Worst Halo Characters

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1 Veta Lopis

SO annoying and a huge mary sue in every sense of the term. She's literally described as having super model good looks and is somehow able to hold her own in battle alongside Spartan 2's despite not having any previous combat experience! That is so ludicrous. She would be a huge hindrance! So unrealistic and stupid. She can read everyone like a book and has everything figured out like the perfect Nancy Drew she is. Oh AND there's a romance developing between her and Fred, probably the second most bad-A Spartan next to the MC himself. No! Unacceptable! I DESPISE this character. I did love her motherly relationship with the Gamma Spartans and was ready to overlook her mary sueness but now, after two insufferable novels, I truly hope she gets killed in some future story.

She made Last Light unreadable!

2 Corporal Palmer

Pointless, bull crap fanfiction. And you know what? I'm glad the short story she was in was so abysmally written. Helps justify my not accepting it as canon. I mean "Palace Hotel"? That sounds like the title of one of my mom's period romance novels, not a Halo story. And that's all it was, a pathetic fanfiction-quality romance with Palmer being the self-insert love interest.

3 Andrew Del Rio

He's a complete jack@$$. Glad his butt got canned. Lasky SO deserved to be captain instead.

4 Paul DeMarco

So glad Thorne replaced him as leader of Majestic; he deserves it and he's definitely leadership material, unlike this douche bag.

5 Anthony Madsen

Douche bag #2.

6 The Librarian

I hate this whole "gene-song" crap that 343 introduced with her in Halo 4. Oh, so the Chief didn't earn his place as the greatest soldier to ever live through hard work, excellent character, perseverance etc. All of those great things described in the Nylund novels. No, he was always destined for greatness because of the "geas" SHE placed in him. Thanks for turning the Master Chief into a Gary Stu, you bitch.

7 Warden Eternal

He is so annoying, he pops up out of nowhere and makes us fight him. And even if we defeat him, he never dies. His way of speaking is weird and says a lot of dumb quotes.

Cringeworthy character. I laughed when he first spoke on screen.

8 The Ur-Didact
9 Black Box

Stuck up, self-righteous little prick.

10 Olympia Vale

She is such an idiot, I was playing on heroic and when I needed to be revived, she takes so long to even notice and takes so long to get there! Plus, she uses a plasma pistol all the time and it takes forever to actually kill something. Heck, when she saw a grunt, she walked in a circle, crouched and then tried firing. Stupid.

The Contenders

11 Margaret Parangosky

She is pure EVIL. And it's amazing how she believes she has the moral high ground pretty much all the time. No remorse at all for all of the terrible things she's done. She's like the Hillary Clinton of the Halo universe. Especially seeing as ONI=The Shadow Government actually pulling the strings. I mean, she is actually a good character in the sense that she's a great antagonist and helps to expand the lore. But man, she is hate-worthy.

12 Kat-B320
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