Top Ten Worst Hell's Kitchen Contestants That Got a Black Jacket

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21 Santos - Season 13

He's annoying and egotistical! That's why he's on this list!

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22 Jared - Season 15

He was just so annoying. He didn't take responsibility for his own mistakes and blamed in others causing their eliminations. His attitude was bad and just not deserving of a black jacket.

If you think that he shouldn't be on here, then rewatch episodes 2 and 3. Never take jabs at a relatively strong team member.

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23 Tommy - Season 9

He is a good cook. He should not be on here

Shouldn't be on here

Maybe he's not a good communicator, but he's a good cook

Should be number 1

24 Julia - Season 3

Purposely sabotaged Bonnie during the finale, what a sore loser.

She doesn't deserve to be in n the list. For someone with no culinary education, she did great. Even if she did what she did to Bonnie, all the other so called "great chefs" would use her as an scapegoat. I don't blame her for what she did. If anything, she's the only contestant that would learn the quickest.

Julia was one of the best contestants EVER!

25 Clemenza - Season 10

Clemenza is a good chef. He didn't deserve to be nominated 6 times.

Why is Clemenza here?

Terrible personality.. Screwed Justin in the finale...

It was 7 times actually.

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26 Ed - Season 7

Shouldn't be on here

27 Andrea - Season 5

What this girl was doing in final three or even in Black is beyond me... Her saving crace was that Coleen and Lacey were on her team without them she would have been out long before black... Ben, Robert (without health problems) or Giovanni were thousand times better than Andrea could have hoped to be. and most of the blue team...

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28 Ashley - Season 15
29 Benjamin - Season 7

I can't believe he said rice is POOR food! Everyone eats it.

His ego got in the way.

30 Garrett - Season 2

Garrett shouldn't be on here.

31 Autumn - Season 7

Shouldn't be here - Orbitovsky

32 Bonnie - Season 3

It was not that she was a bad person but I think Brad should of gotten the black jacket that she got>

33 Scott - Season 12

What is he doing on this list?

I love Scott... what the hell?

Scott made a biggest comeback

Joy should have won...

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34 Sara - Season 2

Look, I don't care if she was able to cook. The fact that she actively tried to sabotage her team throughout the season is enough to land her a spot on this list.

Not all the chefs eliminated were worse than her, Rachel was a little better

Who else should have been worthy of a black jacket instead of Sara. Granted her attitude stink, but everybody eliminated before the black jackets were very terrible except maybe Maribel. Aside from Heather and Keith and in the latter part Virginia, it wasn't the best year at HK.

35 Giovanni - Season 5

Seems that the last episode, his attitude turned for the worst, first by been disrespectful to Paula, than to Chef Ramsey himself (and been confrontational as well) and than caused a major burn to Robert's hand because he left a sizzling plate in the freezer.

He made the biggest mistake ever talking back to Chef Ramsay.

Shouldn't be on here

He said, "I'm not d***f ace." WHILE HE WAS WEARING A BLACKJACKET.

36 Ben - Season 5

Ben is a good cook and I don't understand why he is up here

Shouldn't be on here

Ben is clumsy, he should be on here. Though he's far superior to Josh, Matt, Jimmy and Virginia

37 Barbie - Season 10

Shouldn't be on here

BArbie didn't deserve to get a black jacket

Why not? Despite having to put up with Tiffany, she was a pretty good chef overall and definitely one of the better contestants of season 10. - HanSolo69

Barbie didn't deserve a black jacket

38 Jessica - Season 1 V 1 Comment
39 Keith - Season 2

He should have gotten into the final over Virginia.

Shouldn't be on here.

He should. Instead of rudely accusing Ramsay of favoritism, he should have kept his mouth shut and accepted his defeat.

Should have been in the final 2

40 Corey - Season 4

For most of the season until her last couple of episodes, Corey actually outperformed Christina.

She was evil but less vicious than Jen.

Corey may have been a good chef, but she was pure evil!

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