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21 Barack Obama Haters

I would be okay with them if it weren't for the fact that they can't stop calling him the worst U.S president ever and can't accept when people try to say one good thing about him! I have a freedom of speech to say what I feel about Obama just as much as those people do! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I kinda agree with you but I personally think that Donald Trump haters are worse. I respect your opinion if you disagree - Randomator

22 Autism Haters
23 Simpsons Haters
24 Old Nickelodeon Haters
25 Pegasister Haters
26 Smosh Haters

It's their fudging OPINIONS if they hate Smosh, and everyone has rights to hate on Smosh.

It's a very funny YouTube Channel. And No one should hate it! NO One!

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27 Pokemon Haters

I used to hate Pokemon once when I was young... Now I really like Pokemon and even have a blaziken named Larry.

It's just terrible, there were 2 people in the Same dang place that I ran into, and they both went, "Pokemon is for Babies." It's just...Why?

Go hate on PETA if you hate Pokemon haters. They HATE Pokemon.

I remember when I was little I didn't really care about Pokemon. Then again, the only good game I had for my DSi was Animal Crossing Wild World. But, last year,I picked up Omega Ruby for my 3ds. I am now completely hooked and have caught them all on that cartridge! (Exept Meloetta and Genesect, no one ever has those guys.)

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28 Pop Haters
29 Rock Haters
30 Minion Haters

They Call People Who Like The Minions Cancer Or Autistic
Which Is Verbal Abuse

31 Ed, Edd n Eddy Haters
32 Metallica Haters
33 Fanbase Haters
34 Serena from Pokemon Haters
35 GTA Haters

This game does not turn kids into violent sociopaths, that comes from real-life events.

36 Demi Lavato haters

I hate them I love Demi Lovato so much, shes my idol.

Demi is the best - Lovaticforever

37 Islam Haters
38 Internet Haters
39 Sanjay and Craig Haters
40 Adventure Time Haters

We hate Adventure Time, because it replaced Ed, Edd, n Eddy as the face of Cartoon Network!

Adventure Time deserves the hate it gets. The animation is substandard compared to 90's cartoons like Ed, Edd, n Eddy.

Why are people defending this hatedom? - 445956

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