Top Ten Worst Groups On Roblox

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It's a group of Exploiters and Hackers. Plus the owner made a bunch of alts to get people in.

2 Team C00lkid

An exploiting organization. Holy crap.

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3 ROBLOX Anti-Exploit
4 State of Rockport

Why can't we have elections on Election Day? All of the governors resign or get impeached about a week after they get elected. Same thing happens to 3/4 of the other government positions.

5 Pinewood Builders: Security Team

Come on. This should be for the computer core. Everybody blows it up. That's why the lowest rank can't have any weapons.

6 The Robloxian Cops: Licensed Drivers

No licensed required for civi cars. Why is there a license required for cop cars?

7 Kestrel

Oh god, don't get me STARTED on their employees...

Their employees are awful - wrests

The employees... wow

8 N.B.A (National Brony Army)
9 Boho Salon
10 Robux Donators Society

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11 Soda Squad

Obnoxious people. Obnoxious leader. What more do I have to say?

12 NMC

Bunch of idiots who think the can do anything

13 True Colors
14 Free Stuff
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