Harry Potter

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Harry James Potter is the title character of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard.


Hermione's the brains, Ron's the loyal one (until Goblet of Fire when he shuns Harry for three months over something he didn't even do) who's sacrificed, and Harry's just... there.

He's stubborn (we all are, that's why we're human. He's gone through a lot but chill out, kid), he does nothing, he's only favorited by Dumbledore thanks to Voldemort- pretty much he's the Kardashian of the Wizarding World (nothing but talentless hacks you ask how they got famous), he doesn't do, and he cries and wails about himself and is pissed about everything (1) I get your parents and others have died all around you, but stop crying about how you sit on your lazy ass. 2) I understand people like Draco and Rita are asses, but do yoga, relax, and sit down and listen to damn Snape who's trying to teach his class! )

Harry Potter is the dumbest, most Incompetent "hero" The world has ever seen. I hated the way everything was handed to him and his personality was rather dull and boring compared to Hermione, or Luna, or Dumbledore, or Snape and pretty much every other character. And a lot of characters practical did everything for him just to keep him alive

He never accomplishes anything on his own (he always needs help) and he never applies himself despite the fact Voldemort was trying to hunt him down. Isn't it his dream to become an auror but didn't work hard to achieve it and often Hermione does his work for him. He's whiny and self-centered, especially in book 5, like dude you would be dead without your friends be more grateful, jackass. he uses my-parents-are-dead excuse to say anything he wants about anyone, like he calls out Malfoy's parents for being losers, Harry your dad was the biggest loser ever, stop talking. Also he's generic (Selfless, Loyal, Brave) yeah what main character doesn't already have those traits? thousand of characters are selfless, loyal and brave, Harry is not special after all, therefore he's completely Boring.

Harry may not be the best character, but he does not deserve to be number frigging 2 in top ten worst characters. I mean, come on! Pansy Parkinson, and Lucius Malfoy, and others like them deserve to be there far more! The people who commented on this are just trying to look clever and criminalize the characters who were likely to look better in the face of readers.

The biggest idiot in Harry Potter world. He feels entitled just because his father died, just because he had a few safe meetings with the Dark Lord. Harry He-Killed-My-Father Potter would have been a bit less irritable if he repeated this line a little less. And he takes this Voldemort-Killed-My-Father as a license to Crucio and to be mean to his room-mate Seamus and all Slytherins. He never even once tried to reach out or make friends with anyone. Maybe, except Cho but he ditched her at the first opportunity just because she was Chinese. If she can get over Dumbledore's support for Snape throughout the series, why couldn't he forgive Cho for her loyalty and LOVE for her long-standing friend Marietta? Even if it was a serious issue, he should have tried talking to Cho, explaining to her why Marietta's crime was serious. But no he just dumped her as if Cho was just a stranger.

. Harry Potter is a whiny brat to and he's marked as the amazing hero who can do no wrong. At least Draco redeems himself at the end! I know Harry's parents died and all that, but you can't just smack that down onto a piece of paper and expected us to care, you need to actually make us feel for this guy, not make him into a boring, one dimensional idiot.

Does anybody know what it would be like to have Harry's life? To have a maniacal Dark wizard following you everywhere and losing at least one of your loved ones every year? You all have lucky lives and are all so ungrateful!

Liked Harry, but got a little cheesy at times. He became a bit of a freak in the 4th and 5th one, and got full of himself (conceited) in the 6th one. And they say Hermione is conceited and cocky, but no, she is just wise. And cool

He wallows in his own self pity and expects everybody else to feel sorry for him. He went through a lot, but instead of trying to do something about it, he just moans about life.

I love Harry Potter. I can not belive you people and before Voldemort!

I hate this website. It's a bunch of people with no morals ruining my day.

Whoever voted for this is stupid

Harry Potter... 4th WORST character? This is a strange world. According to this list, he's worse than Voldemort.

I love the books, but he is last place in my list of "heros". Just because his parents died. He was so selfish, and so ungrateful.

.-. I didn't see Harry being whiny at all! And why are you all using that same one excuse God damn!

Think about it, he was the biggest hypocrite in the history of heros. He was so "against" unforgivables, but yet he was eager to use them in situations that he could have easily used other spells! He tourtured a human being. That's sick. Not really a "hero" is he?

Are you kidding me right now!? He is is like totally awesome always standing up for his family and friends! Sure he can have a temper but he has a reason to be! Plus, he is kinda HAAT!

The problem with Harry is he constantly saved people who in truth should not have been saved. The other problem is nobody seems to care about Harry. In truth the moment Voldomort returned, somebody should have (if they cared about him) hid him far away. Voldomort was wrong, Harry doesn't hide behind stronger witches and wizards, stronger witches and wizards hide behind Harry or more accurately the Boy-Who-Lived.

Well, as I recently read all the books of Harry Potter, I can honestly say that he is annoying and really stupid.

People who hate him probably hate the whole series. If you hate the chosen one, the main character, the one who saved the whole wizarding world from a dark lord, did most of the work, sacrafised his life tons of times, lost lots of his friends and both of his parents... You make me sick - PeeledBanana

Why read the books if you hate the main character? - Spino

Harry is the main character he should not be bad

He thinks that he is above everyone else just because he is "the boy who lived," well guess what Harry, you only lived because of your mom, you didn't do anything. Harry doesn't accomplish anything on his own, besides making a Patronus.

He's not intolerable, he's just boring

He isn't the worst but not a favorite. I don't like how he whines.