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Plasma Pistol

Noob Combo Anybody? It kinda sucks if you don't know how to use it.

On Multiplayer, I agree, this weapon sucks, but on Legendary Campaign, it's a beast

Playing campaign single player legendary, Jackal overcharges shot, boom shields gone. Go behind cover, shields recover, come out, ANOTHER overcharged shot from the jackal, flipping brute or elite comes in and effortlessly kills me.

Unless you use it to either drop shield for a headshot or stun vehicles, its borderline useless.

Unless you use a sniper rifle to shoot someone, yeh it is useless. That's the point of the weapon and it makes it good!


This gun kicks a$$ in halo combat evolved

The magnum sucks in 3 its got a huge kick and a loud bang but does nothing, it's so slow and you can't even scope in with it like on every other halo game, I couldn't even head shot grunts with this thing.

The halo 2 pistol was bad but the halo 3 pistol is a beast if your in the right range its really good and the halo reach pistol was really good but the halo 4 pistol was slightly weaker however it did not get any worse after that and the halo 5 pistol got stronger and good but very well balened

This sucks, it only shoots once, then it takes a long time just so you can shoot again. I like guns where you can hit repeatedly many times.

Concussion Rifle

Simply put, the concussion rifle is merely a lighter fuel rod gun.

It arcs from gravity and really doesn't have the punch it needs to be effective

Not true if your a good marks men it's a beast

The only thing this gun is good at is taking out vehicles. Its knockback makes it so you can flip ghosts and Warthogs really easily

Brute Shot

Wrong it's the absolute best

I am actually really good with this gone. I dominate up close and long distance. You all suck for insulting it.

Only in halo 2 it got really good in halo 3

It was ok in halo 3, but useless in halo 2. I loved it when new players made the mistake of picking up the,"grenade launcher! "

Assault Rifle

Who the hell put this weapons on here, it's a classic.

This Assault Rifle isn't really useful, in long-range or in short-range. The Rifle takes about a whole clip just to kill 2 Grunts, this gun should be placed as the worst gun.

Low accuracy, bullets fly everywhere. Very overrated, good at taking out shields, but there's already another rapid fire weapon in the SMG. Would not use it during any campaign or match on heroic or higher difficulty.

Yeah right, it is the worst weapon they've ever made it's my least favorite weapon but in Halo 2 you don't have it because it got replaced by the SMG. The Battle Rifle from Halo 2 is the best weapon the Assault Rifle is bad.

Plasma Rifle

I think you just said it right there,. Who in their right mind? Nobody.

Okay who in their right mind put this here?! The plasma rifle is one of the BEST weapons in the game! Especially when it's duel wielded

I think you just said it right there, Zombieman. Who in their right mind? Nobody.

I think you just said it right there, Zombieman99. Who in their right mind? Nobody.


This gun was actually really good in Halo 2. If I found it in-game, than I would usually pick it up. Had pretty bad damage, but a good fire rate and good ammo. And also, the gun never really had any kick. But it really started to suck in Halo 3, especially in ODST. I mean, in ODST, the gun had a silencer on it which took away it's already low damage (not to mention that the silencer didn't help with stealth whatsoever). It also had a pointless scope on it, and lastly, the gun had such a high kick. You could be looking down at the ground, shoot 3 bullets, and then be looking straight up into the air. The silenced SMG is one of the reasons that I think Halo 3: ODST is the 2nd worst Halo game. The award for worst would have to go to Halo Wars.

If you dual wield the SMG in halo 3 you are a BEAST! It's got a ton of ammo in a clip and it's fire rate is absolutely AMAZING! When I play my friends in halo 3 and I get the SMG I'm untouchable. And not just in halo 3, for a fact it has the best rate of fire.

Awesome gun, generally. You just walk around feeling like some kind of gangster from the 20's, definitely has a great feel to it, a classic of Halo 2.

The version from halo 2 was abysmal unless you were dual wielding. It was improved in halo 3, and its much better in halo 5.

Energy Sword with Zero Energy

This really shouldn't count because the sword is Out Of Ammo so really your swinging an EMPTY weapon

This is like saying a rocket launcher without ammo is useless, which it is, but this list is for loaded weapons!

An energy sword without ammo is just as bad as a sniper rifle without ammo. You can't put a weapon on a list that "doesn't have ammo".

This sucks! Your walking around a level with the energy sword killing enemies and having fun. But it runs out. ):

Storm Rifle

Do you think the assault rifle and suppressor are to good? You'll love this!

This weapon is good, I can quickly shoot down things with this. The only problem is the coordination.

Doesn't do much damage, over heats too fast, let's just face it, it's a terrible weapon.

Very difficult to aim, low damage, overheats too quick.

Plasma Repeater

I like it, mainly because it's a fast-fire plasma rifle. So they'll be saying goodbye to their shields a little faster.

It doesn't burn your hands making you canon fodder, and it recharges a little faster.

This gun suck so much

Better than plasma rifle

The Contenders

Sentinel Beam

The only reason you pick this up is because you burnt through pretty much everything else during the campaign. Feels clunky and useless most of the time.

Seemed cool when I first used it, but doesn't really do a lot of damage.

In halo 2 anniversary the weapon melts people. But in 3 and original 2 it kind of sucks.

Was a cool idea for sentinel related weapons but didn't do much effectively.

Binary Rifle

Why the heck is this weapon on here? The binary rifle is one of the best guns there is! The ammo isn't that good but it has a double scope and does a heck ton of damage, it goes right up there with the sniper rifle.

Really? Who made this list? No covenant carbine? And you put the BINARY on the list? This gun was an absolute beast, better than sniper.

I disagree on this. binary rifle is awesome

This is good for shooting enemies, it has good coordination and in one shot, you can kill someone.


Terrible bullet speed, overly ridiculous spread, must be at closer then close range to even hope to kill anything, far and away the worst weapon in any Halo game.

This weapon is awesome, I can easily kill anything and shoot fast without it burning out too fast.

What idiot put this on the list? This gun is amazing in Halo 5. I use it all the time!

Suppressor is weak, but it shoots out fast


Essentially the Covenant shotgun, in the form of a revolver, I guess they thought was too strong though, because this gun is less effective then a WATER PISTOL! Even Duel wielding, if you aren't two feet away, you'll never even take their shields down! Could kill a grunt faster with a tennis ball, or a handful of pebbles... or if you tried to stab it with a really dull spoon... yeah, those are all better options then the mauler.

This is a really good weapon! Duel wielding with a Spiker, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Magnum, SMG, or other Mauler makes this a good weapon. The Plasma Rifle or Pistol can take away shields and then you can walk up and shoot him with the Mauler. It's awesome to use and feels good. In hallways you can shoot him and then punch him with the blade on the bottom.

Mauler is good if you use it right. Shotgun is better though

It stinks on the Spartans. But on the flood. I think it's the best pistol


You just don't know how to use it. The needler is cool and efficient. But that's just my opinion.

The needler got buffed so significantly in halo 2 that it actually took several mags just to kill one person, and that's if all the rounds hit, too!

Good weapon. Best to conserve all the ammo you can, as well as getting a lot of ammo, that way your usage of this gun will be worthwhile.

I love stealth killing and the D.O.T.! Great for Elites. Also, with the row of spikes across the top, it's melee attack leaves nothing to the imagination


It takes a billion shots with no charge just to kill someone but I use all the time shut just for charge

Decent as a hitscan weapon, but it just feels clunky and weird, as it combines the shield knockdown power of the Plasma Pistol but as a short range blast with the ability to headshot like the pistol.

This should be in the top ten, it sucks, it is worse than plasma pistol, it takes a long time to shoot and barely does any damage.

This is the best shotgun ever

Battle Rifle

I disagree good sir.

Impossible to kill anything with it on halo 5 apart from grunts

It's alright in halo 3, but otherwise it's not that good

This weapons is the best

Type-25 Carbine (Spiker)

Only if you are one foot away it does damage and even when you are within one foot away does terrible damage

This gun is a insult to use

#1 worst gun

Focus Rifle

A very good weapon. Good ammo, very powerful.

This is one of the best weapons in all of halo when I play firefight in halo reach I set it for nearly all of my loadouts. This gun has an amazing scope with amazing range and does a TON of damage!

That's the best weapon!


Spartan Laser

Apparently you don't know how to use it.

Take too long to charge and has very bad recoil

Good for vehicles, bad for ground players.

U can aim but after u shoot it moves

Incineration Cannon

What? This is one of the best weapons ever! Take this off the list, flawless weapon!

THIS IS BEAST! FIND IT AND GET IT! definitely number 1! Little Amo though

The worst weapon IS #1

RIDICULOUSLY easy to kill yourself with, the hit-box of the projectile also feels excessively wide so you often accidentally hit terrain in front of the target.

Besides that it pretty much one shots anything.

Light Rifle

They made it better in Halo 5. Way better.

Not that good, but they put you in a lot of situations in halo 4 where you have to use it.

The suppressor is much better in my opinion.

It is slow and it doesn't zoom far. It is bad for anything

Halo 4 Lightrifle

Really bad gun but in halo 5 really good gun recommend it

Absolute trash when it comes to body shots but it kicks a$$ wit headshots

Grenade Launcher

On paper it sounds good, being able to airburst it plus it EMP's vehicles sounds pretty good, in practice it sucks because the projectiles bounce around erratically, also the rate of fire is beyond terrible. Only useful when you got bottomless clip activated on Firefight or if you use the mounted version which is found on some Falcons in Halo Reach.

Too long recharge time, takes 2 shots to kill an Elite Minor but you could use a single frag, spike or plasma grenade to kill one. There's no point in a grenade launcher if it isn't as powerful as a pin-pulled frag.

The grenade launcher is officially the worst gun ever made, it takes a MILLION shots to even get a shield down on a spartain/elite. And one shot in a clip? I mean come on this should be 1st on this list of the worst weapons in all of halo.

It's great if you can time it to EMP enemy vehicles. Plus direct hits are usually instakills


Good for vechils but does no crap worth of damage ammo is good though

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