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1 Metal Haters

I hate it when metal fans on YouTube stereotype metal haters as Pop Nazis, also people on metal videos will always rage regardless of how many clicked the thumbs down, I don't think that's good - Neonco31

Claim to hate the music on the surface of it (i.e. being too loud and intense, the vocalists screaming not singing), but don't bother to listen to it any further than that, which would not only render such claims false, but give them something more substantial to listen to than most music these days. What a damn shame. - Mrveteran

They should try listening to softer genres of metal first before trying the even heavier and complex genres though the Metal fans may also be a little close minded on people who hate metal - Neonco31

Yep, they are the worst. - NikoX

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2 Nickelback Haters

Most of them are people who hate Nickelback just because other people do plus it gets really annoying since they are still around and still making comments about why Nickelback is the worst band ever when that trend died off years ago. - christangrant

At least it's not as bad as Nicki Minaj or Austin Winkler's voices. - NikBrusk

True Nickelback Gets a lot Undeserved Hate - VideoGamefan5

3 Video Game Music Haters

This is an interesting one. Didn't know there were a bunch of haters for this type of music. I'm guessing they're a bunch of music snobs who listen to "real music" with "real instruments". But I bet they didn't know that some Video Game Music has more musical theory than even some Prog bands (And this is coming from a "Prog snob" myself). Not only does the music have to be distinct and memorable but it also has to keep the atmosphere alive for the game. - cjWriter1997

It seems a lot of video game music hate is irrational. - drdevil

Crush 40 Haters, Enough Said - VideoGamefan5

I love VGMs though I may feel awkward if my phone has more VGMs than songs in it - Neonco31

4 Justin Bieber Haters

I hate him to but I agree his haters always think he's the worst musician of all time when there are worse (Blood on the Dance Floor) - christangrant

Don't forget Eminem, he makes Justin Bieber look like Iron Maiden. - 445956

There are WAY worse singers and artists than Justin Bieber - Neonco31

AKA everyone? - Entranced98

I'm a metalhead, but I'm sick of those JB jokes. They're getting too old. - Yungstirjoey

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5 Pink Floyd Haters

There's no reason to hate Pink Floyd at all the haters are just douchebags who can't accept that Pink Floyd has more talent than their favorite band does - christangrant

I hate The Wall. That made me hate Pink Floyd a little bit. - SwagFlicks

The Beatles > Pink Floyd but I don't hate PF - Neonco31

I don't like Pink Floyd's music that much.

Guess that makes me a douchebag then. - wrests

But you aren't because your not saying things like They are Untalented or stuff like that - christangrant

6 AC/DC Haters

There's no reason to hate AC/DC they are very talented and they never did anything bad. - christangrant

Its always, "Their songs always sound the same" - BrianScott01

7 Classical Haters

Remember this, classical haters: All the music you listen to has classical in its roots. - drdevil

8 Linkin Park Haters

In my opinion some of their fans are even worse than the haters. - wrests

Linkin Park Gets Unfair Hate - VideoGamefan5

While their fans are bad to the haters are just as bad which basically I consider either Linkin Park or A7X the call of duty of music. - christangrant

Okay, so here are 3 things most LP haters do (no offense here):

1. Giving death threats to the fans
2. Shoving their hatred for the band down people's throats
3. And the constant harassing of poor Chester 😢 - Croy987

9 Slipknot Haters

Needs to be higher. All Slipknot haters I've seen are biased metal elitists who keep saying Slipknot isn't "real metal" and NEVER give any factual reasons why they aren't "real metal". I even made a list of reasons why they are and should be called metal, and one metal elitist visitor told me Slipknot isn't "real metal" and said they fit into the Rock genre with bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles, without giving ONE legit reason why. - NikBrusk

Why are we so serious if an artist is metal or not. Let's just suppose they aren't metal. So what? Non-metal artists still can be good. - zxm

While their fanbase isn't the best the haters are worse because most of them are people who think they aren't metal and most of the time they have horrible reasoning as to why they aren't Metal - christangrant

10 Rock Haters

Usually people who say I hate rock music, don't have any valid reason to hate rock songs. And ironically some of them love rock songs, yet they don't know those are rock songs. Rock isn't just Queen or Led Zeppelin. Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel etc artists are also part of rock music. Also artists like Metallica, Slayer or Iron Maiden. - zxm

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11 Blind Guardian Haters

If you hate Blind Guardian your just a douchebag who can't accept the fact they are better than your favorite band is - christangrant

12 Pantera Haters

Despite the dumb things to come out of Anselmo's mouth, the band rocks! - cjWriter1997

There's no reason to hate Pantera - christangrant

13 Slayer Haters
14 Creed Haters

Pretty much the same as Nickelback haters although they aren't as bad as the Nickelback haters are. - christangrant

I honestly like Creed, I listened to one of their songs - Neonco31

15 Annihilator Haters
16 Radiohead Haters

They are the worst band ever and deserved their hatete singer sounds like a dying JB and the members are stupid and the fanbase is the bad - Lucretia

17 ABBA Haters
18 Adele Haters
19 Chiptune Haters

Scum of the Earth! - Entranced98

20 Metallica Haters

Metallica for life - Neonco31

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