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21 Denver
22 Dean

The original Dean's from the early 80's were truly amazing guitars, but the weird Neon Strat copy stuff with the Solid white necks that were branded dean would have been better off as firewood if it wasn't for any toxic side effects that would have come from burning the paint that they glopped on. --Total Garbage.

Junky guitars made for hyperactive children who think ugly graphics are cool. I mean seriously, have you seen the garbage Dean puts out at Guitar Center? The one thing even more immature is the Dean Forum.

This company really does nothing for me. Hideous designs, cumbersome shaped guitars and the fact that they keep milking dime bags name just makes me feel like they don't have much else. There are definitely worse brands out there like first act and daisy rock (shudders) but I've always thought dean just always sucked as a metal guitar company and b.c. rich isn't to far behind them in my opinion.

Dean sucks

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23 Givson

YUCK. looks good, but bad quality. great for beginners. but don't stick with it for more than a month.

It's Givson, an Indian ripoff the Original brand... Sucks!

That's the coolest guitar

Really the worst. It is the fake brand of 'Gibson'. The guitars are third class..

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24 Thomson

Good guitar mate pickups are great

Goddd sound

25 Jackson

Jacksons are the most playable guitars out there. I don't mean playing djent on YouTube...I mean playing on stage. Regardless of where they were made, all of my Jacksons have high-quality electronics and hardware--they all stay in tune and WORK.

I have a Chinese-made Warrior. Way underrated. Flawlessly crafted, even if the hardware is a little cheap.

Jackson is owned by Fender now and are a very good guitar for starters.

My old original Jackson PS-2 is one of my favorite guitars, even though it's now almost completely worn out. I've heard the Fender versions are not on a par with the originals.

Has anyone heard of the USA Select Jacksons?

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26 Elevation

Good for newbies but seriously the worst guitar I've ever owned! Why the hell is Gibson on this list? My favourit brand by miles, expensive yes but the quality you get is amazing!

27 Granada

Granada is quite a good guitar. Actually it is amazing
. I have one and I haven't changed its original strings since 5 years it also has good quality of wood because I have dropped it many times but it still sounds perfect who the hell put it in the worst list

28 Greg Bennett

I have had one for the last ten years and it is a real good guitar of the money.

I bought a Greg bennet avion 2 for 80 bucks at a second hand store and it's great. Sounds awesome for cleans and rock the action is low no fret buzz/choke and unplugged it's sounds very accoustic like not to to mention they come stock with Grover tuners and they stay intune after hours of bending

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29 Stagg

Wouldn't be seen smashing one these in a video. Would rather watch Pearl Harbour on a loop than play one of these.

I own a few Stagg guitars and basses, with a good setup and sometimes a rewire they are pretty good

Worst guitars ever. Bought one last year. I'd rather wipe my arse withe a grater then buy another

Terrible. Had the misfortune of playing one and the frets were wider than the neck!

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30 Rogue

All the Rogue's that I have are made in China. With a little bit of nut and bridge (saddle) work, they sound just as good as guitars costing 5 times the price.

True - Rocketeer goes for under $100 - treat the dry neck - for less than another $100 you can swap out the hummer for a Dragonfire PHAT Screamer and change the machine tuners for Grovers. After a complete set-up... You've got a killer instrument.

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31 Econau

Econau guitars have many flaws, jack wears out, the tune and volume knobs come loose or fail to work and the strings will snap after a few uses and the pickups barely work so its more like a glorified acoustic...

32 Merida

I'd never heard of this brand but was recently in a store in North Carolina looking for a nylon string guitar. The salesman asked me if I was "open minded" and if I'd be receptive to trying a brand that I probably had never heard of. He handed me a really pretty instrument with a very different looking headstock. I immediately figured he was showing me a very expensive instrument. I asked how much it cost, but he didn't answer. He simply replied "Try it, then let me know what you think." I had no idea how much this guitar would cost, and honestly I hate guessing games, but the guitar was really beautiful. I played several classical guitars there that day. A Yamaha, a Cordoba and an Alvarez, but the Merida was unquestionably the best sounding (and looking).
The Merida cost $499. and blew the other comparably priced instruments out of the water. I didn't buy the Merida that day, but shortly after purchased two! I am now the proud owner of a T15 classical and a C35-GACES steel string ...more

Great quality guitars. Their classical guitars are among the best I have ever played at any price. I am the proud owner of a T25. It cost $899 and sounds every bit as good as a $4000. custom classical I had hand built in Spain in early 1992.
The Solid Cedar top resonates very well, the fit and finish are astoundingly beautiful. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a really great value and a terrific overall guitar look at a Merida!

Nice guitars! Cool headstock. Looks like Lag, but better quality (I think! )

Truly blown away! I just bought 2 Merida classical guitars on
They came next day and we're setup so well, I couldn't believe it! *****

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33 Aria

One of the most over looked and shockingly good guitars I have ever played in my 23 years of chopping wood. In their rich history there have been little misses, but over all Aria guitars are supreme to their competitor especially at the price point. My 1977 Aria les paul copy has at leased twice the balls as my buddy's 6 year old Gibson and tons more playability. Forget about comparing to epiphone, seriously. eBay yourself a Aria electric and you WILL be pleasantly surprised. Aria acoustics; If your reaching for a nylon, Aria makes some of the best classical guitars with a history of employing some of the most well noted artisans of the craft, such as Ryoji Matsuoka. Fine craftsmanship all around, built with quality woods and have a tendency to get better with age, laminated or not. As for steal strings, I've only played one to be honest, but this Martin 'lawsuit' was a work of art. Thank you.

I have a 1974 acoustic model 9400 sound better then most top brand names out there

I have a 35 year old Aria mahagoni western which I got it back about 2 years ago. And this "cheap" guitar sounds amazing! It plays in the same league like my beloved guilt. a friend plays a top notch 3,5k martin and also loves it.

34 Pyle

Should be spelled "Pile"

Called pyle for a reason. because they are a pyle of crap.

More like Pyle o' crap.

I had pyles once

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35 Cort

Cort makes guitars for all of your favorite companies. Get a clue.

Cool sounding thing ever

Honestly. Worst sounding things. You'd have to get a stupidly expensive one to get a sound that doesn't sound like a crappy $200 starter Epiphone lpj.

It's a Coolest Guitar.. Xcort
It should be World Best Guitar List no. 3 or 4

36 Mahar

I have a Mahar bass, the one with the epic (haha) zebra stripes. My wife won it at the state fair in Puyallup throwing balloons or something. She thought it would be cute to have it in my collection. I'm a drummer, but I don't want to miss out on the fun of collecting guitars, why should guitarists have all the fun? Anyway, about the Mahar guitar... it's actually not bad! I pick it up and play it once in a while just for giggles, and have had bass players jam on it. They agree. For throwing some balloons, it's a bargain! Plug it into a decent rig and it doesn't sound bad either. I suppose if you are a virtuoso it would be notable if you had issues with it, but for fun and games it really is better than a toy, like First Act or some junk like that. If you are a beginner, this would be ideal. It plays nicely, and sounds as good as your rig can make it sound. Thumbs up!

Love my Mahar strat, best $24 including shipping I ever spent. Nice zebra stripes too.

Carnval piece of crap lol

37 B.C. Rich

Their low end guitars are just not a good purchase. You could get something a little better for a slightly higher price. However, their HIGH END guitars are just AWESOME!

The last company to actually have a new guitar shape (Warlock), before EVERYONE started doing strat ripoffs.

The early US Stuff was top rate gear, as were some of the early Japanese because Rico's. --I hated almost all of the mid-late 80's NJ series aside from a couple Neck Through models. --The Bolt on Stuff was garbage, and the super budget models pad plywood bodies.

Got a because rich warlock revenge and it's a great guitar. The pickups are musical. Tighten the flippin tuners if your guitar goes out of tune. I have a schecter hellraiser and you can hear every string on a chord.

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38 Encore

These guitars are crap. The feel so light I would honestly not be surprised if they were made from cardboard and completely hollow. The electrics fail after owning it for a month or two. Very cheap and nasty brand

Yeah I had one, it sounded terrible, never stayed in tune and the frets came away at the sides meaning you lacerated your hands playing it - I'll take £800 cash today

If you don't want your kid to play guitar for more than a few hours, get them an encore. they'll give up easy.

39 McCurdy

Made by the worst factory in the Philippines, ripped off the MC CURDY guitar in New York. Pickups rust in 10 days, half sized guitar, thick neck, priced almost as a Squier guitar and a 10watt amplifier and uses the worst painting that fades. Not even a starter guitar but a toy. I won't recommend this.

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40 Kona

I have a Kona Signature Acoustic with beautiful inlays in the wood. I believe the body is mahogany, decent resonant tone, and once I shimmed up the saddle bridge (which technically should have been replaced all together due to notching), sounds better than my Martin in many ways, where it better distributes the low, high, and mid-range tones. The Martin is too bassy sounding, but have ordered new bone bridge saddle, which hope it improves the cheap plastic one it came with...

I just bought a kona dakota and it looks good and sounds great. You do know what they say about opinions yes right that everyone has one. Just saying!

These guitars sound horrible. It was the worst guitar purchase I have ever made.

These guitars aren't that good. In my opinion, even Tokai is better. Don't be fooled. They may look great, but the sound, rediculous.

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