Top 10 Worst Haters Ever

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101 Zoophobia Haters
102 Cedar Fair Haters

Look, I Know You're Upset About What Happened With Geauga Lake, But That's Still No Excuse To Give Death Threats To The Company - JPK

103 Hero Factory Haters
104 John Cena Haters V 1 Comment
105 Eminem Haters
106 Zendaya Haters
107 Betty White Haters
108 Selena Gomez Haters
109 James Bond Haters
110 Megan Fox Haters

People who hate actors or actresses nowadays just don't have no dignity at all, I'm a Megan Fox fan but why is this world coming to?

111 Justin Bieber Haters

People still love Justin Beaver? Remove this from the list, because he doesn't even need to be loved.

BO, Take this off the list! No one cares about Justin Bieber anymore!

Remove that off the list nobody cares about anymore

112 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Haters

Michael Bay has done it again.

113 Animaniacs Haters
114 People who hate haters

And by that you mean people who don't know the meaning of opinions, right?

Then what's the point of making this list then?

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115 Starcraft II Haters

Dear starcraft 2 haters stop trying to find stupid reasons to hate Sc 2 it's not broken deal with it (Bring it haters! ) - whodafuqisthisguy

116 Minecraft Haters

I'm not a Minecraft fanboy but these idiots are trolls they open Minecraft then join a server or they post this comment on a Minecraft video Minecraft sucks but SkyDoesMinecraft sucks more trolololol and they post this overs and overs and overs I don't know which one is worst the haters or the fantards - whodafuqisthisguy

Welp, at least they are smarter than Minecraft fanbase

I know the fanbase is just terrible. Minecraft hater is annoying as they are! They
say, "Ooh~ minecraft is a total ripoff of legos." or "The graphics are just terrible."
Minecraft is not a ripoff of legos. There are tons of stuff simillar to legos other than minecraft.
Minecraft is smillar by lego in one way. Both build a lot. That is not something you can
ripoff. Graphics are okay. Those idiots are just saying that because it's blocky. Minecraft
did an okay job making stuffs with cubes so don't complain about graphics.
If you really don't like the graphic, UPLOAD A TEXTURE PACK OR MOD!
Speaking of mods, you can do anything you want with that. You can create your own mod.
It can change graphics and you can find some mods with challenges and missions and speeches.

117 Modern SpongeBob Hater

Don't need to explain myself, but if you hate Modern (Post-movie SpongeBob isn't too modern anymore, as the show is on its Post-sequel era) SpongeBob then I respect your opinion, so all I'm asking is that you respect my opinion that I like it. - Murvine_Taylor

Even though I based my username off how bad Modern SpongeBob is, I heard the Post-Sequel episodes are a little better than Post-Movie episodes. Too bad I don't have cable anymore. Gotta watch it online, then. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I respect your opinion, but I still hate modern SpongeBob. You have your opinion, and I have my opinion.

There are a few good modern SpongeBob episodes but the rest are crap.

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118 PewDiePie haters
119 Marilyn Manson Haters
120 California Haters

If you hate this state, you don't know what you're missing. So many arrogant haters on earth, who thinks California is retarded, are dead wrong. Show some respect, haters! I just don't understand why people keep talking smack about this awesome state.

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