Top 10 Worst Haters Ever

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61 The Force Awakens Haters
62 The Loud House Haters
63 Haters That Hate Everything

Should be number 1 as they will not let people like something although their are rabid fans that have no reason to hate on something other than to be jerks.

Haters that hate everything are egoists. They like only themselves.


What? - ToadF1

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64 Transformers Haters

I watch the first and second, love them. Third don't care much, but I also love the fourth Transformers movies. Those who hate Transformers are nothing but retarded-born Trans-sinners. That's right haters are Trans-sinners!

While the sequels aren't great and I respect the haters opinions, can I just ask a question for both haters AND fans? Can we all just tone it back a bit? As overHATED as they are, people need to understand taste is SUBJECTIVE! Nobody is right OR wrong on these films.

Their complaints are contradictory and tiresome.

They only hate Transformers because of Michael Bay.

65 Windows 7 Haters
66 Earthbound Haters
67 Cars 2 Haters

Not Pixar's best movie by any means... but not terrible either...

68 Jew Haters

Neo Nazis and anti semitists> - Lucretia

69 Refugee Haters
70 Apple Haters
71 Old Disney Haters

Star Wars Rebels, Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb are the only decent modern Disney shows. The rest are crap.

72 X-Men Haters

X-Men Deserves the hate

Your an idiot if you say X-Men Deserve the hate

73 Nostalgia Critic Haters

He mentioned Flight of the Navigator in one of his videos and gave it a positive review, so I love him. - RockFashionista

74 Warren Cook Haters
75 LGBT Haters

Homophobes... anyways though I am not not LGBT they are always narrow minded bigots that can't accept anyone. - Lucretia

76 Zelda Haters

Fans are Worse - ToadF1

77 Rainbow Dash Haters
78 Garfield Haters
79 Mouse Haters
80 Cartoon Haters
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