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181 Jamie - Season 7

She did poorly in all three of the dinner services she was in and her signature dish had a toothpick in it.

182 Maribel - Season 2
183 Gabe - Season 2

"It's absolutely crucial in Hell's Kitchen to have finesse and passion. It was pretty obvious that Gabe had no passion." - Gordon Ramsay

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184 Katie - Season 13

In episode 5 she was WAY too humble, calling herself the weakest link on the then women's team. Then, in the following episode, she decides to be arrogant and not admit to her mistakes.

Nice person, but gets nervous in dinner services

185 Danielle - Season 10
186 Lisa - Season 8

"The only thing I can say about Lisa's performance tonight, she didn't kill anyone."

Correction: "The only thing positive I can say about Lisa's performance tonight: she didn't kill anyone."

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187 Sabrina - Season 6

At least she isn't like the Sabrina from Season 8

She argues the customer is wrong & can't cook meat at all!

Shouldn't be on here - LRMendheim1992

188 Louis - Season 8

He seemed like one of the better contestants in the first 3 services. Unfortunately, in the 4th one, he had a disastrous night. Raw pork, raw chicken, raw salmon, etc. He ended up in flames after that...

Should have gotten a black jacket

This guy seemed like he could've been one of the biggest competitors then in Episode 4 - he turned out to be a poor man's chef

He and Curtis should've stayed over Rob and Boris

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189 Mary Ellen - Season 1 V 1 Comment
190 Michael - Season 1

He is one of the best Hell's Kitchen contestants of all time. What the hell?!

Backstabbing, sabotaging cheat. Hopefully Ramsey saw through his charade after actually working with him.

Why the hell is he on here? He was the first frigging Hell's Kitchen winner ever! What...

Why is Michael here? He was one of the best contestants in the show's history. His only downside was that he has a terrible palate.

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191 Jessica - Season 11
192 Ray - Season 11 V 1 Comment
193 Michael - Season 11

Sure Dan was annoying, but to wanna beat him up and ruin your chance at winning the competition? That is a huge no-no.

194 Sade - Season 13

She may not be a bad chef, but her nasty attitude is just sickening!

Incredibly cocky. Believed that she was some gift from heaven.

She should be on the list bad reason

195 Amanda - Season 9

She seemed as if she would've been one of the season's top contenders but had a horrific performance in night three and seemingly gave up during dinner service which resulted in her elimination

I think it's because Carrie impressed Ramsay with her plea and therefore saved herself and Amanda didn't put up a plea that was as convincing as Carrie's so she failed to live on any longer through out the season

196 Shayna - Season 4

Not treated fairly I think, especially compared to Matt and Jen. Aside from one undercooked wellington, she didn't do major mistakes. Whether or not she should have been go as far as the black jackets that is up for debate, but Matt should have been eliminated instead of Shayna and Roseann and Jen should have also been kicked out before Shayna because they faired worst.

Got eliminated because she was a little too slow.

197 Coi - Season 5

Some fans think Ramsay made the wrong decision to send Coi home, I disagree completely because Coi made a ton of rookie mistakes and failed to cook shrimp, pancakes, spaghetti and burgers properly which are NOT difficult food to cook

She's pretty much the opposite of Jen, nice person, but can't cook

198 Salvatore - Season 7

Salvatore may be a bad chef, but you have to admit, he was one of the funniest contestants on the show.

He's a funny guy, but he just can't cook

199 Ed - Season 7

Shouldn't be on here

200 Bobby - Season 4

Why is bobby on here? He should have a spot on best contestants, not worst. Whoever put bobby on here, I have one question. What the hell are you thinking?

Shouldn't be on here

In reply to the person who said why Bobby is on the list. I suspect it is because of his terrible start and terrible finish. He almost got eliminated in the first episode for his leadership skills as he was given the captain's position on the blue team.

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