Worst Handheld Consoles Ever


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1 Gizmondo (2005)

Tiger telematics not tiger

So lame only about 25000 units were ever sold

So lame it drove one-hit wonder tiger telematics into bankruptcy

What do you mean one hit wonder?
Tiger was always horrible.

2 Sega Nomad (1995)

What is this on here? - noo7na7

The graphics in and out look so fugly, games were not fun, and practically a ripoff of a game boy. Sega coping Nintendo... result is an epic fail

I call bull! The Tiger R-Zone should be #1. Yes, it's not a HAND HELD, but it's PORTABLE.

I thought it was cool. Who wouldn’t want to play Genisis games on the go?

3 Cybiko (1998)
4 Game King (2003)

I don't remember it, but I just looked on google images and it looks like a game boy advance rip off.

5 Game Boy Advance SP (2003)

Whoever put GBA in this list is a stupid person.

Seriously? The GBA SP was a truly great handheld, surpassing its predecessors in every possible aspect

Why is this in the Top 10? In terms of design and functionality, it's better than the original GBA and its predecessors. It has a backlight.

What? The fact my original GBA has no backlight has always been an inconvenience. I'd love an SP! - Entranced98

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6 Gpang (2004)
7 Virtual Boy (1995)

The first counterfeit console from Nintendo isn't really portable or hand-held. Another reason the virtual boy is as phony as a three-dollar bill is that the graphics are in red and black.

Well someone know there stuff, a lot of us did not think it was really a handheld to begin with. Just a failed experiment that evaporated real quickly. - htoutlaws2012

8 Tiger Game.com (1997)

Game-com, Game-dot-com, either way it sucks like a vacuum cleaner.

It plays more games than the midget who introduced it to the world in its infamous commercial has brain cells (note the modified quote)

9 Atari Lynx (1989)
10 Nokia N-Gage (2003)

At least the QD (=Quirky Design) model is a blatant improvement over the original taco model.

The Contenders

11 PSP Slim and Lite (2007)

What is WRONG with the PSP? It was the EVO of PlayStation handhelds!

What is wrong with the psp light

To be honest, the lite was the best because it has the best of both worlds, 3000 quality with 1000 customability, many pirated games were played on this handheld

12 PSP (2004/2005)
13 Game Gadget (2012)
14 R-Zone

Worst console ever

Why is the Sega Nomad #1 but not this? The Nomad is awesome since it's literally a Sega Genesis in the palm of your hands! This is legitimately terrible. The games are just as crap as the previous Tiger LCD handhelds but what makes it worse is that it's up close to your one eye in red and black meaning that you have to cross your eyes just to play the game. The colors only make it worse.

A crazy cuckoo cross between the virtual boy (note the lowercase letters) and Tiger wrist games (which barely qualify as video games)

A poorly-disguised bootleg of a poorly-disguised bootleg...

15 Wonderswan
16 PS Vita

No risks or support for the handheld

I'll be honest, having Parappa and Lammy on it was one of its biggest selling points - xandermartin98

As long as you have version 3.60 with HENkaku installed, then you can spoof your version and have all the home brew and games you want. - 8chAnonymous

17 Pocketstation
18 Nintendo 3DS XL

Why is this on the list anyway

You're hilarious. I LOVE the 3DS XL. The DSi is what sucks.

First, it was the Nintendo ds.
Then, it's the Nintendo ds lite.
After, it's the Nintendo dsi and finally the Nintendo dsi xl.
After that, it was the Nintendo 3ds (really, a console that people can see in 3d without 3d glasses, they would have eye problems! )
And now, the Nintendo 3ds xl (really, Nintendo?!? -. -)

What's next? Nintendo 4ds? - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

19 Nvidia Shield (2013)

This handheld console is good. - noo7na7

20 Nintendo 2DS

It's not made to be portable

Its absolutely useless. All its for is playing 3ds games in 2d, but that's not the worst of it. The worst part is the HORRIBLE design. Its got to be the most uncomfortable ga,ming experience ever

21 Nintendo DS Lite
22 Gizmondo

So lame it appears on this list more than once

23 Game Joy Micro
24 Nintendo 3DS
25 Gameboy

I am sorry gameboy fans

26 Sega Game Gear
27 Game Theory Admiral
28 GameBoy Color
29 PSP Go
30 PSP-2000
31 Gamepoke

Worst handheld Tetris "game" ever!

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1. Gizmondo (2005)
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1. Gizmondo (2005)
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1. Sega Nomad (1995)
2. Cybiko (1998)
3. Game Boy Advance SP (2003)


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