Top Ten Worst Hell's Kitchen Contestants That Got a Black Jacket

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41 Joy - Season 12

She had such a great chance to win. Then she decides to throw it all away over a few mistakes in one service. Such a shame.

A bully with kashias fat ass as musle, as soon as she went their little let's stick together plan burned so she ran off in tears - BogsDollocks

I'll give her credit, she can cook. Too bad her attitude sucks along with her confidence level. She may have been taking out on the rest of the team, especially individuals (I.E. Jessica, Scott), but never Keshia. If people don't see that then what kind of a smart person would eliminate themselves knowingly?

She was great. Too bad she quit. I wonder why she didn't return on the last episode to help the finalists.

42 Ariel - Season 15

She took Meese's fish (which was raw) and brought it up to Gordon. Dodgy attitude also, very arrogant and argumentative.

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43 Scott - Season 12

What is he doing on this list?

I love Scott... what the hell?

Scott made a biggest comeback

Joy should have won...

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