Top 10 Worst Hell's Kitchen Signature Dishes

The Top Ten Worst Hell's Kitchen Signature Dishes

1 Antonia's Marti Gras Gumbo - Season 8

Oh God! Her dish made Chef Ramsay physically ill! Worst Hell's Kitchen signature dish ever!

I love how she didn't even make it in to the first dinner service!

Should have been eliminated on the signature dish challenge

It basically seemed like a pile of mud.

2 La Tasha's Grilled Watermelon - Season 13

She got a bad signature dish but she managed to bounce back to claim the head chef at Gordon Ramsay pub and Grill at Cesar's At New Jersey

Funny thing how she won Hell's Kitchen - Just like Danny from Season 5

How can you grill watermelon? Sounds like a very cruel prank

1/10/2014 - I'd laugh if she actually won Season 13!
It would Danny & Grilled Bananas again!

And I can actually see her possibly winning, seeing that she's been consistent for the most part and seems to have good leadership.

3 Gaurav's Tuna Steak - Season 12
4 Chrissa's Ginger Encrusted Chicken - Season 14

Oh no really I'm not so used to having people spitting out my food. By the way I was in the cookie isle.

5 Jen's Dungeness Crab & Risotto - Season 4

Raw rice and Jen gets mad at Ramsay


6 Matt's Exotic Tartar - Season 4

How is this not at the top? It's like he just threw a bunch of things that sounded fancy on a plate. Gordon actually puked.

I have to admit... I got sick watching watching Chef Ramsay vomit. Honestly, I would have been like leave... Leave now that food was so disgusting Timon and Pumba would rather eat grubs than this slop.

No one in the history of Hell's Kitchen has cooked a dish so inedible that Chef Ramsay got to point where he was legit sick. It came out faster than it went in. Everything was raw on the plate and the white chocolate on it turned me off. Combination of ingredients sucked. It's mind blowing that Chef Ramsay gave him a black jacket over Louross.

"My signature dish is going to help me stand out." Oh it sure did Matt. Disgusting to even think about the combination of ingredients.

7 Fran's Signature Dish - Season 7
8 Kimmie's Fisherman's Trio - Season 10
9 Louie's Sausage Gravy Over Biscuits - Season 6

Why would you serve a breakfast item to Chef Ramsay, he also has 100 eat that at is restaurant, that doesn't mean your food is good. Many people eat at McDonalds and it probably sucks

I meant as a signature dish

10 Monique's Mo's Pasta - Season 14

Not only did she use jarred sauce on her signature dish, but she also argued with Chef Ramsay when he scolded her. Unbelievable.

Monique was such a joke.

Monique was by far the worst contestant ever on the show.

Not the worst contestant, but a bad contestant

The Contenders

11 Mike's Herb-Fried Tortellini - Season 12

This guy honestly thought he had a shot at being the winner? With premade and packages tortellini? Ha! Did he even know who he was cooking for?

He also talked on Ramsay's back

He should have made his own pasta and tomato sauce. Chef Ramsay hates premade food.

He used canned tomatoes too

12 Tavon's Shrimp Scallops & Crab - Season 10

As you see Tavin is a Excective chef bug Ramsay thinks he should do dishwashing instead

13 Nilka's Chicken Wings with Tabasco - Season 7

She used half a bottle of tobassco on one order of wings unless the bottle is small she is scrazy and that coming from someone who likes spicy foods - GentlemanJonathan

14 Kevin's Chicken Caesar Pita - Season 15

This sounds disgusting and using premade dough and caesar salad dressing is a huge no no! It is pretty much in the same level as Mike's packaged tortellini with canned tomatoes. - ndog

He took the easy way out using store-bought ingredients and still his dish tasted horrible

Should be at the top 10 of this list.

15 Raj's Seafood & Vegetable Pancake - Season 8

Chef Ramsay actually liked the taste of the dish, which is surprising considering Raj's performance on the show.

Just look at the size of that pancake, Worst contestant in hells kitchen

16 Polly's Focaccia Bread - Season 2

"Right now, I'd rather eat poodle s***"

"Right now, I'd rather eat poodle s***." - Gordon Ramsay

17 Amanda's Margarita French Toast with Tequila Wine Butter - Season 6

This girl was literally trying to get Chef Ramsay Drunk

18 Joy's Chilled Corn Soup - Season 12
19 Kimberly's Pappardelle with Clams - Season 16

Oh boy, another chef that used premade ingredients in their signature dish. For the third season in a row. At this point, there's no way this is a coincidence. This HAS to be scripted.

"You don't make the words "Canned Clams Sound Good,Ever."

20 Seth's Honey Ratatouille - Season 5

Ramsay claims it's the worst dish he's tasted.
Seth inappropriately laughs
Ramsay tells him he could be responsible for the fastest exit in Hell's Kitchen

While the dish itself sucked, I don't feel like as many people would have brought this up had Seth not laughed afterwards.

21 Krupa's Stuffed Naan Bread - Season 9

"My dear Krupa that is crappa"

22 Petrozza's Hen In a Pumpkin Dish - Season 4

Yes, Petrozza. Your dish was memorable... but for all the wrong reasons.

Stupidest presentation out of all the dishes

Happy Halloween.

Reminder - This guy was the runner-up

23 Holli's Indian Disaster - Season 7

Reminder, this girl was the winner!

That dish wasn't Indian or Northern Indian

Too bad she never work in England

Weird how Holli won, isn't it

24 Michael's Roe on Scallops - Season 1

Funny thing how this guy won & never got yelled at

25 Keith's Cha-Ching Sesame Crusted Tuna - Season 2

Its lamb and its money? - Flamewc

26 Matt's Dove Breast Bolognese - Season 16

He really thought he'd impress gordon with something he had no experience with. Prince was right, doves do cry.

This dish was so fake and pretentious.

27 Chris's Salmon Roasted On a Wooden Plank - Season 1

Back in line, you plank

28 JP's Boston Baked Haddock with Fingerling Potatoes - Season 13

He was the only contestant who had to cook their dish twice. He sucks at cooking fish.

29 Mary's Pan-Seared Duck Breast - Season 11

"Congratulations, you just butchered your own dish." - ndog

30 Steven's Seared Diver Scallops Over a Wild Mushroom Risotto - Season 9

More like Steven's Toe Nail Scallops!

31 Colleen's Chicken Enchiladas - Season 5

She's a crook. Not only does Colleen charge $300-400 to teach people how to cook, she can't even cook a dish that will impress Gordon.

32 Dewberry's Baked Spaghetti - Season 1

I'm surprised chef Ramsay even tasted it. It looked really disgusting.

OH MY GOD! He's gonna kill me! - Conhill389

33 Susan's Lamb and Couscous - Season 11

With a signature dish like this, I can't believe she managed to get a black jacket. You could just see from a mile away that the lamb was raw, not even cooked.

You know you're a bad cook when your signature dish is raw lamb. - alexcousins

34 Tiffany's Lamb Schnitzel - Season 10
35 Andrew's Absolute Penne - Season 1

The very first signature dish that Chef Ramsay tasted on Hell's Kitchen. Too bad it was a terrible signature dish.

That, is absolute dog----!

That is absolute dogs***! - Gordon Ramsay

36 Tom's Shrimp Scampi With Caesar Salad - Season 2

"Tom, **** off with your caesar salad." - GR - ndog

37 Wendy's Fried Rice With Chinese Sausage - Season 1

Can she even cook Chinese food? Like Gong Bao Chicken, Mapo Tofu,etc. I think she could have participated in MasterChef instead. She's no chef.

38 Jonathon's Chicken with Canned Pineapples - Season 9

Canned pineapples and claimed to have limited time - FallenApostle

39 Sebastian's Shrimp and Salmon Corn Dogs - Season 11

Zacky Wacky


40 Mieka's Shrimp Cake with Asparagus and Peach Salsa - Season 14

"It's not half bad. It's all bad." - Gordon Ramsay

"It's not bad... It's all bad." -GR - ndog

41 Chris's Filet Mignon with Mushroom Cream Sauce - Season 10
42 Sandra's Pan-Seared Cod - Season 12

"If I ate that, that would back me up like an L.A ******* freeway." - GR - ndog

"If I ate that, that would back me up like an L.A freeway." - GR - ndog

43 Josh's Foie Gras - Season 3
44 Curtis's Lemon Pepper Chicken - Season 8
45 Meese's Pork Loin Chop with Roasted Sweet Potato and Grilled Asparagus - Season 15
46 Don's Southwestern Saltimbocca - Season 10
47 Lacey's Chicken & Blackberry Dish - Season 5

"That's definitely corporate. You serve, they eat. Straight after, they vomit." - Gordon Ramsay

Bad combination, I won't serve that

48 Jimmy's Stuffed Chicken Breast With Carrot Leaves - Season 1
49 Danny's Grilled Bananas - Season 5

Reminder - This guy was the winner

50 Rock's Frozen Gnocchi - Season 3

Reminder - This guy was the winner!

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