While some (like a certain user here) may say that Feminism, by definition, is looking for equality among both sexes, you must remember that Feminism is a movement, meaning that the actions in that said movement define what they stand for. Actions speak louder than words. To put it simply, the definition in the dictionary is irrelevant.

No need to be passive aggressive. Mind you, you're deciding to stay anonymous.

Real feminism is a movement for equal rights. There have been no movements to my knowledge that involve "pay women more than men" or something like that. A true feminist desires equality between genders (meaning most non-awful on the planet are feminists). If misandry and misogyny is what you dislike, say it like so, as misandry and feminism are entirely different-if not opposite-beliefs. - keycha1n

I'm not a radical feminist. I don't like them. But either way, I believe in equal rights got women to men. - FennikenFan9

They stand in my ways of violence. - Therandom

They are very much irritating

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7 Black Lives Matter (BLM)

They kidnapped and abused a disabled white guy what is wring with them

Black lives do matter and the leadership of the group is fine but lowly supporters are the real racists in the world the cops are the best people out there

Commited 87 percent of terrorist attacks in 2016-2017 in America

8 Genocide Supporters
9 The KKK

Fu kkk

10 Republicans

The Newcomers

? Robbers
? Al-Qaeda

The Contenders

11 Alt-Right
12 Trump Supporters

Remember the guy on the delta airline - Stevenpenguin

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13 Muslims

Gee, couldn't you people stop being racist at once? - Delgia2k

Not anti-Semitic but good Lord these people are terrible - bobbythebrony

Fu 50% of Muslims

Yeah most of them are...yeah. - bobbythebrony

14 Americans

There are some rude people in America, but also in every other country! Geez! - RiverClanRocks

Oh great. Why did you have to bring this up again? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I remember making a whole list dedicated to these people. And I'm American myself!

A whole list dedicated to these people? Wow - what a tremendous accomplishment to remember and call to our attention. Think any others could make a whole list dedicated to Americans? - Billyv

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15 Black Panther Party
16 Democrats

Shoving communism at you since the mid 1900s.

They're ruining America and think that everything should be just handed to you

17 Liberals

Nothing but idiots - bobbythebrony

Liberals are the worst end of discussion

Fu liberals

18 Rapists V 2 Comments
19 Pedophiles Pedophiles
20 Murderers

It they had a good reason, such as murdering a corrupt person, then it's not that bad. - Therandom

That's what I meant. Self defense, and/or killing for the better for everyone. It's what the military does. - Therandom

Hi, it's Scarr. Murder is only bad if you don't have a valid reason to murder someone. For example let's say a group of guys come out of nowhere and start punching you. You pull out a pocket knife and stab them all to death. That's completely ok, because you would've been severely damage or even killed if you didn't stab them. On the other hand, pulling a knife out and stabbing someone who hasn't done anything wrong to you is bad. The military does it, so we can too.

Murder is not a bad thing. Got that? - bobbythebrony

Fu murders

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