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121 Denine - Season 13

She won't even help her team. During coffee punishment, she just leave them alone. Her dinner services are beyond lackluster. She should be the second participant to get kicked out. If I were chef Ramsay, I would kick her out mid service. Shes as bad as Nicole from season 12.

An arrogant young cook still in culinary school

Here's what this little bitch should've done before she went on Hell's Kitchen. Graduate from culinary school and then work at B Cellars in Napa Valley, California for two years under the training of Season 4's winner Christina and then bought her evilness in to Hell's Kitchen

122 Jessica - Season 1

Biggest cry baby she cried every time somebody was eliminated

Completely helpless the only reason she made it as far as she did is because everyone did everything for her if you took a shot every time she messed up or said I don't know what I'm doing your liver would implode

She should have been kick off before Elsie. What I especially didn't like was her attitude towards the chicken soup Elsie made. She brought everybody down but thinks that she is a star. I can't believe how upset her and her big attitude got me. She is a big L. And lastly her annoying smile... My God! Anyways I wish the little boy good luck.

She just came across as a jealous bitch whenever someone else won a challenge.

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123 Christian - Season 11

He wasn't that bad, he had one bad service and he gets the boot, Jeremy should have been axed instead of him.

Shouldn't be on here

124 Giovanni - Season 5

When Michael from season 14 put a sizzling pan under the fish station desk, immediately Giovanni's sizzling pan from the freezer came up to my mind and in this case, somebody (Robert) did get burn that stunt from Giovanni.

Shouldn't be on here

He reminds me of going to work and people walking in looking pissed off and then seeing another group of people walking in with their eyes all squinted up.

During the Joseph vs. Chef ultimate feud, he said, "I'm not no bitch." Well, what did Giovanni say to Gordon during the first blackjacket service? "I'm not a dickface." He deserved to get bit in the ass by chef.

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125 Brad - Season 3

Why is he on the list?


126 Cameron - Season 14

He pretty much took himself out of the competition once he said that he was intimidated by Chef Ramsay.

If this guy is too intimidated to work alongside chef ramsay or any professional chef, then he shouldn't be working in this industry.

Chef Ramsay said that one of his favorite challenges was getting Cameron's jacket. Lol

127 Nick - Season 14

Very rude when it came to Bert's exit. No class at all and he stayed longer than he needed to be. - FallenApostle

I don't agree. He may get frazzled at times, but overall I think he was a good cook.

He outstayed his welcome.


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128 Chad - Season 15

Started out strong, but then went on a downward spiral. Just when I'd thought he got his act together, he fails the next service and gets the boot.

He was struggling in the past few episodes, but thankfully he bounced back last episode. I just hope he doesn't start slipping again.

129 Pat - Season 16 V 1 Comment
130 Wendy - Season 16

She's starting to go down little by little.

131 Kimberly - Season 16

I didn't think she was that bad. Sure she did get really frazzled at times, but I think she did well compared to most of the other competitors. Also, I respect her for standing up for herself against Andrew, Johnny, and Gia.

Why is she on this list? She is so cute

On the surface, she seems pretty solid, but in reality, she's a weak link. It's just that the rest of the red team being really strong and the blue team being a mess makes her look good in comparison.

No. Why is my wifey on this list?

132 Ja'Nel - Season 11

Ja'Nel was one of the best contestants on the show! Why is she on here?!

Drugs likely. But she is not bad at all as a chef.

133 Wendy - Season 1

"I thought cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water."

It's painful working with you you know that right

By far the dumbest contestant ever.

134 Wil - Season 5

Almost every single person on the blue team had to help this guy on garnish. That's really bad. Plus to nominate yourself for elimination so early in the game? Smh

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135 Boris - Season 8

He mocks Chef Ramsay, he washes dishes at one point, and he is just a mediocre contestant. Him and especially Raj were two of the biggest jokes on season 8.

"Boris and Raj working together is like watching 2 idiots trying to solve a Rubik's Cube. There's no way on Earth they're going to get it right."

Very major weak link in his team in both the show and final service, plus mocking Chef Ramsay = no way. - CluelessOkie

I loved his attitude (except when he mocked Ramsay)- he just wanted peace between his teammates, but he was a crappy cook.

I think that Russian guy should get a black Jacket with Vinny instead of sabrina

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136 Jimmy - Season 1

I'd like to say that, even though Jimmy probably should not have made the black jackets, he still had some talent. His performance was consistently mediocre, which saved him countless times because other contestants were either very inconsistent or outright terrible, making Jimmy look better. In either case, he was a hard worker and a nice guy. He got my respect more than some other chefs that season.

Just like Josh (Season 3), Elise (Season 9), Robyn (Season 10), Jen & Matt (Season 4), how did this guy get a black jacket?

This guy was lucky he got a black jacket because he was one of the season's worst contestants cooking wise

He really deserved having that dish tossed back at him by Chef Ramsay. Chef Ramsay described it as dog's dinner.

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137 Robert - Seasons 5 & 6

He was great during season 5, but awful during season 6.

At season 5? he was great, one of the greatest,but in the season 6? nah...

138 Keith - Season 2

I guess his service on the episode at the pass where you really had to show leadership skills sank him. If you watch the episode and his turn at the pass, you can see why Keith didn't make the Final Two over Virginia - Granted Virginia dodge some bullets for sure because each time somebody fared worst than her. His attitude with the Chef even before his elimination didn't help his cause.

Still should have been in the final 2

Great in the first 8 episodes. All that likeability went to dust in Episode 9 when he gave attitude & accused Ramsay of favouritism.

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139 Garrett - Season 2

He was a sore loser he should have been sent home after giving Ramsay the finger

He deserves better than this he was hungry

Ah, we cannot forget the infamous part of "Where's the lamb sauce? "

The night he got eliminated pissed me off.

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140 Julia - Season 3

She was a sore loser. I was so happy when Chef Ramsay told her that he would send her to Culinary School. After watching the final I hope she stays a line cook at the waffle house for the rest of her life.

Last you see of her is the taste left on your mouth - That's why she's on here.

Yes she is a sore loser but with no fine dining experience and got a black jacket, that's very impressive

She shouldn't be on here.

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