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21 America’s Promise Ministries

This is why I hate Christian people, they are attacked people who are LGBT and non-Christian

APM is a congregation that relies strongly on the literal interpretation of the Bible. This church also insists that Jesus was white and believes that all greatness achieved in the United States is attributed to the work of the white race and none other. Several members of this congregation have committed violent acts of terrorism and murder, including abortion clinic bombings, bank robberies, and shootings

22 One Million Moms

One million retard-I mean, moms, acts very stupid and their arguments are crap. I'm Christian, and am very offended that these people think that they are supporting our religion by promoting bullying of harassment of LGBT people. My friend is Bisexual, and I had to stand up for her multiple times because she was being bullied be a kid who's mother was a member of one million moms. I told his parents about her being bullied, and she asked why, so I said "because she is bisexual, and is herself, is what your son said" then she freaked out and told him to get away from us because I'm an LGBT supporter(even if I'm straight) and am proud of it, and my friend is LGBT. Plus, to some people, the Bible doesn't mean anything. They might not be Christian.

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