First Act


Do not, I repeat, DO NOT under ANY circumstances use First Act guitars for playing music of any kind. These are only guitars in the philosophical sense, they're guitar-shaped, they have frets, six strings and are made of of something that, at some point, qualified as wood. However, when it comes to PRACTICAL uses, these so-called "guitars" are rather excellent for any one of the three following jobs:
1. Smashing (on the ground, over someone's head, etc. )
2. A prop for a low budget film studio or theatre company.
3. All-natural endorphin booster: Whenever you feel down, simply set this plywood abomination across from your favorite chair, grab a drink, and have a seat. Now, point at the "guitar" and laugh at it.

Comes in a cardboard box one would be forgiven to believe is from a knock off Lego set. The body is born from the hands of the utmost prestigious luthiers in the world... (he said sarcastically) Even for beginners, you'd be better off using a cereal box with rubber bands as a guitar. at least that one would have been well made.

No joke though, the best beginner guitar should be one that makes you want to pick it up and play it. Unless your goal is think you sound bad purely off the fact your instrument is poor, I recommend going out and trying guitars at different locations with someone you know that has experience in the field.

First act guitars (beginner models) will set you back in your progress. You will spend more to have this guitar set up to be "playable" than you bought it for. Don't buy a custom shop fender if you don't know what your doing either. I've found that for beginners, saving about $500 to buy a NEW guitar (or picking up a decent one used) is the way to go. Then go get it set up! If you want to hate me and say "not everyone can afford to buy a better guitar but they still want to play"... I would tell you that not everyone gets to race formula 1 either. Don't buy a new iphone and save money for your future.

I got my first guitar, a First Act acoustic, at Toys "R" Us for 30 bucks! A perfect guitar for a 6-10 year old that doesn't know if he/she wants to play guitar yet, but if you do seriously consider playing guitar, move on right away! Looking back now, they have horrible quality, made of Home Depot plywood and the strings that came with it made a noise so made you cringed when you slide your hands on them.

My friend had a First Act that he was going to throw away and it reminded me of a Rickenbacker 425. So I took it and tried to put strings on it and the nut slots were way to deep. So upon inspecting the nut it was so bizarre. The nut was literally plastic and it was super glued on. So I tried to go online and look up a nut for it and I couldn't find any like that one. I even contacted the company and they said they couldn't help. I wishI could of found on for it.

Super cheap guitar. Cheap wood, neck, pickups, plastic, plastic nut. Knobs are plastic but made to look metal. Unbelievably cheap guitar and to make things worse it neck heavy. If I took my hands on it the neck almost touched the ground. Shame on you First Act.

Beginners don't need great guitars, but these are the worst. If you're going to start small, start with anything other than a First Act. They're cheap, and it shows. - johnnywhiplash

They can't even make strings right. No one should start on one of these when you can buy a used epiphone for 100 bucks at your local music store.

These guitars are so bad I don't consider them acceptable for first-time players and barely acceptable as children's toys. However, they might be okay as stage props in case you want to go all guitar smasher without breaking the bank.

Haha, to be honest I started with a first act. And because I was small, it was a good size for my hands and what not. The STRINGS they came with were horrible. Change it out to some really good strings and it is a TOTAL different sound. Not to mention I could drop that thing and nothing ever broke it. It was well put together, just change the strings before they snap. It'll last a long time

Worst. You know first act won 20 million dollars for using a music company that told parents not to buy first act instruments for their kids at school

All you stater guitarists, never consider a first act.
Terrible. Weak. Uncomfortable.
I only think about them in my nightmares.

any guitar you see at walmart or toys are us is horrible quality. if you want a beginner guitar, get a fender starcaster beginner set, or go to www. guitarcenter. com

This is AWFUL. But if Gibson and Fender and IBANEZ are on this list, where is maestro in all this mess. I vote for this only because somebody forgot to put maestro on here.

I have both a first act and a fender acoustic and I would totally rate higher for fender. First act doesn't hold tune well at all. They are cheap and sound cheap as well.

My friend had one when I was a kid and it was a piece of garbage. Good for a toddler, not much else. Thank god my first guitar was a 2003 American standard strat from fender. I would buy a first act to smash against the stage at the end of a gig though.

First acts are Digusting...period-and I wanted to point out that some people don't understand that fender and gibson make some of, if not THE best guitars in the world. People that voted them on this list have never held one. And wanted to just say that yes squires are bad but people that held a squire and voted fenders are the worst guitars need to know that squire is just a third party company that's sponsored, owned (or whatever you wanna call it) by fender. So Actual FENDER doesn't make these nasty guitars.

I bought a first act Fuel and thought it was very nice. Original design, reasonable quality, good set-up right out of the box and best of all, cheap. I would recommend it to any beginning guitarist and even to an experienced guitarist with very little cash.

This is a toy that I wouldn't even sell to my own child, thumbs up to let others know this horrific brand

First Act is primarily a company that manufactures toy instruments, so it is no surprise that their instruments always fall apart like toys.

They are cheap, no doubt. Why aren't Indiana Guitars on here? They are MUCH worse than First Act. Tried one in the music store here and the frets on the side of the neck were hitting my fingers.

For whatever reason, when I was younger I got a first act. Worst mistake of my life. It was so flimsy, and got ou of tune immediately. After about a year, the neck was warped to an angle close to 30 degrees. Eventually I just ended up tearing it apart for parts. The only positive is that it came with stickers.

My friend got a First Act guitar. Treated it just like all the others, best care possible. Only brand that "died" was First Act. - YumWaffles

Whoever put Ovation on this list is a complete moron in fact whoever made this list must be a complete moron are paid by a different company

First Acts are either good or terrible. Luckily my Lola wasn't too bad, but all the other ones I played were a FAIL.