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21 Hydra

Good for vechils but does no crap worth of damage ammo is good though

22 Light Rifle

They made it better in Halo 5. Way better.

Not that good, but they put you in a lot of situations in halo 4 where you have to use it.

The suppressor is much better in my opinion. - AnimeDrawer

The thing is strong but useess

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23 Brute Spiker

It sucks so much

24 DMR

No its good in halo 4 and reach you just don't know how to use it

This is really good of a weapon

Not true at all it beats br if you don't miss can beat almost anything you could beat a carbine with this thing and if you can no scope with it you can mo down any thing

This thing is almost as good as a SNIPER if you know how to use it.��"�

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25 Grenade Launcher

Too long recharge time, takes 2 shots to kill an Elite Minor but you could use a single frag, spike or plasma grenade to kill one. There's no point in a grenade launcher if it isn't as powerful as a pin-pulled frag.

The grenade launcher is officially the worst gun ever made, it takes a MILLION shots to even get a shield down on a spartain/elite. And one shot in a clip? I mean come on this should be 1st on this list of the worst weapons in all of halo.

It's great if you can time it to EMP enemy vehicles. Plus direct hits are usually instakills - EClarke53173

26 Covenant Carbine

It takes a billion shots to kill anything. In halo 3 it was worse than the plasma pistol. I really liked how they replaced it with the needle rifle in reach. In halo 4 it was alright as long as you could get a lot of headshots.

No it takes 7 it's better then Halo 2 pistol

Took like 30 bullets to kill someone. It sucks

27 Fuel Rod Cannon

"It bounces?!?! Who designs a gun that bounces!?!? This is the worst gun ever, of all time! "

Flipping awesome for tanks ground vehicles

Best gun ever up there with Incernation Cannon and the Rocket Launcher. - AnimeDrawer

It sucks

28 Gravity Hammer
29 Sniper Rifle

Maybe it is kind of an OP weapon, but that's why it's good, people say it's bad because it's really good, and I'm like well maybe it is OP, but that just means that it's really good. Maybe in multiplayer it's kind of cheap to use because it's a one headshot kill, but in campaign people must admit it's awesome! Plus I'm particularly a sniper in first person shooters so I'm very fond of it.

Probably the most overrated weapon in any video game, and I'm not bad at sniping either. using this weapon just makes takes the fun out of halo. it sucks when you are sniped in multiplayer, but when I snipe, I'm instantly spotted, and have to jump around to dodge oncoming enemy fire. if I wanted to play a game where you jump and shoot, I'd go play megaman. maybe I just suck, but its just not fun to use.

Teammates go for sniper and are able to get with no enemies around. they kill with the sniper and no enemies even attempt to fight back.

You go to grab the sniper. Suddenly your enemies start paying attention again.

What? This shoots good and is pretty powerful. - AnimeDrawer

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30 Shotgun

Halo 2 shotgun = (with no shields) still take 2 shots at medium range to kill. Also sucks at countering the sword.

Halo 3 shotgun = Shot a guy (he had no shields) 2 times at medium range, 2 times at long range and he lives to tell the tale. Plus my aim was right on him all 4 times Then he just runs up shoots me one time at medium to close range and kills me instantly. Then he proceeds to teabag me. He should have died.

Halo 4 shotgun = way overpowered

The Halo Reach shot gun is the only shotgun that actually works fine. Good at countering the sword too. But every other shot gun is either too weak or too strong. The Reach shotgun is in between.

Why is this here?

Halo 5: kills in one hit! (if you know how to use it) but has the worst range EVER.

At least in halo 5 all the weapons have scopes

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31 Battle Rifle

I disagree good sir.

Impossible to kill anything with it on halo 5 apart from grunts

It's alright in halo 3, but otherwise it's not that good

It's a triburst DMR. It's on this list why?

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32 Z-180 Scattershot

It's pretty good needs more ammo

33 Z-110 Boltshot

Just forerunner battle rifle

34 Plasma Cannon

Good weapon, I can easily shoot down enemies once I get my hand on this since they always kill me with this. - AnimeDrawer

It takes forever to load bad ammo and your dead before the first charge don't pick it up

35 Halo 4 Lightrifle

Really bad gun but in halo 5 really good gun recommend it

Absolute trash when it comes to body shots but it kicks a$$ wit headshots

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