Top 10 Worst Haters Ever

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81 Harvey Beaks Haters
82 Plotagon Haters

I don't know anyone who hates Plotagon. - Discord1

83 Baby Show Haters

To all you morons hating on shows like Dora, Peppa Pig, and Teletubbies listen up: These shows are for little kids, not for teenagers and adults. If you are above 9 years old, and watching shows meant for kids 5 and under, you need some serious help.

84 Hotel Transylvania Haters
85 Princess Peach Haters

They basically hate a game that Peach is in - ParkerFang

86 Johnny Test Haters V 1 Comment
87 Furry Haters

They're just don't understand us. We are NOT all sexual. - Lose

88 Moana Haters
89 Zoophobia Haters
90 John Cena Haters V 1 Comment
91 Eminem Haters
92 Zendaya Haters
93 Betty White Haters
94 Selena Gomez Haters
95 James Bond Haters
96 Megan Fox Haters

People who hate actors or actresses nowadays just don't have no dignity at all, I'm a Megan Fox fan but why is this world coming to?

97 Justin Bieber Haters

People still love Justin Beaver? Remove this from the list, because he doesn't even need to be loved.

BO, Take this off the list! No one cares about Justin Bieber anymore!

Remove that off the list nobody cares about anymore

98 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Haters

Michael Bay has done it again.

99 Animaniacs Haters
100 People who hate haters

And by that you mean people who don't know the meaning of opinions, right?

Then what's the point of making this list then?

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