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21 Scott - Season 7

Scott was one of the most cockiest chefs I have ever seen. Blood Sausuage and Prunes? Really?!

Scott is like a person telling you they actually saw an alien and having no evidence to back it up

He talks out of his ego so much Ramsay eliminated him mid-plea

He talked about how he was the best chef in the whole of hell's kitchen, joke's on him he didn't even make top 10 - Aquaturtle

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22 Gaurav - Season 12

He put his fingers in the risotto while cooking. That is a game breaking violation in the kitchen. Anyone who did those should regret it. I wish he wasn't chosen during pool selection priority to opening season. Whatever he did could have caused an epidemic. Customers, chef Ramsay and everyone else would have become sick. He said putting fingers into food for tasting is normal, that's not true. This kid should never been chosen to be in Hell's Kitchen.

I never noticed that he cleaned his finger with his tongue after checking the risotto with it. That is just disgusting on a whole new level. Even if he cleaned it with soap and water later, I doubt there was any real time to do so during service. His reaction to the situation in the confessional did make me laugh, though. But still, gross.

One does not simply stick his fingers into the risotto. Too bad it ain't finger lickin good.

Gaurav can't cook - Rob McCue

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23 Josh - Season 3

The first contestant to be fired before dinner service was even finished! - PikaRamsay

Zero good services and yet ended up in the Final Five's black jacket team before getting an even worse service by wasting numerous risottos and binning nearly as much spaghetti as Melinda and Lovely (season 6)

This guy did NOT deserve to get a black jacket!

Who the hell cooks something before someone orders it? And three times?! I still don't know how he got a black jacket.

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24 Sara - Season 2

Others have sabotaged teammates in other seasons, but none seemed to get as much enjoyment from it as Sara. I can only imagine how many jobs she's been passed over on since this aired. Who would want that in their kitchen?

I was so eager to see her cut! Though there have been incompetent and annoying contestants, her heartlessness towards her teammates made her the person I most disliked.

She is by far my least favorite contestant out of any season. She was not a team player, extremely egotistical, untrustworthy, and seemed to enjoy seeing other people suffer. Sure, she had a bit of talent for cooking, but not anymore than her fellow teammates who she sabotaged. Absolutely disgusting. Her voice and the way she talked was also very irritating. And she got the most facetime on camera for some reason.

Wow way to be proud to be a backstabbing liar.

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25 Frank - Season 15

He's sexiest, horrible and who cares if you're a marine. I respect the marines. How is he a marine? Aren't marines meant to be really team originated? Just cause Amanda was the first female on the blue team it seems like he's had it out for her since then.

He didn't even seem sincere in his apology video! Mainly because he probably wasn't and got ordered to do that or else he'd be sacked.

He had a cushy job I respect all jobs in the marine corps. But I do not respect him or anyone who thought that what he said is correct in what he has said. Both me and my boyfriend love the show and he wanted me to rewind to hear the comment.

He is now in the marine enlisted aide program. Which means that he has gone from cooking for the commandant to cooking for basically paid army interns. He's an idiot, bully, no pallet and creativity. How he made it so far in the competition baffles me in my honest opinion.

I hate this guy so much. Misogynist, talentless bully who is all talk and no skill. The way he treated Amanda last episode was disgusting. He is a Marine? Really?! What an embarrassment for the Corps.

He is extremely obnoxious, and in the last episode, cooked an additional dish and didn't let Manda present her dish during the challenge. He is an embarrassment to the Marines and US Marine Corps. Compete for Head Chef at the Marine Corps cafeteria, not for Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.

He was good at coming JERKS

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26 Kimmie - Season 10

This woman has issues. She can barely cook, called out wrong times to screw up her team, and her first reaction to ANY conflict is to talk about how much she wants to beat them up. No wonder she didn't win. Che Ramsay foresaw the workplace lawsuits stemming from her violent attitude. And if she wasnt angry and wanting to punch people, she was crying and whining.

She cried when her team lost the "Think-On-Your-Feet Craps Challenge." I don't think she was a good sport, and the way she blamed Dana for her burned Brussels Sprouts.

She was an emotionally unstable violent wreck. The only reason she isn't in the top 10 worst is because she can at least cook. Did not seem like a nice person.

Kimmie Jong Un

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27 Shaina - Season 16

"Get the Chicken! "

45 minutes later: Overcooked

28 Tennille - Season 6

She should not be this high she's a good chef like Barbie

She was horrible in the beginning of season 6, but she's definitely one of the most improved chefs in Hell's Kitchen history.

Her voice is like nail's on a chalkboard, but she was great. One of the best in my opinion! - Conhill389

She wasnt bad, she just needed to be quieter, it was a megaphone next to my ear every time she talked

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29 Gia - Season 16

She faked a cut

She said she shouldn't go home because she wasn't up. Hello have never watch this show Gia

Ruined the show by letting her stay will never be able to watch again so insane

Don't worry. She's gone now. Thank god she didn't last long at all. Now let's hope they get rid of Matt ASAP - HanSolo69

I have only seen Season 16 and I KNOW she's the worst ever.

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30 Brendan - Season 9

He sucks badly. He takes a piece of fish out of the trash, serves it to Ramsay, and then when he asks Brendan about if it was the same piece of fish, he LIES about it and ends up being one of the first to leave Hell's Kitchen Season 9. What a moron. Even Brendan said himself that he was blowing smoke up Ramsay's ass.

Chef Ramsay should've fired his ass in the middle of service after that stunt.

Calling Paul, the WINNER of Hell's Kitchen, a meatball/dumpling is just disgusting. Oh yeah, and that story he told was a COMPLETE lie.

Insulted Paul

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31 Jeremy - Season 11

He served a sample plate and got eliminated even though he was on the winning team. laugh out loud

At least Raj was so bad, that he was hilarious. Jeremy was just painful to watch.

Jeremy's dumb as a rock, why would Chef Ramsey let this retarded chef complete this season? He's too damn slow and doesn't know how to cook.

If Hell's Kitchen was a marathon, Jeremy would still be pondering at the starting line when everyone else has finished the race - Aquaturtle

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32 Sabrina - Season 8

Sabrina is stupid as well. In team challenges, she would lose her point but would blame the last person up if they lost their point. She couldn't grasp that the team challenges are about total team points, not which order. every time she lost a point she should be blaming herself.
Beyond that, she reminds me of my old roommate who was massively selfish and blamed everyone for everything that was her fault or "just an accident." She would lift a finger to save a live, but I don't think she would raise 2 fingers to save a life.

Pure evil.. She took too much pride in being a manipulative liar who is "straight from the hood".

I am gob-smacked she is not in the Top Three.

Ugly woman. She's worst than Sabrina from season 6.

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33 Maria - Season 7

First at all, you must say why was a bad contestant before voting. But I would that she was bad because in way over her head, and laugh after jamie served a steak with cold sauce. She was so painful to watch in episode 5 for struggling in both kitchen and diner room

She was so anoying

I coud not belive how funy she thought her mistakes were!

34 Melinda - Season 6

Remember when Chef Ramsay found a whole bunch of pasta thrown away in the bin? Melinda was the one who put all that pasta in the bin.

Not all of it. Lovely was with Melinda on that station, and Lovely overcooked some of the pasta, so therefore, she threw some pasta away as well. It was not entirely Melinda's fault.

I'm surprised she is ranked higher than this (should be easily in the top 25) with the silly pasta fiasco... not to mention her strange facial expressions (a.K. A deer in the headlights look as Sabrina says) and doing a lobster tail dish without the lobster tail

She took most of the blame for wasting capellini noodles. Also her signature dish was subpar because she lied about the lobster tail. Her elimination quote is hilarious. She her back to space. There are couple of contestants that are worse than her like Louie and Joseph.

"LOOK... LOOK... LOOK! What the f*** is this?!? "

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35 Benjamin - Season 7

This 'man' was so obnoxious! I also have a theory with Ben. Towards the end, he knew he was getting worse and worried that he wouldn't get in to the final 2, as he saw Hollie emerging. So he faked his back injury so that he had an excuse to leave as opposed to facing the embarrassment of being eliminated. After all, he had a huge ego and couldn't stand to hear someone else say that he wasn't the best. We see him bend down effortlessly and run around during service with no problem. He went to take himself out of the competition but thought that Ramsey would put him through after talking to him, so stayed. You can't hand over a kitchen to someone who would lie so that may have also helped his elimination as I'm sure it wouldn't have escaped Ramsey's attention that his back problem disappeared. For this reason I feel that he is one of the most manipulative candidates but just concealed it better. He's not as good as he thinks he is.

The best part was him getting an absolute earful by Sous-Chef Scott in E12 after he was trying to run the pass when Ramsey was away. Aside from that, like Scott, he was another big mouth with a big ego. It is surprising, that he is not at least in the top 25 of this list. Was hoping Siobhan would punch him after he ignored her dish in the sandwich challenge which cost them the win.

He said rice was poor food. I double dare him to say that to every single one of the high class Chinese restaurants around the world that have been and are still serving all sorts of rice dishes to the rich and famous.

He did return for all stars season. He hasn’t show any signs of obnoxious behaviour yet.

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36 Vinnie - Season 3

Another incredibly confrontational cook starting right at the start which he disagreed with Ramsay for saying his pink snapper dish was too hot/spicy and than at the end of the first service when he confronted the chef again after his poor service in the apps in which he was using water in the risotto which make it taste like gnat's piss.

This douchebag talked back to Chef Ramsay when he criticized him for his performance in the first episode & came up with an idiotic statement & got frustrated when Gordon name-called him. Even Rock put his hand on his back/shoulder as a way of saying just... stop.

At least Tiffany and Aaron had passion and worked hard but Vinnie was wrong in every way. - spodermanfan1000

He is one of the worst cooks in HK history and his bad attitude towards Chef Ramsay doesn't help at all. He should be in the top 20.

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37 Monique - Season 14

It only took 10 minutes to realize that she is going to be the villain of this season (at least on the red team)

Lasted for 4 services, and a nasty attitude. Bottom line is that she is a crap cook. - ndog

Her attitude is unmatched. She looks like she has deleterious hygiene, for someone who is so keen to criticize (not to mention the abstinence of logic in this regard). All in all she is one irritating brat.

Annoying from day 1.

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38 Andrew - Season 16

This guy is trying to make a complete ass out of himself during service. He will not make it to top 10. I guarantee. I also hate how he said that Devin is a bad cook. He lost my respect right there. - ndog

This dude can't even be bothered to take responsibility for his mistakes. As much as I hate him, at least Johnny walked up to the chopping block and owned up to his mistakes last service.

At least Johnny owns up to his own mistakes. This guy can't even do that. - FallenApostle

Johnny doesn't own up to his mistakes. Just see episode 8 dinner service - J1996

I tune in to see the cooking not trashy affairs

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39 Joe - Season 15

I loved Joe and he definitely could cook but his clumsiness is what cost him

This guy can cook, but he keeps making such stupid mistakes. I don't think he will make it to the black jackets. - ndog

He's kinda like Sarah and Christine from season 14. He's good in challenges, but a mess in services.

I don't see him getting much further in the competition. He's way too clumsy.

40 Matt - Season 16

I'm so glad that smarmy, arrogant little pissant is gone! I cheered when Chef finally booted his ghetto ass out! Matt did nothing but talk smack, even about Chef Ramsay, saying Chef doesn't know what he's talking about. Ugh. No respect.

One of the most hot headed chefs ever has a sook when things get to tough blames everybody else and bitter as when he was eliminated!

I feel that the men in this season were appalling, only Devin being a reasonable guy. Matt's attitude stunk to begin with, but I feel he improved slightly and definitely wasn't as bad as Andrew, Paulie or Johnny. Doesn't mean he was perfect because he was far from it, but certain one of the better men of the series - Aquaturtle

My favorite moment of this guy was when his jacket was hung and photo was burned

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