Top 10 Worst Hell's Kitchen Signature Dishes

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21 Joy's Chilled Corn Soup - Season 12
22 Chris's Salmon Roasted On a Wooden Plank - Season 1

Back in line, you plank

23 JP's Boston Baked Haddock with Fingerling Potatoes - Season 13

He was the only contestant who had to cook their dish twice. He sucks at cooking fish.

24 Holli's Indian Disaster - Season 7

Reminder, this girl was the winner!

That dish wasn't Indian or Northern Indian

Too bad she never work in England

Weird how Holli won, isn't it

25 Mary's Pan-Seared Duck Breast - Season 11

"Congratulations, you just butchered your own dish." - ndog

26 Steven's Seared Diver Scallops Over a Wild Mushroom Risotto - Season 9

More like Steven's Toe Nail Scallops!

27 Keith's Cha-Ching Sesame Crusted Tuna - Season 2
28 Dewberry's Baked Spaghetti - Season 1

I'm surprised chef Ramsay even tasted it. It looked really disgusting.

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29 Susan's Lamb and Couscous - Season 11

With a signature dish like this, I can't believe she managed to get a black jacket. You could just see from a mile away that the lamb was raw, not even cooked.

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30 Tom's Shrimp Scampi With Caesar Salad - Season 2

"Tom, **** off with your caesar salad." - GR - ndog

31 Wendy's Fried Rice With Chinese Sausage - Season 1

Can she even cook Chinese food? Like Gong Bao Chicken, Mapo Tofu,etc. I think she could have participated in MasterChef instead. She's no chef.

32 Jonathon's Chicken with Canned Pineapples - Season 9

Canned pineapples and claimed to have limited time - FallenApostle

33 Sebastian's Shrimp and Salmon Corn Dogs - Season 11


Zacky Wacky

34 Mieka's Shrimp Cake with Asparagus and Peach Salsa - Season 14

"It's not half bad. It's all bad." - Gordon Ramsay

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35 Sandra's Pan-Seared Cod - Season 12

"If I ate that, that would back me up like an L.A ******* freeway." - GR - ndog

"If I ate that, that would back me up like an L.A freeway." - GR - ndog

36 Josh's Foie Gras - Season 3
37 Curtis's Lemon Pepper Chicken - Season 8
38 Meese's Pork Loin Chop with Roasted Sweet Potato and Grilled Asparagus - Season 15
39 Matt's Dove Breast Bolognese - Season 16

This dish was so fake and pretentious.

40 Lacey's Chicken & Blackberry Dish - Season 5

"That's definitely corporate. You serve, they eat. Straight after, they vomit." - Gordon Ramsay

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