Top 10 Worst Missions In the Halo Franchise

Halo is great at its core. The mechanics, the enemies you encounter, the sound, the atmosphere... all of those have never been absent from any of the levels of the franchise. But even in Halo, there are levels that have a hard time shining because there's an unfortunate layer of poor decision making, filler and pointlessness that covers them.

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21 Uprising - Halo 2

It's just really hard to care. There's nearly no real drama, which this sad part of the story needed. This is not helped by your opponents being only the jackals and annoying Halo 2 brutes. -

I didn't think it was too bad really

Boring, really, what makes you go Wow about this level

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22 High Charity - Halo 2

This level is just plain boring I tried it by my self on legendary oh and by the way on normal it was insane so was heroic so it was way to hard by my self AND THEN THE BEGINNING WITH ENDLESS SENTINELS I HATED THAT LEVEL

Not that bad of a level. I really enjoy the dark atmosphere and how you are trying to escape high charity with the flood closing in from all around. Add in the graveminds statements and you've got yourself a spooky level

23 Assault on the Control Room - Halo: Combat Evolved

Assault on the control room, beats me last weekend, this Level seemed to be endless.. With a ridiculous high number of enemies, (they seemed to be thrown at you from all sides). The tank you got in this Level is a bad joke, you get the same damage in the tank like you just walk around, the enemy shields just laugh about this weakness-filled wannebe-tank attacks. After finally beat this horrible Level, I'm actually glad and thankful for The Library...

This missions was just hard and boring. You just travel through areas of the level with one bar of your health remaining for most of the mission and die. And then you respawn with the same amount of health. And then die.

This is the best level

24 Truth and Reconciliation - Halo: Combat Evolved
25 New Mombasa Police Department HQ - Halo 3: ODST

The ending of NMPDHQ is a masterpiece of set-piece battle madness. ''It's raining banshee! '' But the whole affair has absolutely no aim or point. Nothing happens story-wise and way the level is constructed is just really strange. -

26 Lone Wolf - Halo Reach

Not that bad, but on legendary there shouldve been something like carter survives, and emile too, and they pick you up in a falcon and fly you out of reach. But no, it just has death. But some fans hold out that 6 escaped. Either way, a hard level and just depressing.

Terrible ending and no alternate for beating it on ledgendary.

27 Unconfirmed - Halo 5: Guardians

Too many knights and soldier snipers here, the design of the level is kinda bad and the warden fight was actually pretty annoying. It did end with an epic cutscene though

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28 Quarantine Zone - Halo 2

Flood on foot, Flood in Ghosts, Flood in Wraiths, Flood in Scorpions, Blue Beam Sentinels, those giant flying robots with the annoying shield, no light, pitfalls everywhere, maze, infinite and very frequent respawns, no flashlight, annoying music, so many vehicles, so little space.

There was absolutely no reason to make this a separate mission from "The Sacred Icon"

Gah, what I hate is that's dark, hard to navigate and the whole level looks the same. This the equivalent to the library in HALO CE. Oh, and why does the Arbiter have active camp instead of flashlight? That made it infinitely harder.

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29 Gravemind - Halo 2

Gravemind is an insane level you start having to fight 2 Horner guard brutes and there is barley any cover and the only good part is you can stand back and watch the brutes and elites fight

It was easy just charge the brutes at the start and avoid flying beam rifle elites

Obviously people who haven't voted this haven't played this level on legendary...

30 Noble Actual - Halo: Reach

Worst gameplay in any Halo mission ever.

Impossible on Mythic difficulty.

31 Tsavo Highway - Halo 3

Too many choppers and wraiths in my opinion

Honestly, I found it to have a kickass atmosphere, and a great introduction to the vehicles. Not bad at all.

The jackal snipers at the first large open bit were ridiculous on ledgendary

32 The Ark - Halo 3

Long and sandy. All you have to take down the scarab is a tank, and on legendary, it is too slow to avoid the long green beam.

My least favorite level of Halo 3

33 The Great Journey - Halo 2

If the gameplay of the climatic level of Halo 2 was great, maybe the final anticlimatic cutscene could be forgiven! Unfortunately, the whole level is rushed and depressing. Talk about a boss battle! Yuck! And do you really do anything that matters in that banshee? -

Friendly scarab tank and hilarious Johnson comments what more could you want

I love when you get hunters on your side

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34 Scarab - Halo Wars

343 Guilty Spark added a truly scary encounter to a truly threatening foe, that on THE FIRST TRUE FPS GAME EVER.

Don't dislike it, at all, in fact, it needs more attention as a great level.

Quite fun but confined and just a race of time before the super-scarab ripped through all the barriers.

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35 Outskirts - Halo 2

Actully I love this level and I don't know why sombody put it on here but it is a great level the hunter fight is easy if you use the turret but ON LEGENDARY IT IS INSANE WITH ALL THE SNIPERS but overall I think it is a great level

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36 Sacred Icon - Halo 2

SO REPETITIVE! Low ammo and just a grind

37 The Silent Cartographer - Halo Nation

Silent Cartographer was the equivalent of a small sandbox world! You can go any where between the map limits, and kill as much as you can. It's an open world level. - Canuck101

...Long...Boring...And you just keep finding the wrong location. Plus getting the Bandana skull is impossible. At least the flood is not there though.

38 The Pillar of Autumn - Halo: Combat Evolved
39 Keyes - Halo Combat Evolved

Why is this level on here?!

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