Elise - Season 9


Not a team player, she'd sabotage a souschef just to get ahead. From the first episode I wanted to just twist her fat head off. Being competitive is one thing but being a backstabbing bitch throughout is beyond me.

Evil and a bully from start to finish. Not an ounce of humanity nor compassion in that creature. Fox kept it around for added drama, instead of keeping a real person there for the right reasons. And to add salt to the wounds, that thing was offered jobs and business opportunities for that reason, calling itself "The Diva Chef".. More like "The Selfish Narcissist" if you ask me, or any of the many people it has attacked.

There have been a LOT of annoying contestants on Hell's Kitchen, but Elise was the absolute worst! She lied constantly, never accepted responsibility for anything she did, blamed others for everything and cried when she was reprimanded by Ramsay. He even chided her once for crying when he criticized her for some reason. I realize she was kept on the show as long as she was solely for the controversy she caused, but I -- and many others -- were elated when she finally got the boot!

What a pompous, delusional, self entitled, arrogant waste of a human life. They kept her for the dram ratings only. Then playing into her delusion and arrogance she's convinced in her own mind that she was the sole reason her team got as far as they did at any given time. One of the all time most despicable people on Hell's Kitchen.

I don't think I can hate anyone so much; including people I don't even know in person. For Elise to make the final three in Season 9 despite blaming people for her mistakes, going as far as insisting someone from the opposite team messed up her Wellingtons and being so disrespectful and narcissistic is a joke. As for the All-Stars season; I cannot believe that she actually could have an even worse attitude, bullying everybody and being so hypocritical about her attitude and bad mouthing everybody around her. For Chef Ramsay to keep her after she made several mistakes and ruin the red team's chances of having even good services and eliminating genuine favorite, passionate and talented chefs such as Van and Dana for ONE bad night is really disappointing. Even more so that he lets her keep her jacket yet again like she was the best chef and earned it. It made me lose all respect for him. As for Elise, I am pretending she does not exist, she simply has no morality.

She was constantly creating problems fights etc. And she seemed to have not been good cook. The way she got into final 4 over jenny was disgraceful. Like she wanted to win and it did not matter to her if shes really the best.

She is absolutely terrible. I would sooner work with Raj before working with her. I would get such a headache from her talking every five seconds. I got headaches from season 9. She just blames everything on other people anyway. I've seen every season of hells kitchen. I know there's that one drama person every season but elise takes the take. Robyn was entertaining, Sabrina (s8) had moments of brilliance and didn't talk every 5 seconds. But literally everything about Elise is annoying. She's not even entertaining. I have gotten actual headaches from watching season 9 with her in it. I refuse to watch season 17 because I know I'm just going to get headaches from that again because she's back. Judging by what I've read here, it seems like she hasn't changed in the new season at all either. almost a decade later and she can't just take a punishment without crying/standing around with her arms folded, not blame other people for her mistakes, and shut up for five seconds so that I can ...more

No way was she talented enough to make it even half-way through the competition. Elise proves that the producers look for specific types of people who are intentionally kept around far longer than they should be, just to keep up the drama. Viewers tune in, not to see who becomes the best of the best, but to see if the loudmouth, walking stereotype contestant gets eliminated this week. Every season there is someone just like Elise, but so far, no one is better at that role than Elise.

I have enjoyed Hell's kitchen. I have cheered and been wowed often. Until season 9. I could not stand Elise.
Her mouth was just too much to bear. It ruined an entire series. She should have been thrown out much sooner. I believe she was a plant to keep the drama up in the show. Season 9 was my least favorite series out of the entire Show. I realise however she is a real person and I feel very sorry for anyone who gets too close to her including her family. I am thankful our paths will never cross. I think Australia is far enough way.
I hope.

this is the worst person I've ever seen. I agree on Will and Paul when they say Elise is a better cook, but hell no to her exit. They praised her, told her held her head up, clapped for her and even let her keep black jacket? What, just what. She should have been just secretly tied up onto a wood and burn into fire. How can a person lying so much, backstabbing people so much, avoiding shots and responsibility so much get any taste of a good ending. Am I pleased she got kicked before final? Hell yeah, but am I pleased with the way they kick her out, hell no as you can already tell.

Nothing was ever her fault, if someone called her out on something she would just talk louder than them until they were so annoyed they would stop talking. I would never want her working with me.

Worst Contestant ever in the history of Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay's should be ashamed of himself for letting her on the show for so long. Honestly Ramsay's talks about Teamwork, Being a Leader, never cutting corners or screwing your team-mates before on every episode of Hells kitchen before season 9 and all of a sudden we get this girl in which all she does is Screw over her team-mates, throws them under the bus, and is a Complete Running joke for ratings. Which in Turn makes Gordon Ramsay's a Complete Joke. I have no respect for someone that keeps a person like this around a kitchen. Ramsays just for keeping this girl on to get a Black Jacket just shows how much of a sell out for money he really is.

Worst contestant on the show ever. They kept her for the drama, but you just knew from the star she couldn't win. Not with that mouth and narcissistic attitude.

Ugh... I hated both her and Carrie. Season 9 was pretty much the Elise vs. Carrie show until Carrie finally got the boot! Even after Carrie got eliminated, Elise was still the problem both attitude-wise and cooking-wise. I'm amazed that she ended up in the final 3! I don't think she deserved that black jacket at all!

3 mouths and no ears, blah blah blah never shuts up

The most hated person in the show's history? Sure. The worst chef? Not even close. She's nowhere near the best, but also nowhere near the worst. She's only this high up on the list because of her horrible attitude and big mouth. If we're going by who actually WAS a terrible chef, Elise isn't even in the top 10.

A giant, entitled, perpetually duck-faced piece of feces. Most annoying person I've ever watched.

She's got a very nasty attitude never fesses up to her mistakes always wants to blame Carrie Tommy Krupa it's never Elise fault and that's not acceptable if you made mistake just say I messed up I'm sorry I won't do it again that's all. I mean were human we're going to make mistakes we just have to learn from them.

Her attitude and behaviour is still same as before. First, she didn't help her team in first punishment. Second, she had a verbal war against Robyn. Third, Christina had to talk to her about tasting a disgusting dish during 2nd punishment. She didn't change much.

I can't stand how she is in such denial that she is rude and can't realize that. She is so full of herself and is always asking for helping then throwing them under the bus and being really loud, lazy, and rude.

She is a big sabotage. She always bitched about others and somehow convinced Ramsey to let her stay.

She is such a cheater. I cannot believe she was able to trick the top two guys in making her go through.

Only reason I even kept watching that season was because I wanted to see that stuck up b get kicked off. I'm assuming they only kept her for ratings, but honestly if one of the other girls had murdered her, I'm sure she'd have gotten away with it once the judge reviewed the tape and found out what an absolute psychopathic narcissistic cnut she was

I watched season nine until I couldn't take it anymore at episode 5. Thank god I did because I found out she almost stayed to the end.. Either something is extremely wrong with the world or they kept her JUST for the drama.

She went home the night before the finale came back as a brigade member unfortunately we never got a brake from her