The Angry Outlaw Episode #1 Halo 4

htoutlaws2012 This game sucks, Halo's 1,2, & 3 were great classics by Bungie, but with 343 Industries they decided to focus on the books and scratch all that we loved about Halo in the first place.

Campaign: Okay jumping into the game it feels like old times the graphics always get better except the elites are the enemy again why? I understand it's good to have change but that was a head scratcher the same guys we helped beat the brutes lead by prophet of truth who replaced them. the only positive thing i'll give them is introducing new enemies the Prometheians. Now let's talk gameplay this is what I was starting to get turned off from this game. It plays in some ways like Call Of Duty WHY copy a popular franchise? Lots of lines throughout the game between Cortana & Master Chief which can get too ridiculous at times. Skipping ahead to the end your trying to kill the dialect the leader of the prometheians and his just hammering Chief easily until Cortana decides to make copies of herself to take em down but using herself as sacrifice for Chief to escape alive. Some people feel the campaign was fine but for me it just didn't feel me not even close.

Multiplayer: What could go wrong? The maps are not fun, So remember Blood Gulch, Lockout, or Guardian those maps had something special, none of these maps in 4 are even enjoyable to those standards. The teams are almost likely unbalanced one team is too good while the other completely sucks how's that gonna help the game be competitive WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING?

Other Features: I would talk about other modes like Spartan Ops or them getting rid of Firefight but i'm just going over the main aspects of the game. They decided go an absolute different route with the composer who is no longer Marty O' Donnell the amazing guy who composed the original trilogy. Instead they wanted him gone and his replacement would be Neil Davidge who is not nearly as good as him. The menu music isn't that spectacular as the previous trilogy was and soundtrack leaves you going really!

The General Assumptions: Did this game live up to the hype? Absolutely not and felt sorry for spending $60 on this game. Although there were critics (notably IGN) who gave this game an absurd high ratings this game proves the fact that you should second guess yourself cause these types of games could wind up being extremely unsatisfied and disappointed with what you got out of it. I didn't look at it the same way again, and was one of the reasons I was done with Microsoft by the time 2013 hit I was jumping shift. Halo was one of the reasons I bought an Xbox when it was brand new, and i'm sure many of you would say the same thing. Now that Microsoft have blatantly used Halo as a milking franchise it only got worse from there thanks 343 for killing the series and Turning half of your old school fans.


This game is gold compared to Halo 5. - Skullkid755

How is it gold when it's made by the same company? I compare this game to the Castlevania 2 of the series sure people hate 5, but you have to understand why I really do not like this one the most. There not totally bad games, but they could of been way better just I can't get past the big flaws this game has. - htoutlaws2012

Halo 5 disappointed halo 4 fans even more than halo 4 disappointed halo 3 fans.
But, they both disappointed fans of the Halo franchise. But, Halo 4 did get rid of much of Halo's fanbase so yeah, I see why you hate it. - Skullkid755

Ugh Halo 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444. Sucks. Halo 5 sucks. Everything since the original trilogy sucks. I love the original trilogy and hate all other games to do with it - iliekpiez