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181 Sharon - Season 4

Two services, you haven't convinced me that you can cook. - Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay: You're not really a chef are you. You're just a showgirl with a big feather coming out your arse!

182 Joanna - Season 3

She could have killed somebody with the rancid crab she tried to serve! Plus, she didn't even accept responsibility for her mistakes.

Ghetto all the ways that's all I have to say about her

She should have gotten a black jacket, despite the fact she served rancid crab. Well Jen tried to served spaghetti from the trash.


183 Chris - Season 1

He thought, he was the best chef on the red team

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184 Sterling - Season 13

He shouldn't be on this list and should have gotten a black jacket

He may not have been a good cook, but he made the season so much more enjoyable, every season, there needs to be someone to hate and someone to love, He is both for me

Sterling doesn't belong on this list he was a good cook and for sure the most lovable guy in hella kitchen ever

Never should had been in this list. He was a great chef and had a respectful yet goofball attitude

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185 Kalen - Season 13

Terrible chef in denial. I find it funny how she thought she was one of the strongest chefs on her team, when in reality, she was a major weak link.

Should've gotten a black jacket over Jennifer

186 Steve - Season 13

Sabotaging is a no-no Steve! You suck!

Should have been sent home on Episode 6 instead of Katie

187 Santos - Season 13

Ramsay made him scream what VIP means several times after botching the fish for the VIP table. Is also currently the only black jacket chef for not getting a retro tribute after elimination, which make me think he should have not been given a black jacket. But, the only one who might have deserved more the black jacket would have been Fernando (or maybe Ashley).

So Egotistical that he pushed Sade under the Statue of Liberty

Santos was awesome he should of got a tribute or actually won the whole thing

Roe should of been out before Santos

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188 Rob - Season 8

Right after he got eliminated, Chef Ramsay himself said that he outstayed his welcome.

Got worse during competition

Rob McCue!? More like Tub McPoo!

189 Jamie - Season 7

She did poorly in all three of the dinner services she was in and her signature dish had a toothpick in it.

190 Maribel - Season 2
191 Gabe - Season 2

"It's absolutely crucial in Hell's Kitchen to have finesse and passion. It was pretty obvious that Gabe had no passion." - Gordon Ramsay

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192 Katie - Season 13

In episode 5 she was WAY too humble, calling herself the weakest link on the then women's team. Then, in the following episode, she decides to be arrogant and not admit to her mistakes.

Nice person, but gets nervous in dinner services

193 Danielle - Season 10
194 Lisa - Season 8

"The only thing I can say about Lisa's performance tonight, she didn't kill anyone."

Correction: "The only thing positive I can say about Lisa's performance tonight: she didn't kill anyone."

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195 Sabrina - Season 6

At least she isn't like the Sabrina from Season 8

She argues the customer is wrong & can't cook meat at all!

Shouldn't be on here - LRMendheim1992

196 Louis - Season 8

He seemed like one of the better contestants in the first 3 services. Unfortunately, in the 4th one, he had a disastrous night. Raw pork, raw chicken, raw salmon, etc. He ended up in flames after that...

Should have gotten a black jacket

This guy seemed like he could've been one of the biggest competitors then in Episode 4 - he turned out to be a poor man's chef

He and Curtis should've stayed over Rob and Boris

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197 Mary Ellen - Season 1 V 1 Comment
198 Michael - Season 1

He is one of the best Hell's Kitchen contestants of all time. What the hell?!

Backstabbing, sabotaging cheat. Hopefully Ramsey saw through his charade after actually working with him.

Why the hell is he on here? He was the first frigging Hell's Kitchen winner ever! What...

Who put him here? - Steam

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199 Jessica - Season 11
200 Ray - Season 11 V 1 Comment
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