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1 Season 10

Everyone on the blue team except for justin and clemenza forgot how to cook.

Robyn, Kimmie, and Tiffany were what ruined this season for me. Well that and because this season had one of the worst blue teams in HK history.

2 Season 15

If it wasn't obvious before, this season proves that they favor ratings over talent for this show. Decent and likable chefs like Hassan, Eddie, and Chad are eliminated from the competition in favor of loud-mouthed idiots like Jackie and Frank. None of the remaining chefs this season are fit to run Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.

First I like this season because there was great competitors like hassan, ashley, jared, chad and eddie. Then after Eddie's elimination, it sucked because they choose contestants such as jackie and the tomboy dannie to stay longer. I would rather see hassan, chad and eddie with black jackets instead of manda, kristin and ariel. They weren't as good as ramsay think. Ashley was the only female contestant who was likable. Really it was a disaster

How come this isn't number 1?

1. kicking of hassan for one service
2.ariel's horrendous personality
3. kristen's bitchiness

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3 Season 8

Raj, Russel, Sabrina, Melissa...

Major lack of talent along with unlikeable personalities. This season was straight up dumpster fire.

The persons, who destroyed this season:

1. Raj - Worst chef ever in Hell's Kitchen
2. Russel - The biggest douchebag in Hell's Kitchen
3. Sabrina - The most whiny girl in this season
4. Boris - Almost just like Raj
5. Trev - Absolutely disaster

4 Season 12

Mike and Demarco not going home sooner ruined it for me. The only saving grace was Scott, Jason, and rochelle.

Much of this season was severely lacking in talent. Much of the chefs that did have talent had no likeability due to their attitudes.

The following chefs I despised

Gaurav-putting his fingers into risotto
Beth- being crybaby
Sandra-nearly ruined Jason's final service
Anton-talking back to Chef Andi
Nicole-being disrespect to Chef Ramsay
Mike-insulting Ramsay during signature dish
DeMarco-poor dinner services
Simone-quit before chef Ramsay making decision

I lost respect for Joy after she quit mid service. She had the potential to be finalist, but ended up whining like Nilka. I did not like Gabriel that much for being disastrous on seafood. I don't have much to say about Chris, Ralph, Richard and Bev because they did not stand out that much throughout the season.

5 Season 13
6 Season 9

It was unfair because of Elise

What can I say? Elise staying on over the likes of Natalie, Jennifer, Jamie and Gina. Will not winning (He totally deserved to in my opinion) the season. And the choice of chefs for the final two.

The saving graces is that I like the women (excluding Elise) and several of the Blue Team.

7 Season 4
8 Season 11

I stopped watching this season like halfway (after Raymond's elimination). Dan is one of my most despised contestant in that season. Jeremy is pretty much as bad as Raj. Gina and Sebastian are the most annoying contestants; I'm glad they're removed from the game early on (don't forget the puppet and Zacky Wacky thing respectively). It's too bad Ja'nel couldn't get a job due to drugs. Jon and Anthony are pretty much the fan favourites of the season. Overall, one of my least favourite season of the series.

This season had the worst blue team in HK history


9 Season 2

Only saving thing was Heather otherwise I don't think there would have been a winner...

Ramsay was biased towards Virginia

10 Season 16

I didn't think there could have been a cast as disgustingly unlikable as the one from season 15. The cast of this season proved me wrong.

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11 Season 3
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