Top Ten Worst Groups of People

There are many people in this world that you can't help but facepalm at. Some are horrible, horrible monsters that are only here to cause harm to society. At worst, they cause the Holocaust (who cares about 9/11). At best, they annoy you.

Then we have groups dedicated to bigotry and terrorism and all sorts of despicable things. These are groups of people that hold back the Human race and the sooner they disappear, the better off we will be.

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21 Democrats

Shoving communism at you since the mid 1900s.

They're ruining America and think that everything should be just handed to you

They last good democrat was jfk - Dvafan2

22 Rapists

How could people do such an act?!

Fu rapists

23 Murderers

It they had a good reason, such as murdering a corrupt person, then it's not that bad. - Therandom

That's what I meant. Self defense, and/or killing for the better for everyone. It's what the military does. - Therandom

Hi, it's Scarr. Murder is only bad if you don't have a valid reason to murder someone. For example let's say a group of guys come out of nowhere and start punching you. You pull out a pocket knife and stab them all to death. That's completely ok, because you would've been severely damage or even killed if you didn't stab them. On the other hand, pulling a knife out and stabbing someone who hasn't done anything wrong to you is bad. The military does it, so we can too.

Murder is not a bad thing. Got that? - bobbythebrony

Fu murders

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24 The Sin Squad

They are a disgrace to humanity! Making fun of 12-year olds for being children and ignoring them, they are so mean and should never have formed in the first place!.

I'm sorry for that comment, don't take it seriously, I don't think this about you guys anymore, I overreacted.

25 The far left
26 Conservatives
27 Furries

These people are just DISGUSTING

28 Anonymous Submitters to TheTopTens

Fu an...oh wait a minute

29 Justin Bieber fans
30 Bolsheviks
31 New Black Panthers
32 Atheists

Only the ones who like to argue

33 Squidward Bandwagoners

Fu what ever the hell that is

35 Robbers
36 Vegans

Really? Now discriminating people because they don't kill animals and eat them. How horrible has this world gotten? - AnonymousChick

While you health-freaks go and demonize meat-eaters, I while enjoy a nice strip of bacon. You may live longer, but we don't need idiots to have their 100th birthday, do we.

Not really, no. So have another slab of bacon please. And then perhaps learn to spell or watch your typos when trying to present a logical argument - Billyv

AnonymousChick, what you said is exactly why I hate vegans.

Fu vegans? I don't know why

37 The Cartel
38 Bullies

Fu b...oh wait a minute

39 Anti-Feminists

I'm guessing a feminist added this... - Therandom

If they left the video game industry alone, I wouldn't give a crap about them. - Therandom

Wrong! it's the feminists who need to get out of the gaming industry! there are few people in history who are as deceptive as Anita sarkeesian!

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40 Criminals

Fu criminals

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