Top 10 Worst Hell's Kitchen Contestants

With Season 6 less than a month away, let's pick the biggest Donkeys of the first 5. Whether they sucked at cooking, were unbelievably annoying, or just plain despicable, these are the "chefs" we loved to see Gordon Ramsay destroy the most.

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61 Ben - Season 4

This guy is a piece of scum - he never admits to his mistakes when he makes mistakes & tries to pass the blame on to "different cooking techniques", hides behind Bobby's back & is an upscale bully towards Matt & even Louross. I seriously can't believe Petrozza chose Ben as his second pick in the finale, because this guy is a complete tosser!

I'm so glad he went home before matt

I can't really say I agree with that. I hated Ben, but I hated Matt even more.

"Different cooking techniques"? Dude, a risotto is a risotto.

This guy can't even deliver a pizza properly, he should've stayed being an electrician for a living because he is the worst cook in Hell's Kitchen history

My worst teams
Blue - Seth, Raj, Ben, Tom Poley, Josh, Chino, Steven, Jeff, Gourav
Red - Andrea, Colleen, Robyn, Kimmie, Nedra, Gina, Elise, Lacey, Louie

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62 Chino - Season 9

He did terrible in ALL FOUR services he was in.

Chino sucked big time. He should've been one of the first one kicked off.

"Chino took his time in Hell's Kitchen very seriously. The problem is he seriously couldn't cook." -Gordon Ramsay

Only 60th? He should be higher. He sucked big time.

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63 Susan - Season 11

Urrrg I really couldn't stand this woman. She talked about how she wanted to prove herself in every episode but would choose weaker contestants to compete against in competitions. Not to mention that she constantly needed help from other chef, even in independent challenges, but then would slate them behind their backs. The fact that she made it that far and still didn't know how to make a half decent lamb is beyond me. How can you not tell the difference between raw and cooked! Smh

Susan constantly disrespected her teammates, served raw lamb 3 TIMES, and was the most undeserving chef of all time to get a black jacket. - alexcousins

Susan isn't that bad!

I just wanted to smack her in the face.

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64 Josh - Season 14

Quite the strange behavior this guy and possibly scary too. On top of that, he was serving lamb with full of blood to one of the top chefs in world in Greek cuisine and whether he was actually the one who put the cream in the mash potatoes (probably during prep work) instead of Randy we will never know.

He was an OKAY chef but Allison should have got a black jacket NOT him. He was even nominated like 5 times (4 more then Allison).

Josh was a really nice guy with an incredible attitude. He was just stupid beyond belief.

He did return for all stars season. He did much worse. The blue team turned against him, afterwards, he and Robin swap places. Nothing is better as women don’t get along with him, especially Elise and Amanda. He was responsible for red team loss because the smothered the flames. During dinner service, Amanda had to pick up the slack. He served salty spinach and liquid mash potatoes. Then he was caught with cold garnish in his hand. Although he was fired, he returned to fight back. This costed his place in competition. Nobody liked him, especially Nick, Michelle and Milly.

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65 Melissa - Season 3

She was not only was disrespectful when the bride and groom were trying to do a sample tasting, she tried telling the others to not do as Ramsey told them. She also ruined the duck breast and tried to boss everyone on the show. NOT a good idea.

She was like the dictator in Hell's Kitchen. She commanded everyone to do what she told and even said to not listen to what Chef Ramsay says. And Jesus Christ that hair, comb that hair you look like someone on drugs. Don't get me started on that horrible duck breast...

She's nasty & she's like Hitler in the Kitchen

Why is she lower than Jen? She CANNOT be lower than Jen after episode 5 - Aquaturtle

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66 Virginia - Season 2

She made so many bad mistakes and when her ravioli split, she said she would serve it in her restaurant. She was nominated for elimination the most in that season. I don't know how she made it to the final two...

Her being in the final must have been a ploy for ratings by the producers because she's very attractive

I GOT SO IRRITATED WATCHING THIS SEASON BECAUSE OF HER! She didn't deserve to sail through the competition she literally bad at everything except salads. She barely knew how to complete sentences without sounding like a total dumbass. He favored her because she was beautiful and that's all. So many other people deserved her spot but of course nomatter how many times she went up there he let it slide and it really made me disappointed in Gordon because he was about to give this girl a RESTURANT! WHICH SHE WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO RUN BECAUSE SHES BAD

She and Russell are my least favourite runner ups. I rather see Keith become finalist than her. She’s horrible at dinner services. A salad for signature dish? That’s a joke. She stayed longer than we expected for ratings. We don’t care about appearances. Beauties don’t always make good chefs. If there will be an all star season with only runner ups, either her or Russell will be the first to get the boot. Overall, not my favourite person.

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67 Andrea - Season 5

Oh come on, Andrea wasn't that bad!

Your talking about Lacey right

Lacey whined the most, yes Andrea has a mouth and annoying but Lacey whines almost every episode

Should've been eliminated instead of Ben, who should have been in the final 3

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68 Antonia - Season 8

She had the worst signature dish in Hell's Kitchen history.

She has got to be the most useless contestant ever in Hell's Kitchen history. Her signature dish was horrible and she left before the first dinner service even began. She should be at least in the top 5.

That migraine she got was god's punishment for making everyone ill.

A bad signature dish has put a curse on her. It caused her to not participate in dinner service.

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69 Kashia - Season 12

Somebody buy her a pair of glasses. Maybe she can stop a squinting then.

THAT VOICE! I was happy to see her go just because I didn't worry about getting a headache every time she was on. And she screwed up basic things surfing service.

Couldn't understand a word she said all series.

She was always picking on a Melanie.

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70 Joy - Season 12

What a shame. She could have won if she didn't snap and leave in the middle of service.

Well I see that she has hatred for Jason and Scott and is willing to sabotage the men

I couldn't stand how her and Kaisha wouldn't put each other up and screwed everyone else over. Completely selfish and immature.

Basically a hypocrite - J1996

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71 Jessica - Season 12

Her attitude throughout and when leaving came off as extremely desperate. I kept wondering if she had some major issues going on in her personal life (like being at immediate risk of being homeless again) to act the way she did.

Bad attitude. She cried when eliminated from Hell's Kitchen. That is not the attitude of a aspirational head chef. I think that she should have been eliminated BEFORE bev.

She tried to play the "who is poorer" card... It ain't working for me girl. Annoying and desperate, no self confidence at all.

If I were a contestant in that season, I wouldn't have sympathy for for. She was tearful for losing against Richard after elimination cookoff. She nearly sabotaged Scott's final dinner service. I would never forgive her for anything.

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72 Sarah - Season 14

Sounds a clone from Katie from last season. Starting very strong but falling out flat been totally clueless in the last episode. It has been a while since there has not been someone that inconsistent. She was doing relatively well during the challenges, minus the excessive nuts in the lasagna. But for some reason after been berated by Ramsay for asking him to give the team another following numerous mistakes on the apps station during episode 3, this is where she started to sink. The raw burger accelerated the decent and the overcooked lamb and chicken was the final nail in the coffin. Too bad at the start, she sounded to have potential and be black jacket-worthy. But she ended up like Colleen (season 5) that means a cooking instructor that is actually mediocre in cooking in the line.

I feel bad for this lady. She did have the potential to be in top 10. She started out strong, but shut down eventually. Megan had to baby sit her on a particular dish. How can she not cook burgers properly? On her last punishment, she was clueless in finding an electrical outlet. Although she only stayed for like 1/3 of the season, I still have respect for her.

She's hot though - Steam

Should've won the competition.

73 Carrie - Season 9

Watching Carrie in Episode 9 when she refused to leave the kitchen and argued with Ramsay and saw no wrong in standing up for herself like that felt like passing a kidney stone

Jeff came to mind

Got better

She annoying what a bitch and she was scared of Elise Elise was better than carrie!

Elise is not better than Carrie! I didn't like Carrie, but she was nowhere near as horrible as Elise!

74 Beth - Season 12

What a useless crybaby!

The way she yelled and cried was the most annoying thing ever. Her voice was too high, she was a a terrible cook and I definitely preferred the rest of the team.

"All I want to do is go home and cry to my mama." Spoken like a true quitter.

Completely useless! and a crybaby! Idc if she is sweet to you guys. Get over it. She can't cook - ndog

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75 Sebastian - Season 11

It's a kitchen, not a place for comedians.

First of all, Zacky Wacky? Really? Then he tried to come back into the kitchen not once, but twice after Gordon Ramsay kicked him out.

Although he's infamous for saying Zacky Wacky, he called Michael Mikey Wikey. Those nicknames are so ridiculous. Also he annoyed the whole team during the punishing bus ride back to Hell's Kitchen. He returned to kitchen not once, but twice. Chef Ramsay did not welcome him back. He's an idiot chef.

Zachy Wacky Mikey Wikey - Steam

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76 Lovely - Season 6

If people were named for their cooking, her name wouldn't be Lovely. It would be Useless. - Gordon Ramsay

Crap cook, wouldn't take responsibility for her actions as proven by her age

Her cooking was not very "Lovely" but I liked her personality.

Out for 45 minutes feeling bad.

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77 Danielle - Season 11

Favourite part was when she tried to appeal to everyone on both teams about working brigade, which last I checked was the most common way to do high end dining kitchens. The look on her face when literally every chef in the room said of course they had been on a brigade is priceless. Her constant whining made me pine for her dismissal.

"I've never worked in a brigade before! "

This person is an executive chef and has never worked in brigade before. How on earth did she ever become an executive chef if she has never worked in a brigade? That's where executive chefs are made.

Should be higher.She was arrogant,talentless,stupid and so on.She was an executive che but had never work with a brigade of chefs.That's like being a mayor with no citizens

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78 Sterling - Season 13

He shouldn't be on this list and should have gotten a black jacket

He may not have been a good cook, but he made the season so much more enjoyable, every season, there needs to be someone to hate and someone to love, He is both for me

Sterling doesn't belong on this list he was a good cook and for sure the most lovable guy in hella kitchen ever

Never should had been in this list. He was a great chef and had a respectful yet goofball attitude

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79 Melanie - Season 12

Shouldn't be on here.

Why is she on here?!

She was the worst! Rochelle saved the blue team and she acted like she did, hated her, so arrogant, she thought she was amazing, she should have come fourth not rochelle

Why is she on here? - Steam

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80 Kevin - Season 15

A caesar salad pizza with pre-made dough and bottled dressing? Just like Monique, using canned sauce. The only reason he made it 5 episodes deep was because of Hassan, who was later eliminated. Kevin was eliminated in the middle of dinner service, which is pretty sad.

Having your first dish sent to Ramsey use pre-made everything is a terrible way to start.

An utter joke. He started off bad with his signature dish (I don't get it. They should know by now that premade ingredients are a no-no in the signature dish challenge), and was a trainwreck during service. This dude can't even do anything right without Hassan jumping in to help! Once Hassan switched teams, Kevin received the pink slip during the very next service because he can't even cook scallops.

Although his dish itself sucked, using pre-made dough and pre-made dressing? What a joke! - ndog

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