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221 Sterling - Season 13

He shouldn't be on this list and should have gotten a black jacket

He may not have been a good cook, but he made the season so much more enjoyable, every season, there needs to be someone to hate and someone to love, He is both for me

Sterling doesn't belong on this list he was a good cook and for sure the most lovable guy in hella kitchen ever

This guy was not really that good, how did he make it so far?

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222 Zach - Season 11

He was great in the first episode of season 11, but then he showed his true colors. There's no way he should have made it all the way to the final 6.

I take a chef like that in the toilet every morning

Zach should've left over Anthony!

Should've been eliminated when he sabotaged Ray purposefully with cold sauce. He should be higher than 223.

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223 Will - Season 9

Shouldn't be here - Orbitovsky

What the hell?! Will was one of the best contestants in Hell's Kitchen history!

Could of won in series 9

He is like Ben from season 7 he thinks he is the best paul is 10 times better than him

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224 Jonathon - Season 9

Johnathan season 9 was the worst ever. He always malingered because he had 'babies' and he was always making excuses for his performance. He also looked like a scuzbag. I wouldn't hire this guy for any work let alone preparing food.

It doesn't help when you served canned pineapples as part of your signature dish

Started decent but then ended up sucking.

Hell No! There were worse! Sure he can be on this list but not this high! - Conhill389

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225 Heather - Season 16

I was not happy that Heather did not win, but I was SO happy that my season 16 favorite Ryan won!

Insults Ryan during the finals, calling her a "bitch"

226 Jay - Season 7

Jay acted like he is the best.
Jay shouldn't be a runner-up.
Benjamin and Ed are a better chef than him.

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227 Kristin - Season 15

Why is she on here?! She was the best contestant of her season!

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