Top Ten Worst Groups On Roblox

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It's a group of Exploiters and Hackers. Plus the owner made a bunch of alts to get people in.

2 Team C00lkid

An exploiting organization. Holy crap.

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3 ROBLOX Anti-Exploit
4 State of Rockport

Why can't we have elections on Election Day? All of the governors resign or get impeached about a week after they get elected. Same thing happens to 3/4 of the other government positions.

5 Pinewood Builders: Security Team

Come on. This should be for the computer core. Everybody blows it up. That's why the lowest rank can't have any weapons.

6 The Robloxian Cops: Licensed Drivers

No licensed required for civi cars. Why is there a license required for cop cars?

7 Kestrel

Oh god, don't get me STARTED on their employees...

Their employees are awful - wrests

The employees... wow


8 Boho Salon

They do indeed bot to get some members to make their group "popular" or "bigger". Not only they bot they also scam people by doing Raffle's and selling raffle tickets which is against the Roblox ToS, which nobody cares about even the kids don't care. It's sad to see people getting scammed by their dirty little trick and just leave the people in pain with their robux/money taken. The worst of all is that the developers of Roblox don't do anything about it, they just let it happend and they even gave them the 2018 Bloxy which is shocking. For all the crimes they done, they deserved an award and not a ban?

One word. Bots.

9 N.B.A (National Brony Army)
10 True Colors

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11 Robux Donators Society
12 Free Stuff
13 Soda Squad

Obnoxious people. Obnoxious leader. What more do I have to say?

14 NMC

Bunch of idiots who think the can do anything

15 Company Groups
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