Top 10 Worst Haters Ever

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81 Sweden Haters
82 Grounded Video Haters

These grounded videos deserves the hate

Which retards dislike the first list. Come on. Goanimate is the disterbing website.

Those Grounded Video Haters are grounded grounded grounded.

I'm just kidding. I respect there opinions, but I actually like watching grounded videos. Sometimes, however, they are too dull, annoying, and/or harsh. - Murvine_Taylor

83 Princess Peach Haters

They basically hate a game that Peach is in - ParkerFang

They are SO ANNOYING! - ToadF1

84 Goku Haters
85 Roma Haters
86 Genetic Modification Haters
87 Global Warming Haters
88 Communist Haters

Communists are also bad - Lucretia

89 Dr. Dre Haters
90 Lord of The Rings Trilogy Haters

The books revolutionised the fantasy genre and the movies captured the spirit of the books and also make some of the best movies ever. I don't see why anyone could that.

91 The Beatles Haters
92 Disney Haters

Some people do hate Disney. See "Top Ten Reasons To Hate Disney". The top reason is because of bad Disney Channel shows, which is a bad reason. Some also hate them because they buy lots of stuff like Star Wars and Marvel (at least The Force Awakens was good, so at least people will respect them now. Just because Disney dresses up Mickey Mouse like Luke Skywalker doesn't it's the end of the world.)

What?!? How is it possible to hate Disney?!? - RockFashionista

93 Teen Titans Haters

Teen titans and tom and Jerry deserves hate

94 Vocaloid Haters
95 Animal Jam Haters

People get mad that there are too many rules it's a kid game - lbelle0527

96 Harvey Beaks Haters
97 Plotagon Haters

I don't know anyone who hates Plotagon. - Discord1

98 Baby Show Haters

To all you morons hating on shows like Dora, Peppa Pig, and Teletubbies listen up: These shows are for little kids, not for teenagers and adults. If you are above 9 years old, and watching shows meant for kids 5 and under, you need some serious help.

99 Zootopia Haters

If you Zootopia haters hate Zootopia more than Frozen, why don't you just go ahead and make "Things To Throw at (Zootopia character)", "Characters That Hate Nick and Judy", "Characters That Can Beat Up Nick and Judy", "Reasons To Hate Zootopia Fans", and so on?

Zootopia haters are exactly like Frozen haters

100 Hotel Transylvania Haters
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