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41 Jay Jr
42 Suzuki

Just bought a Grand suzuki electric. Great guitar. Fender strat and gibson in one guitar. Sounds super!

Screw the person who out Suzuki on this damned list

One of the finest! And originall sound possibilities.
Great guitars made by pro's

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43 Stadium

My Stadium Jazz guitar, Johnny Smith style, is magnificent. Sold one to a friend and bought another. Good luck trying to find one.

I have a Stadium archtop acoustic electric. Nk documentation on it and don't know where its made but it sounds and plays great. Looks grest too, flawless finish and binding. The piece has very thick and heavy wood. Good pick uos bridge an trapeze tailpiece


44 Kapok

The sound quality made by the strings are great.
The materials used for the guitar isn't bad. Great for beginners. However, one will soon discover that its not easy to press the string on the fret board. Many chords can't be pressed easily. So, I will probably give it a 6/10 for this brand.

45 Rocker

Sounds like this person hates all guitar brands to me, why can't he own his own guitar company and come out with his own brand with top of the like guitars. Its no expensive to make the guitars, but it is to sell and when you buy that guitar your buying it with the brand name so that raises the price.

Totally disappointed in the workmanship.. No quality control.. the fret bars raised off the neck are so sharp that they almost cause lacarations in your fingers, they Pickups are the Cheapest you can get and I am very disappointed in the quality control and what product exactly they are trying to put out the door... maybe revamp your product and put out least worth getting a good review over...

46 Carlo Robelli

I'm sorry, but all you guys don't know what a bad guitar is. This guitar is the worst piece of crap I've ever used, and I'll never use one again. DO NOT GET's fake...I mean, plastic. Yeah. It's pretty awful. And not to mention the horrible sound it makes, and how hard it is to play.

47 Arena
48 Kramer

The Aluminum neck stuff was Tre cool, the 'American Made' stuff was good, the Stryker line was wonderfully craptacular, though I did come across a Stryker that had a prototype Floyd Rose. --The Floyd was worth more than the guitar!

Best guitar for the money

I'm getting an axe shaped guitar and it's a Kramer. Kramer's is acually a custom brand

49 Hondo

Best used for beating hippies senseless. Other than that: useless.

I'm getting a Hondo revival 335 from a family member and I heard it plays better than a Gibson 335. Of course the Gibson 335s are still awesome.

My Hondo got its tires stuck in my grandmothers snatch...

50 Supreme

If someone has a supreme, and you ask them what brand they're using they will answer "uhm its some cheap one you know" because people never wants to admit that they own a supreme.
Supreme is a very cheap guitar though so the prize isn't a robbery.

51 Alice
52 Tonante

Hello, kiddies. Here comes me, the storyteller of the holy craps. Once upon a time there was here in Brazil a brand called as above - it translates into "Soundly King" but the only soundly thing about it was its crapiness. It wouldn't fall apart, for it wqas made of one single piece of scrap wood and just about everything on it was kept in place with - cheap - glue. It came standard with stripped steel cable wire strings and doorbell coil pickups. As it couldn't get any worse, it featured an inline set of two acoustic guitar bar tuning machines and its frets were made of copperwire clippings. One great day, this Manufacturing Empire of Evil went bankrupt - as expected - and crumbled upon itself as an imploded rotten card castle, and everyone was happy ever after. The end.

53 Java

I too have Java guitar seriously its sucks

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54 Schecter

Schecters are great, I'm just being a dick by putting in on the list.

Lol to the guy who judges the a guitars quality off of how many times it's on sale/how many you see on craigslist

Laugh out loud to the "Shecters are great, I'm just being a dick by putting this on the list." guy.

Ever wonder why you see so many for sale on sites like Craigslist? , put any guitar up for trade on CL in 10 minutes you'll have a guy offering you a Schechter for whatever you have.. Its no a coincidence they're always "on sale" at music stores.

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55 Eleca

I've had two eleca acoustic guitars and have to say I loved the sound that they produced. I would buy one again in a heartbeat. Don't dismiss this brand until you try it.

Oh come on. My eleca rips.

Fell apart on me the day it came in

56 Esoterik

Some douche named Lemming plays one.

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57 PRS

By far the most quality production guitars available. Each one has been crafted with dedication and love. The first time I played one (a real one not the cheaper ones) I felt my zipper break. The way the face is sculpted is incredible, it reminds me of a quality violin. I have never and will never hear or see a finer example of the perfect guitar.

Best guitar company ever. Wonderful costumer service and every American guitar they make is PERFECT straight out of the factory. Worth every penny. They aren't just pretty.

Pretty Rich Set

WHO is this retard that put PRS on this list?
I bought a PRS S2 custom for $1200 and it is easily on par with guitars twice its price.

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58 Burns Guitars

Had 3 burns cobra's every one has had poor fret work. I'm not talking about the 60's models. Just the parts bin thrown together cobra they are f#%$ing awful

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59 1979 Cort Classic.

Beautifully made and very solid. The neck never moves and I'd love to see if anyone could tell the difference between this guitar and a Gibson Les Paul Custom in a blind test. Cort make more electric guitars than anyone else and dry store the timber for two years prior to manufacture. In the end it all comes down to personal preferences surely?

60 Johnson

I could watch the bridge rise as I attempted to tune the acoustics. Sales-weasel stated that it was a one-off- did the same thing with all of the acoustics- every one.
The bracing is a joke; so is the glue that holds the wood to the binding- first humid day? Whoops- guitar fell apart!


I have had fenders and a johnson. I absolutely love my much so that I would rather tune the missing tuning heads with pliers than trade it out. its got a great sound.

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