Top Ten Worst Groups On Roblox

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Yeah, this group is just bad

It's a group of Exploiters and Hackers. Plus the owner made a bunch of alts to get people in.

2 Team C00lkid

Full of stupid hackers - PugZ_Newly

An exploiting organization. Holy crap.

Why exploiters even exists..Exploiters feed from people reaction,and Roblox having knowledge of them. like I am doing now,Talking bout' them - Urutano

3 ROBLOX Anti-Exploit

Everybody calls RAE Admins, but they hardly come because the scripts always break.

4 Bloxxed Hotels

The game suck

Bloxxed hotels has a major lack of professional staff to be honest,

How did this hell come? How it happened: They copies Nova and Hilton and hired terrible developers. They then altered it and made it a lot worse. Then they started running an unprofessional staff force, the staff force is always going downhill! Then the horrible people started joining which made Bloxxed even more hellish. There are a lot but here is a list of the worst:

10. Avia

9. Ari

8. Paige

7. Kingjack

6. Vicey

5. Mario

4. Tato

3. Karim

2. Asier

Number 1 is a horrible racist rude and lying human being (Arc) full usernames werent mentioned. GO RAID BLOXXED HOTELS!

Don't get me started with this. Firstly, they sell ranks and they only stopped because of ROBLOX terms of service. They bitter over 300 members. They also have the worst staff. Using m is abusive. The training guides miss out important stuff but include useless stuff. Oh no, the worst part: money thirsty as hell they are. Walk in there and you’ll just see gamepasses to buy like fast lane merch self check in suite how many gamepasses they have is just unreal. They also have a donation board legit people spent over 90k robust on it like so much wasted! Also it’s basically a copy of Hilton hotels with similar ranks in LR, same lanes as Hilton not bloxton similar admin rules (but worse in areas) and ignorant staff. Altogether bloxxed is basically hell! Please raid it and exploit it!

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5 State of Rockport

Why can't we have elections on Election Day? All of the governors resign or get impeached about a week after they get elected. Same thing happens to 3/4 of the other government positions.

6 Pinewood Builders: Security Team

Come on. This should be for the computer core. Everybody blows it up. That's why the lowest rank can't have any weapons.

7 Boho Salon

It just sucks - PugZ_Newly

It sucks haha

Everyone keeps claiming that the group uses bots, but I've once asked easily over 1000 people for proof that they use bots and all I've gotten were threats and insults, and no proof whatsoever. People will believe anything that popular YouTubers say, even without proof, and they repeat the rumour like a bot. Pathetic. Even if Boho Salon is a bad group, the irrational haters are far, FAR worse. - LemonComputer

They do indeed bot to get some members to make their group "popular" or "bigger". Not only they bot they also scam people by doing Raffle's and selling raffle tickets which is against the Roblox ToS, which nobody cares about even the kids don't care. It's sad to see people getting scammed by their dirty little trick and just leave the people in pain with their robux/money taken. The worst of all is that the developers of Roblox don't do anything about it, they just let it happend and they even gave them the 2018 Bloxy which is shocking. For all the crimes they done, they deserved an award and not a ban?

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8 Sprite Cup

I don't know why but he perm banned me for no reason his group is now a sim series

It will not let me in (martintruexjrcantwin)


Put me on provation

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9 The Robloxian Cops: Licensed Drivers

No licensed required for civi cars. Why is there a license required for cop cars?

10 Free Stuff

You can't get anything for free its just a scam

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11 Anger of Noobs

Terrible group, most HRs are Online Daters, the 2nd in command demotes people for the stupidest reasons (like using a command to give yourself points, even though henuses it, or making a small update to the game), and the leader never comes online

I agree with what the other guy said they think they are so cool but even though the say they r trollers they only raid like once a year

12 Kestrel

Oh god, don't get me STARTED on their employees...


Their employees are awful - wrests

The employees... wow

13 Badimo

It is always repetitive and when you escape the prison there are campers on the outside waiting for your escape, they get low cash (Cops) and you don't get money, this is Jailbreak, Badimo did an excellent job creating that game, they should add an Anti-Camper filter or something that you would lose for camping outside and increase the cash, Badimo is awesome! *Sarcasm*

They created jailbreak,a cancer game that has became popular by just copying Prison Life,Plus Their devs are greedy

What? Why is it the worst the game is 2nd best game but dunno why?


14 The Robine

I liked the group in it's hl2 form, but now. They changed it to typical army group

Once, this was half life roleplay group, they were based on combine. Now, that is complete crap. Even before change, you had to do quizes to pass training. In these days, they changed main game to downtown roleplay. Combine soldiers costumes were changed to more stupid suits. It shouldn't even be called The Robine.

15 True Colors
16 Tsunami Sushi

Just incredibly rude Employees to all.

What terrible group they didn't accept Koala cafe! - ArcticWolf

Oh don't get me started on it. It's probably one of the worst groups on roblox. The staff there are incredibly rude and if you watch greenlegocats123 videos, he did a video on the owner of Tsunami Sushi being a child pedophile. How disgusting..

17 N.B.A (National Brony Army)
18 NMC

Bunch of idiots who think the can do anything

19 Robux Donators Society
20 Blox Channel

Bullying admins who may seem serious and civilized on the outside. They are also scammers. - thunderstar1124

21 RM and Robloxian myth hunters

Good group but they are defenseless against hackers.

They lost to myths and they never improved lag that much

There is barely any wannabe halls when most are.

I put it here and the point of myth hunting finding the meaning of mystery of a myth. But doesn't mean you have to make a game where you put NPC myths that have lifeless activity with players setting up a breach.

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22 The Sister's Order

This is a group of trolls that Feed off of attention and Speak in a very weird way like "Soy Holy" or "Gregnant" those aren't even words and they also call Jesus gay when he wasn't originally and also make a lot of accusations and a lot of Naive children joined the group and became brainwashed by the Owner Forgot to say that they also do Cannibalism

23 Bakiez Bakery

The chairman treats their HR and MR's horribly. He steals their work and the people who work for him, to produce the game or update don't even get paid fully. This game is also so serious, no humor is involved. Plus, there admin system is really disorganized. When someone trolls, it takes an hour for the admins to get back to the staff members who report. Overall, don't join this group unless, you want to waste your time.

24 Soda Squad

Obnoxious people. Obnoxious leader. What more do I have to say?

25 Company Groups
26 The Doge Lizard Hairy Squad
27 Lenova
28 Nova Lumen

They are exploiters who have no balls

29 Bacon Hair Rights

They are speaking so odd! - ArcticWolf

30 Rumble Studios

Their games are literally never original ideas. They are so overrated.

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