Anyone who's experienced easily knows tone mostly depends on your fingertips then your gear, that being said; as a player I seriously cannot take this brand's quality ~ pricing reasoning seriously. what. for $9,000 you know I can get myself a full Marshall stack and a custom made guitar along with couple of boutique pedals in the first place. D'oh, they already stopped making electric guitars while they were thinking they are one of the best? lmao. Their acoustics are seriously comparably to many guitars that are quite a few thousands of dollars cheaper than their overpriced guitars, and they're entirely mass produced. What are they even thinking?!?! If you really think taylor guitars are gold standard try going out once in awhile and see what's out the for much cheaper price (I am not even going to talk about their warped necks that they deliver after paying thousands of dollars)

I spent my birthday thinking if I can live with a guitar that's expensive and full of crap tone. Then returned it the day after. Don't spend a single second like I did.

Their current guitars are so horrible compared to their price, I wonder if company is trying to make itself disappear like its electric guitars did. I received one as a gift recently, thought about returning it the day after and didn't want to offend my friend who bought it for me.

After all, she didn't know anything about guitars and thought higher price would mean good quality... This is not the case with Taylors!

Never thought I would write a bad review about guitars, but buyers BEWARE! don't be fooled by fluff and spend thousands on a mass produced cheap stuff like this!

Top wood is too thin. This makes them sound resonant in a retail environment, but makes them sound thin in a mix. They are really designed for the retail environment. Some I have played with solid cedar tops are okay because that makes for a mellower sound. But so many other product lines offer much better value. Have to hand it to Taylor for their marketing chops, though.

While Taylor guitars are popular I find them to be very overrated. They aren't bad guitars, but there is nothing special about them. The best acoustic guitars for my money are made by Guild. Their electrics are very good as well. Brands like Taylor and Gibson benefit from good marketing and brand recognition, but in terms of quality and tone they fall a little short to me.

I'm sorry, but you are incredibly misinformed. Taylor, Gibson, and Martin make the greatest acoustic guitars that one's hands could ever grace. Brands are popular for a reason... They are quality products. No one will ever hear of "guild guitars" cause they suck compared to Taylor, Gibson, or Martin. End of story

Embarrassed to say I spent $1,850 on a 2006 Fall Limited Edition 414. I HATED that guitar. No volume, no bass, no mid. I sold it for $1,000 six months after I bought it. Was happy to be rid of the thing.

I have never ever been disappointed with any Taylor that I've picked up. So far out of the guitars I have, I'm think my taylor is the best one!

Okay sounding, not that nice playing, horrible resale. The market is completely flooded because of mass production. Don't ever consider one as an investment.

For the price, Taylor guitars are a joke. They absolutely suck.

Over time, their acoustic guitars turn to crap and their electric guitars are just cinder blocks.

N' for the love of pete stay away from the Expression System pickup for acoustics. They basically remove the tail block to add the battery pack.

Factory service is a joke. They just take your money and act like they performed some kind of grand operation. They're really horrible.

For a good quality acoustic guitar that will last, go with Martin, Maton or BreedLove.

N' the AP5 pickup system from Maton is far superior than the Taylor Expression System.

I don't agree - Taylor makes a very nice instrument. I have enjoyed strumming them and all were good "players".

Too sensitive. Without a humidifier, at all times, looking at expensive firewood.

Taylor guitars are so very overrated and way over priced! Right behind them are Martins and Gibsons.

Has the worst sound ever, pretty overrated too.

Way overrated and overpriced guitars.

Extremely hard to beat a Taylor. They are excellent guitars.

I on a Koa Taylor GS MINI, a beautiful guitar with a dynamic and bright tone. I've played it at festivals and gigs and people have said it sounds amazing! Only a pompous idiot would disrespect this guitar and call it overpriced/dull

Taylor guitars are the best guitar I've ever played

Good when plugged in, crap on acoustic...

Worst guitar I've ever owned. Sounds good plugged in when it works. Key words are when it works. The expression pickup system may be the worst ever. They charge that much for an instument, that the day you buy it, the guitar shop tells you to wrap a postit note around the double a batteries. Really? Get it together Taylor. I've had the pickup replaced with their improved drop in because mine stopped functioning. Yeah about a month till that stopped working. It's rediculously unreliable. If you gig stear way clear. Honestly almost every gigging musician I know that has had, or has a Taylor has had similar problems.

Taylor's are great guitars, they are overpriced but they are still great guitars.

Not surprised to see this company's name here. Awfully boring tone and stupid price tags for a subpar guitar brand.

I agree with others about what they have to say for Collings, Fenders etc. their high end guitars are not mass produced and offer wide variety of tones in my opinion.

Taylors are one of the best sounding guitars on the market Gibson and Breedlove are up there to.

Taylors are great guitars, they play great and have a great tone.

Overpriced guitars that mostly sound the same for models above $1,500, bright and somewhat dull. Just compare them with fenders and martins, heck even some of the gibson acoustics; you'll end up asking yourself why you should pay extra.

company acts like as if every single guitar they make is hand-made, which is definitely not the case.A lot of people know this, and that's why their resale value is not attractive in anyway.

TLDR: average tone, too pricey, not so good resale value. Acoustic guitars? look elsewhere, Martins and Fenders are much better in terms of quality ~ price.

The acoustic taylor guitars are some of the best i�'ve ever played on. They�'re great!

Whose the idiot who put taylor on this list,taylor is propably the best guitar in the world