Top Ten Worst Handheld Mario Party Boards

The handheld Mario Party games include Mario Party Advance, Mario Party DS, Mario Party: Island Tour, Mario Party: Star Rush and Mario Party: The Top 100. However, the first and last entries I mentioned will be excluded from this list as they don't contain real boards. So with that being said here is the list.

The Top Ten

1 0-1

This is the first board in Star Rush, and as the game states it, the turorial board of the game. And really, turorialism is the only thing this board has going for it, and even then it's one of the most boring and small turorials ever. The map is small as heck, there's only two bosses, and the setting plus music is unbelievably boring. Not to mention, there are no bonus coins. It's quite easily the least fun board.

2 Rocket Road

To be completely honest despite Mario Party: Island Tour's luck-based nature, I still thought all of the boards except for Rocket Road were pretty fun and at least decent. Even if most boards rely heavily on luck, there's still a tidbit of skill involved in them. Not with this one though, which is purely just luck-based. I only play this board when I feel like I've played for a long time but still don't want to end the gaming just yet. You win minigames to get boosters, and the more boosters you have, the higher number you have a chance to roll. But plot-twist, you can also roll 0. Now that is such a dick move! It's a shame because the music is probably one of the best pieces in this entire game.

3 2-2

World 2 is my least played world out of any world in the entire game, of five boards. It has to do with a few things. Spooky settings are not my type. Due to World 2 being a ghost world, I've always felt like they are generally boring. It doesn't help the music is anything but not boring. Definitely my least favourite board music in the game.

However the worst part is definitely how luck-based it is. You know the allies you can pick up in boards that will help you on your adventure in minigames and with more dice blocks. Well, in 2-2 and 2-3, there will always be two of the "same" allies on the map- Don't get fooled, one of these is actually a Peepa in disguise ready to give you a lot unluck, as they will give a block that can remove spaces from your dice roll. Because of this I rarely play these boards at all because of the risk of getting a Peepa and it's just annoying. 2-2 is the worst of these boards because not only does it have this luck-mechanic, but the layout is ...more

4 2-1

This board is just really boring. It's a smaller version of 2-2, as it has the same gimmicks for the most part. However, at least 2-1 does not have the dreaded copycat gimmick that the latter two boards had, which makes it slightly more bearable. But, that's about it really. Nothing more.

5 Kamek's Library

On average, Mario Party DS has on average the best boards in terms of the handhelds. None of them are bad..., well except for this atrocious mess of a board. In short, it combines the three elements that definitely should NOT be prevalent when making a board: ghost-themed, island hopping and chest-gimmick. Add all together and you have Kamek's Library. Oddly enough though it isn't my least favourite board of all time (Rainbow/Future Dream from 5 are surprisingly even more appaling). Well at least it has an atmosphere and good music, plus it's small but it's still a pretty freakin' terrible board.

6 0-2

It's a slightly bigger version of 0-1, with a more interesting enviroment and layout. Nothing much more than that though. But at least it looks a lot better than the first one.

7 Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain

We move out of the "bad" boards now. This one's very luck-based, but I found myself really liking the concept of this board, and so I couldn't resist putting this one lower than some of the others on the list. My only real complaint is that it's really short, but that's about it. You know what, look at the picture and you'll have a pretty good idea of why I like the concept. It consists of two halves, and you must get to the end. But if you roll a Banzai Bill, you go back to the start (or middle if you've made it past it). To lower the risk of a Banzai Bill smashing everything in its way, you can take hiding in a cave next to the space, but the price is the next time being 2 spaces behind. So it's a very luck-versus-reward type of board, which I like.

8 3-1

3-1 is pretty underwhelming. It's essentially a huge circle with a two-layer cake on top of it. But..., it makes it honestly feel kinda underwhelming and basic. 1-2 was a better example of a layered board. But it's not bad.

9 1-2

It's fun. This board and 3-1 seem to resemble each other a lot because they are both shaped after something and in the middle is the same shape but smaller and a layer higher. 3-1 was a cake board with a cake in the middle while this is a star board. This one I prefer because it's not as basic and looks better and more colourful in my opinion. However I'm not the biggest fan of boards that tend to have something big in the middle of it so that's why this isn't high on the list. Out of fifteen boards though this is in the top ten.

10 1-1

Probably the simplest board outside of 0-1, as it's just three small islands connected by a bridge. I like this layout a lot though for some reason. I don't know it just really is a lot of fun to play on. It's a relatively small board but this time I think the small size is fun because of the whole layout of the map. So overall this is a decent-to-good board in my honest opinion.

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