Top 10 Worst Haters in Music

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1 Metal Haters

I hate it when metal fans on YouTube stereotype metal haters as Pop Nazis, also people on metal videos will always rage regardless of how many clicked the thumbs down, I don't think that's good - Neonco31

Claim to hate the music on the surface of it (i.e. being too loud and intense, the vocalists screaming not singing), but don't bother to listen to it any further than that, which would not only render such claims false, but give them something more substantial to listen to than most music these days. What a damn shame. - Mrveteran

They should try listening to softer genres of metal first before trying the even heavier and complex genres though the Metal fans may also be a little close minded on people who hate metal - Neonco31

Librarians hate it because it's loud music. - DynastiSugarPop

2 Nickelback Haters

Most of them are people who hate Nickelback just because other people do plus it gets really annoying since they are still around and still making comments about why Nickelback is the worst band ever when that trend died off years ago. - christangrant

True Nickelback Gets a lot Undeserved Hate - VideoGamefan5

3 Justin Bieber Haters

I hate him to but I agree his haters always think he's the worst musician of all time when there are worse (Blood on the Dance Floor) - christangrant

Don't forget Eminem, he makes Justin Bieber look like Iron Maiden. - 445956

On this site, he is #1 on a lot of negative lists and is even ahead of terrorism on the list of Worst Things Ever (I'm not even joking). Seriously? - allamassal

There are WAY worse singers and artists than Justin Bieber - Neonco31

The Justin Bieber joke is O L D. - DynastiSugarPop

4 AC/DC Haters

There's no reason to hate AC/DC they are very talented and they never did anything bad. - christangrant

Its always, "Their songs always sound the same" - BrianScott01

5 Video Game Music Haters

It seems a lot of video game music hate is irrational.

Crush 40 Haters, Enough Said - VideoGamefan5

I love VGMs though I may feel awkward if my phone has more VGMs than songs in it - Neonco31

6 Pink Floyd Haters

There's no reason to hate Pink Floyd at all the haters are just douchebags who can't accept that Pink Floyd has more talent than their favorite band does - christangrant

I hate The Wall. That made me hate Pink Floyd a little bit. - SwagFlicks

The Beatles > Pink Floyd but I don't hate PF - Neonco31

I don't like Pink Floyd's music that much.

Guess that makes me a douchebag then. - wrests

But you aren't because your not saying things like They are Untalented or stuff like that - christangrant

7 Rock Haters

Usually people who say I hate rock music, don't have any valid reason to hate rock songs. And ironically some of them love rock songs, yet they don't know those are rock songs. Rock isn't just Queen or Led Zeppelin. Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel etc artists are also part of rock music. Also artists like Metallica, Slayer or Iron Maiden. - zxm

8 Classical Haters

Remember this, classical haters: All the music you listen to has classical in its roots.

9 Linkin Park Haters

In my opinion some of their fans are even worse than the haters. - wrests

Linkin Park Gets Unfair Hate - VideoGamefan5

While their fans are bad to the haters are just as bad which basically I consider either Linkin Park or A7X the call of duty of music. - christangrant

Okay, so here are 3 things most LP haters do (no offense here):

1. Giving death threats to the fans
2. Shoving their hatred for the band down people's throats
3. And the constant harassing of poor Chester 😢 - Croy987

10 Creed Haters

Pretty much the same as Nickelback haters although they aren't as bad as the Nickelback haters are. - christangrant

I honestly like Creed, I listened to one of their songs - Neonco31

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11 Adele Haters
12 Metallica Haters

Metallica for life - Neonco31

13 Post Grunge Haters

They tend to overreact to this genre and call it one of the worst genres ever or some times the worst I honestly don't get why sure its not the best but still its not that awful - christangrant

14 Iron Maiden Haters
15 Pop Music Haters

They say that ALL pop music is awful and that all pop singers are bad, when there are actually good pop artists (my favorite currently being Halsey), and they also seem to cherry pick the worst songs and assume that the entirety of pop music is similar, when it actually isn't. - allamassal

Me: *Use the world dream pop*

Pop haters: I don't like pop.

Come on! All pop aren't bad!

16 Nicki Minaj Haters

What's so bad about hating Nicki Minaj?

17 Slipknot Haters

Why are we so serious if an artist is metal or not. Let's just suppose they aren't metal. So what? Non-metal artists still can be good. - zxm

While their fanbase isn't the best the haters are worse because most of them are people who think they aren't metal and most of the time they have horrible reasoning as to why they aren't Metal - christangrant

18 David Bowie Haters

I'm not even a big fan of his music but his hate base is one of the worst in fact a hater got Blackstar by David Bowie into top 10 on worst albums of all time - christangrant

There's a reason I added this item and you know why... - christangrant

19 Pantera Haters

There's no reason to hate Pantera - christangrant

20 Rammstein Haters
21 Radiohead Haters
22 Michael Jackson Haters
23 Twenty One Pilots Haters

I know.Twenty One Pilots may be overplayed but that doesn't mean their music is bad.Car Radio and Holding onto you are good songs.-DarkBoi-X

24 Dance Music Haters
25 Van Halen Haters
26 Judas Priest Haters

They're one of the gods of metal, who on Earth would hate them? - Neonco31

U dare hate them?!?!
If I c u, I'll break your bones!
U haters, I'm talking to u! - ShahryRKnoT

27 ABBA Haters

ABBA is awesome

They probably like BOTDF or 6IX9INE

28 Rap Music Haters

These guys are the worst... - SwagFlicks

29 Kim Kardashian Haters

She Only Has One Song (And She Still Sucks( - VideoGamefan5

30 The Chainsmokers Haters

Chainsmokers Suck - VideoGamefan5

VideoGameFan5 is the best example - Neonco31

31 Lynyrd Sknyryd Haters

There's no good reason to hate this band - christangrant

Strange these should be here. What's bad about them? - Britgirl

32 Blind Guardian Haters

If you hate Blind Guardian your just a douchebag who can't accept the fact they are better than your favorite band is - christangrant

33 Annihilator Haters
34 Slayer Haters
35 Megadeth Haters
36 Taylor Swift Haters

I hate her because she makes bad music - christangrant

Not a Taylor Swift fanboy, but I don't think there are too many reasons to hate her

@TheEvilNuggetCookie, Get Off This Site Please - VideoGamefan5

37 Silento Haters

Silento Haters Are Awesome - VideoGamefan5

38 Blood on the Dance Floor Haters

Because they deserve no haters

Didn't mean to vote for this. The TTT mobile site is just bad. - cjWriter1997

39 Boy Band Haters
40 Miley Cyrus Haters

These haters don't realize that she's good now.

41 Frozen Haters

Frozen sucks and the fans keep singing the songs! - Neonco31

Frozen Is A Movie... (Facepalm) - VideoGamefan5

42 50 Shades of Grey Haters

Movie (Facepalm) - VideoGamefan5

43 Suicide Squad Haters

Movie (Facepalm) - VideoGamefan5

44 Watch Me Haters

Those Haters Are Badasses - VideoGamefan5

45 Black Veil Brides Haters
46 Insane Clown Posse Haters
47 Jacob Sartorius Haters

Unlike most of his fans, jacob's haters are sane (for the most part) - wrests

48 One Direction Haters
49 Lil Wayne Haters
50 Rae Sremmurd Haters
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