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1 Americans Haters

One thing that makes me mad is that some of the people who hate america are americans. If you hate the country that you live in then why can't you just leave? They also compare USA with other countries like canada and britain. No country is perfect and comparing them is very rude and disrespectful. We need to show respect to all countries including USA. This is why I want the list why canada is better than USA and the list top ten things that make britain better than america deleted.

You can't just leave because you don't like something, that's a little too extreme, don't you think? - EliHbk

Ugh. They are so annoying. Seriously. Look I get it. America has some flaws BUT it has it's good things too. People these days are so negative on some things. Being negative all the time will not make you cool. They also use stereotypes on america to try to get other people to hate it. People these days need to grow up.

EliHbk. You're saying that leaving your country because you hate it is extreme? You can't tell others not leave their country because they hate it. People have the right to leave or stay in their country. You can't tell them what to do. Now that's a little too extreme.

I hate the givernment and living here, but I would hate somewhere else more so - Lucretia

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2 God Haters

Yeah kill those devils

aka isis - EliHbk

3 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Haters

They bully people who like a certain show. That's bad - Neonco31

Probably not as bad as bronies; it's not the fact that they like it in general, it's the fact that they take it way too seriously.

This should be 1st

Haters are gay. - Cozygylent

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4 Old Spongebob Haters

Yes! I Do Believe That The Old SpongeBob Haters Are Actually Even Worse Than The New SpongeBob Haters, Because Hating On The Old SpongeBob Episodes Is Much More Of A Crime Than Hating On The Newer Episodes. So Therefore People Should Only Hate On The Newer SpongeBob Episodes Not Any Of The Older Ones.

I love the old but I'm a big hater of the new. - 05yusuf09

Shut up imbecile.
New Spongebob haters are WAY worse thzn the Old Smongebob haters.
You must be another pointless Old Spongebob fantard.

5 Sword Art Online Haters

Jeez, I know I've commented on this item one too many times, but I can't help but reiterate that this hatedom is quite possibly the most hostile and worst one out there. And what's worse is that people barely criticize the hatedom. I can probably dedicate an entire post listing reasons as to why this hatedom is one of the worst on the Internet, but I'll list a few reasons for now. First of all, one obvious thing is the behavior of the hatedom. While most, if not nearly all, are very disrespectful to people who like the show (or franchise in general), many of them go out of their way to essentially stalk, troll, and harass fans. Trust me, there are even some that made death threats against some of them. Second of all, they're obnoxiously hypocritical in their behavior and arguments as well, as apparently, they feel that the fandom shouldn't be allowed to defend a show they like and have a say in their own opinion, yet the hatedom think it's OK to bash the show while denying any ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I can't believe I was scrolling down the comments section for Sword Art Online on Greatest Anime of All Time and I saw an anonymous user's comment being a death threat against Sword Art Online fans. Hating an anime and its fan base is one thing, but DEATH THREATS?!?!?! Those types of comments shouldn't be on TheTopTens! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Even to this day, I still can't stand these pretentious little close-minded pricks. I can't even go on any anime forum without having to run into an incessant and annoying SAO hate comment where they either bash the anime for nitpicking reasons, jump on the hate bandwagon, or simply to bully fans of the show. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Remember when ModernSpongeBobSucks got bashed by SAO Haters? - Fullwalking2

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6 Sonic Haters

Because there was a few games that were god awful, the franchise is somehow can't be redeemed and everything it produces will suck.

I'm not even a huge fan of Sonic. I just see a lot of the hate as unwarranted since a lot of people who hate it are jumping the bandwagon. Not all of the games suck. - Rue

Hating fans and a fandom is one thing, but hating the fans and calling them retarded is just plain bitchy.

I'm not usually one who runs around being a hater, but I absolutely HATE (rabid) Sonic haters. You know why? Because they get themselves worked up over NOTHING.

Actually, you know what? Sonic haters are right. All Sonic fans are stupid and retarded and they should die because they play and enjoy a video game. In fact, let's go kill everyone who likes MLP:FiM, Family Guy, Pokemon, the colour green.

Did that sound stupid or what? Exactly. The fact that Sonic haters take time out of their lives to diss the fans is just stupid. Ironically, their messages sometimes involve telling the Bronies to get a life.

Seriously, I don't know what's up with haters these days -.-

7 Christian Haters

Haters of Christianity will do ANYTHING to dismantle the religion.

8 Tom and Jerry Haters

The person who keep's saying "tom and jerry sucks" or other bad things is a little kid who knows nothing about the classics. The classics are what started cartoons.

Tom and Jerry disperses hate

Tom and Jerry sucks

Tom and Jerry diserves hate

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9 Nintendo 3Ds Haters

May I remind you 3ds haters that you can TURN OFF THE 3D? Plus, the graphics are breathtaking for a handheld! That, and the Vita doesn't feel as comfy to hold.

Who would hate 3DSs, I love mine - EliHbk

10 Old Cartoon Network Haters

Anyone who likes the new Cartoon Network more than the old Cartoon Network is a retard. Hate on the new Cartoon Network instead.

First of all, don't use retard as an insult, look up what it means before you comment, and secondly, people have their own opinions, personally I like them both. - PeeledBanana

Old Cartoon Network is better than New Cartoon Network as it had mostly good shows with very little bad ones while the new one has a mixture of good and bad shows.

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? Shinryaku! Ika Musume Haters
? Boxtrolls Haters

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11 Anime Haters

Person who says that Anime haters should die in hell. That is not a very nice thing to say. Everyone has opinions you know. There are haters who dislike Anime but they still respect the fans unlike the rabid haters. Rabid weeaboos need to understand that everyone has an opinion.

Please, to the anime fans that despise anime's haters, Please avoid becoming like them yourselves. If he complains on anime all the time, Don't complain that he hates anime - YourWaifuSucks

If you hate haters that makes you a hater...


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12 Rocko's Modern Life Haters
13 Donald Trump Haters

Look I get that he's not the greatest president of all time. I get that people hate him. My problem with Trump haters is that 99.9% of them go WAY too far. Most can't accept the fact that Clinton lost. They blame it on Russia. They say Trump is racist,sexist and needs to go to hell. Even if you hate him you should still respect him and the people who support him. If you really hate him that much then go ahead and leave the US! Go to Canada or wherever! Nobody is making you stay in the US! - Randomator

14 Undertale Haters

You dislike them until you learn WHY they hate Undertale. - FlamboTheBurst

15 Call Of Duty Haters
16 Autism Haters


You don't know what it's like, seriously.

17 Brony Haters

They are just as annoying as bronies. Dislike my comment all you want! - Neonco31

But mlp doesn't have a good story and its not a great cartoon and 95% of the fandom are creepy asss who either what to have sex with the ponies or shove the show down people's throats always reminding them that it exists.

The Fact That This Comment Has 6 Likes Makes Me Lose Faith In Humanity - JPK

Who even loves MLP? Bronies are so annoying.

Yes, you can watch anime without sense, but when you watch great cartoon with good story and huge fandom you are considered as gay. Congratulations to your stupidity.

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18 Frozen Haters

What the heck? Who put this in here? GET IT OFF OF THE LIST!

"What the heck? Who put this in here? GET IT OFF OF THE LIST! "

^If you don't like to see people calling you a hater, then why are you click on this page? Makes no sesne at all.

19 Heavy Metal Haters
20 Nickelback Haters

Nickleback deserves the hate they get

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