Top 10 Worst Hell's Kitchen Signature Dishes

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41 Colleen's Chicken Enchiladas - Season 5
42 Krupa's Stuffed Naan Bread - Season 9
43 Petrozza's Hen In a Pumpkin Dish - Season 4

Yes, Petrozza. Your dish was memorable... but for all the wrong reasons.

Runner up or not, this dish was just laughably bad. "Hen in a Pumpkin" doesn't sound like food, it sounds like a sex position listed in the Kama Sutra.

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44 Jimmy's Stuffed Chicken Breast With Carrot Leaves - Season 1
45 Danny's Grilled Bananas - Season 5

Reminder - This guy was the winner

46 Rock's Frozen Gnocchi - Season 3

Reminder - This guy was the winner!

47 Anthony's New Orleans Joke - Season 11
48 Nicole's Halibut Filet with Squash - Season 12
49 Tiffany's Lamb Schnitzel - Season 10
50 Andrew's Absolute Penne - Season 1

The very first signature dish that Chef Ramsay tasted on Hell's Kitchen. Too bad it was a terrible signature dish.

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51 Jamie's Signature Dish - Season 7

When you add these to the list, you need to be more specific, instead of just putting (Contestant)'s Signature Dish.

Jamie's tooth pick in the whatever it is I guess would be acceptable

52 Jason's Signature Dish - Season 4

It wouldn't even pass as something tinned in a can!

53 J's Signature Dish - Season 5

This dish is an F

"This dish is an F"

That is an F.

54 Dan's Eggs Benedict With Hollandaise - Season 11

"It's fitting that you made this in Vegas because whoever eats that is sure to get the craps." - Gordon Ramsay

55 Melinda's Poached Lobster - Season 6

She missed the important part of the dish the Lobster Tail. I think if it was not hacked up it would've been tasty

56 Carrie's Mashed Potatoes With Sugar - Season 9
57 Andrew's Steak Tartare - Season 7

This guy is psycho, killing animals?!

58 Corey's Signature Dish - Season 4

"That tells me a lot about U. Simple, plain, blonde and boring."

59 Guy's Sea Bass Sundae - Season 10
60 Aaron's Hazelnut Financier - Season 13
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