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41 Paulie - Season 16

Insufferable in every way. He's a brownnoser towards Ramsay, he consistently performs poorly in services, and is arrogant and delusional to the point where he refuses to own up to his mistakes. Also, he can dish it, but he can't take it. Every time one of his teammates says they're going to nominate him or if they try to call him out on his mistakes, he acts like a whiny baby and throws a fit. He has no business being in a black jacket, let alone outlasting Devin and Wendy.

I honestly never really saw him as a front runner, especially not after that last service. Also, his talent isn't matching his arrogance.

Why does he think he is so good? He makes so many mistakes and acts like he does the best service each time and CANNOT live up to any mistake. THE WORST It's SO ANNOYING TO WATCH. He has to have some type of personality disorder because I can't believe how delusional he is.

Could be the worst black jacket chef yet (alongside Season 3's Josh)

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42 Jeff - Season 1

Gordon Ramsay: Are you gonna run?
Jeff: No. I'm gonna stay and finish up service.
Gordon Ramsay: Oh really. Why?
Jeff: Because I'm not a quitter.
A few seconds later, he walks out. He was useless anyway.

Jeff nowadays is a car salesman and he refuses to talk about Hell's Kitchen in anyway shape or form. Grumpy schmuck!

Was an absolute disaster in the entire time he was in HK not to mention rumors he was trying to pick a fight with Ramsey (outside) in which he apparently injured himself - so indeed he had a terrible attitude and should be much higher than 76th. He was probably the worst of the first season.

Worst participant of 1st season. He has no culinary career. He’s sensitive to Gordon Ramsay topics. Not the person I want to meet

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43 Jackie - Season 15

Beauty from Jersey? Really? More like trash from Jersey. Jackie cannot cook like a professional chef to save her life. She's rude, obnoxious, doesn't care about the customer (watch episode 4 with the chicken), quick to blame everyone else, and acts like a 12 year old boy in a professional work environment. She should've been the first out, but she'll be kept around for the drama.

She should be in the top 10. She doesn't have the experience (having only 3 months of experience is not something to be proud of, Jackie), she's not the least bit professional, she's incredibly lacking in talent, and personalitywise, she's nothing but a straight-up bully. She's undeniable proof that the show favors ratings over actual talent. It disgusts me to no end.

She was extremely rude to Christina, her team and she can't cook professionally. She should be given position of head chef at 7-Eleven.

I hate her so much. First she put a bad word on the list; it resulted in Christina giving her earful moment. One time she dumped used cigarettes on Kristin. I believe the whole show is staged which is why Jackie stayed longer than expected.

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44 Johnny - Season 16

Looks like we now have the male Elise. He had no right to talk to Kimberly that way and I'm so glad she fired back at him.

He is a bully. He runs his mouth but his performance is pathetic. He enjoys ripping on people and making ladies cry. Shameful this is the kind of cooks they put on the show.

I have no respect for him whatsoever. He's an insufferable bully looking to win through intimidation instead of actual skill. I don't see how any can still root for this douchebag after the display he's put on.

"She didn't tell me to sear the fish, she asked me" what is up with this guy? He messes up his own station and just makes up these weird lies just to get out of it? and then he lies in front of elimination that no one told him to sear the fish? Honestly I was so happy watching Wendy take him down moments before he got eliminated.

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45 Michael - Season 14

Probably made one of the worst and dangerous acts by trying to hid a sizzling/steaming pan under the counter (certainly more dangerous than Giovanni putting the sizzling pan in a freezer in season 5). The seniors center he is chef must be very worried after seeing this act.

Sucked at services, made the most dangerous mistake in HK history, dumb (tried to grab the sizzling pan from Ramsay), annoying (constantly answers "Yes chef") and delusional as well. He thinks he shouldn't have been sent home. Should be much higher on the list.

This guy was a frigging idiot... Bottom line. I think he is even worse than Cameron and Chrissa. Should have been the first to be eliminated. Thank god he's out now though.

Should've been out before Cameron.

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46 Tiffany - Season 3

Nasty attitude who belittled someone's job but was the first booted from the show.

Horrible attitude. Was mean to Julia just cause she worked at waffle house, yet she was able to cook an egg and helped the dinner service. Karma came for Tiffany and she was the first one eliminated

She can't fry an egg and she is mean to Julia for being a waffle house cook

Once said "One bad apple spoiled the whole bunch", everything from Arizona are the worst!

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47 Chrissa - Season 14

She was completely lost. I have to admit. She was more useless than Raj.

In the signature dish challenge, dinner service, deliberations and elimination, she was out of her depth, and It made the red team laugh.

She was WAY out of her depth.

Is quite possibly one of the most useless contestants the show has ever had.

Female Raj.

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48 Dannie - Season 15

She's a downright manipulative bully. She didn't want to listen to Hassan even after she'd seen what good he'd done for the red team. All because she let her pride and ego overtake her. She wanted to be independent, and to do that, she ignored her team. Her lack of communication screwed her whole team over. And then she manipulated her team to send up the two best chefs for elimination! Chef Ramsay made a huge mistake by not kicking her out. Can't wait to see what happens next; Hopefully she leaves soon.

She is a straight-up sore loser. It's one thing to be frustrated, but walking out like that, especially on the final service where the winner is determined is a huge no-no.

At first, she was likable. Her attitude towards Hassan completely ruined that likability. She got a little bit back when she switched teams. In the end, she seemed like someone you could root for... then came the finale.
She completely tried to sabotage Ariel in the finale. I personally think that season 15 had the worst chefs, and Dannie was a big reason why.

She looks like a duck

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49 Suzanne - Season 6

Another arrogant young cook straight out of culinary school.

Suzanne had the worst competitive record of any chef in the history of Hell's Kitchen, only being on the
Winning side once, being on the losing side and/or getting nominated for elimination eleven times, and never being named the Best of the Worst or Best of the Best. - jimmy12lee

Probably one of the dumbest quotes in HK: "Chef, can I get a play-by-play on that? " (episode 4 after the red team lost the dinner service)

She first was a sweet girl than a bit later she went into the group of Hell's Bitches. - spodermanfan1000

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50 Andrew - Season 1

Was quite confrontational with Chef Ramsey (well half of the chefs of that season were like that) including right off the bat with his penne signature dish. The taping of the door was also showing his stupidity. Hard to believe he was the last chef gone before the black jackets, but then at that time nearly half the chefs in the competition were getting black jackets

It was hilarious to see him get owned by Sous Chef Scott after he got caught trying to tape the door to the store room to keep it open.

Nominated every time the blue team lost.

This guy is a complete joke. He should be higher than 48th. His signature dish is now called "Andrew's Absolute Dogs***".

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51 Barbie - Season 10

She should not be this high, she was a good contestant.

Barbie wasn't that bad!

Ramsay should have eliminated Barbie right AFTER Clemenza on the same night.

Don't name a chef after some toy who doesn't do anything right. - playstationfan66

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52 Anton - Season 12

Completely delusional and incapable of accepting any kind of criticism. Would always spin every loss or weakness into some kind of win or strength. Not to mention a complete sexist, chauvinist ass. His final statement on Hell's Kitchen sums it up well, "I'm the best chef here, and that makes me the winner of Hell's Kitchen."

What a sexist pig. Always calling the women both on his team and off "little girls" and things he's superior just because he's a man. What an asswipe.

"Anton let the little success he had in Hell's Kitchen inflate his ego" - Gordon Ramsay

Anton was an ass, talking back to everyone and he thinks he is the best when he preforms sub par

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53 Dewberry - Season 1

But you have to admit that it was hilarious when he said " I'd prefer you were calling me Brad Pitt's wife"

Even watching two episodes of him was torture. He couldn't cook, he has an annoying voice, he threw a massive hissy fit and nearly bailed on his team, if I went to school with him, he'd probably be the kid I'd avoid. He was just SO irritating! - Aquaturtle

How is he not in the top ten? I get the feeling nobody watched seasons one or two... This guy basically could not cook at all and emotionally folded as soon as something remotely difficult happened.

I almost died when he almost fell down the stairs in the introduction episode!

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54 Simone - Season 12

I think she only went on the show because she had an unhealthy thing for Gordon. Seemed the type who would have voodoo dolls of him at home with his hair attached, trying to make him love her. Definitely mental issues with her.

So much whining and whimpering.. not chef material for ANY restaurant

Not chef material, and seemed mentally unstable.

The guy that said Simeone should have won and that he wants to marry her is Simeone herself...seriously,you need to go and see a doctor

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55 Devin - Season 16

In my opinion Devin wasn't that bad I was actually wanting him to win

Should have gotten the black jacket oer Paulie & whoever put him here must be a Paulie and/or Andrew fan

56 Bryant - Season 13

Guy thinks he is tough, pity is he is a dweeb - total dweeb... Can't cook can't take criticism, literally hate people like him. Arrogant with nothing to back it up. After 13 seasons he pissed me off the most. Would love to close a heavy door on his head.

Just watch him flip out on his team in episode 10 of season 13. He's so annoying and full of himself! He's making the whole state of Virginia look bad with his nasty attitude!

This guy was the biggest loser. He was such a dork who thought he was tough and cool and tried to act like a gangster. So lame

Watching Season 13 on Netflix now and this guy is a good chef but his attitude is truly repulsive.

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57 Andrew - Season 7

This guy was creepy...

Scary and stupid. In addition to his animal butchering, he talks himself with the garnishes and than says to Che Ramsay that it's a brilliant idea to mix the old runny/creamy mashed potatoes with fresh ones.

He dared to put the liquid mashed potatoes in a plate to serve before being stopped by Chef Ramsay. He even dared to talk back the Chef. He even thought it was great idea to mix runny with creamy mashed potatoes! What a jackass.

(JP)"there are so many chefs that would love to be in your shoes right now"
"Then they may take my shoes! "
- Andrew's advice to those who are about to give up - Aquaturtle

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58 Ben - Season 4

This guy is a piece of scum - he never admits to his mistakes when he makes mistakes & tries to pass the blame on to "different cooking techniques", hides behind Bobby's back & is an upscale bully towards Matt & even Louross. I seriously can't believe Petrozza chose Ben as his second pick in the finale, because this guy is a complete tosser!

I'm so glad he went home before matt

I can't really say I agree with that. I hated Ben, but I hated Matt even more.

"Different cooking techniques"? Dude, a risotto is a risotto.

This guy can't even deliver a pizza properly, he should've stayed being an electrician for a living because he is the worst cook in Hell's Kitchen history

My worst teams
Blue - Seth, Raj, Ben, Tom Poley, Josh, Chino, Steven, Jeff, Gourav
Red - Andrea, Colleen, Robyn, Kimmie, Nedra, Gina, Elise, Lacey, Louie

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59 Chino - Season 9

He did terrible in ALL FOUR services he was in.

Chino sucked big time. He should've been one of the first one kicked off.

"Chino took his time in Hell's Kitchen very seriously. The problem is he seriously couldn't cook." -Gordon Ramsay

Only 60th? He should be higher. He sucked big time.

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60 Susan - Season 11

Urrrg I really couldn't stand this woman. She talked about how she wanted to prove herself in every episode but would choose weaker contestants to compete against in competitions. Not to mention that she constantly needed help from other chef, even in independent challenges, but then would slate them behind their backs. The fact that she made it that far and still didn't know how to make a half decent lamb is beyond me. How can you not tell the difference between raw and cooked! Smh

Susan constantly disrespected her teammates, served raw lamb 3 TIMES, and was the most undeserving chef of all time to get a black jacket. - alexcousins

Susan isn't that bad!

I just wanted to smack her in the face.

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