Top 10 Worst Haters in Music


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21 Pop Music Haters
22 Twenty One Pilots Haters
23 Dance Music Haters
24 Nicki Minaj Haters

What's so bad about hating Nicki Minaj?

25 Post Grunge Haters

They tend to overreact to this genre and call it one of the worst genres ever or some times the worst I honestly don't get why sure its not the best but still its not that awful - christangrant

26 Pantera Haters

Despite the dumb things to come out of Anselmo's mouth, the band rocks! - cjWriter1997

There's no reason to hate Pantera - christangrant

27 David Bowie Haters

I'm not even a big fan of his music but his hate base is one of the worst in fact a hater got Blackstar by David Bowie into top 10 on worst albums of all time - christangrant

There's a reason I added this item and you know why... - christangrant

28 Michael Jackson Haters
29 Rammstein Haters
30 Rap Music Haters

These guys are the worst... - SwagFlicks

31 The Chainsmokers Haters

Chainsmokers Suck - VideoGamefan5

VideoGameFan5 is the best example - Neonco31

32 Van Halen Haters
33 Judas Priest Haters

They're one of the gods of metal, who on Earth would hate them? - Neonco31

U dare hate them?!?!
If I c u, I'll break your bones!
U haters, I'm talking to u! - ShahryRKnoT

34 Frozen Haters

Frozen sucks and the fans keep singing the songs! - Neonco31

Frozen Is A Movie... (Facepalm) - VideoGamefan5

35 Kim Kardashian Haters

She Only Has One Song (And She Still Sucks( - VideoGamefan5

36 Lynyrd Sknyryd Haters

There's no good reason to hate this band - christangrant

Strange these should be here. What's bad about them? - Britgirl

37 Megadeth Haters
38 Taylor Swift Haters

I hate her because she makes bad music - christangrant

Not a Taylor Swift fanboy, but I don't think there are too many reasons to hate her

@TheEvilNuggetCookie, Get Off This Site Please - VideoGamefan5

39 Silento Haters

Silento Haters Are Awesome - VideoGamefan5

40 Blood on the Dance Floor Haters

Because they deserve no haters

Didn't mean to vote for this. The TTT mobile site is just bad. - cjWriter1997

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