Top 10 Worst Haters Ever

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61 Windows 7 Haters
62 Earthbound Haters
63 Rainbow Dash Haters
64 Jew Haters
65 Refugee Haters
66 X-Men Haters V 2 Comments
67 Genwunners

They hate all the other Pokémon generations except for one!

They are so obnoxious. I saw them hate on the new Pokemon movie where they do a retelling on when Ash first started his journey because "It doesn't 100% fit the original"

They are never satisfied. Even with all of the nostalgia fan service gamefreak has been throwing at them throughout the years. - Rue

68 Nostalgia Critic Haters

He mentioned Flight of the Navigator in one of his videos and gave it a positive review, so I love him. - RockFashionista

69 Warren Cook Haters
70 LGBT Haters
71 Zelda Haters

Fans are Worse - ToadF1

72 Garfield Haters
73 Mouse Haters
74 Cartoon Haters
75 Sweden Haters
76 Gravity Falls Haters
77 Grounded Video Haters

These grounded videos deserves the hate

Which retards dislike the first list. Come on. Goanimate is the disterbing website.

Those Grounded Video Haters are grounded grounded grounded.

I'm just kidding. I respect there opinions, but I actually like watching grounded videos. Sometimes, however, they are too dull, annoying, and/or harsh. - Murvine_Taylor

78 YouTube Haters
79 Princess Peach Haters

They basically hate a game that Peach is in - ParkerFang

They are SO ANNOYING! - ToadF1

80 Goku Haters
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