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141 Dominic - Season 4

Massive scallops waster. Yep scallops that were like ball-elastic bend and like A... golf ball.

142 Larry - Season 2

He looks gimped out & clearly has no passion & no energy

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143 Richard - Season 12

I like Richard, but I hate when he keeps bragging that he has more experience than anybody. As Chef Ramsay said, it's not the experience, it's the talent.

Assumed too much that he was better because he'd been doing it longer. Uh, no.

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144 Tek - Season 6

"It's the kind of... you'd expect Tiger Woods to tee off it. Look at it. Rubber, rubber, RUBBER! " - Chef Ramsey on Tek's scallops on episode 1

Remember when the blue team went over to the red kitchen and Jim commented on the "hand grenade that went off is a cow's ass? " I'm pretty darn sure that was Tek

145 Janai - Season 13

If you're having that much trouble cooking a simple risotto, then you really shouldn't be on Hell's Kitchen at all.

Janai just can't cook at all, anything, ever!

146 Andy - Season 6

Too much mistakes and inconsistencies

Dave and kevin carried andy for more then he deserved..

He even threw Robert under the truck!

He was in over his head.

147 Bev - Season 12

She let people control her station!

148 Barret - Season 11

This guy served raw chicken to Sous Chef James' 7-month pregnant wife. He should've been eliminated instead of Dan.

This guy outstayed his welcome.

He is quite possibly the most dangerous Hell's Kitchen contestant of all time.

Once he lost confidence he was gone

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149 Autumn - Season 7

She was pretty annoying in most of the episodes

150 Giovanni - Season 5

When Michael from season 14 put a sizzling pan under the fish station desk, immediately Giovanni's sizzling pan from the freezer came up to my mind and in this case, somebody (Robert) did get burn that stunt from Giovanni.

Shouldn't be on here

Was quite inconsistent though and in the latter episodes, he started to have a bad attitude, most notably in his last episode for his complaning, been disrespectful to Paula and also he talked back to Ramsey and got an absolute earful (probably the chef that got yelled the loudest by chef Ramsey)

During the Joseph vs. Chef ultimate feud, he said, "I'm not no bitch." Well, what did Giovanni say to Gordon during the first blackjacket service? "I'm not a dickface." He deserved to get bit in the ass by chef.

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151 Vinny - Season 8

Shouldn't be on here

This guy went on a completely unsalvageable downward spiral in the second half of the show & just couldn't cook in the dinner services

Was actually going to serve an old risotto to Ramsey's wife

He should be here

152 LA - Season 5

Yes, she should be here. She showed a lack of energy on the line. Head chefs should also showed emotions on the line to motivate everyone.

Shouldn't be on here.

153 Tommy - Season 9

Shouldn't be on here.

Are you mental?!

Should be higher.

154 Mieka - Season 14

She was hopelessly confused in every single service she was in.

She should be higher than 200.

Chef Ramsay should've fired her in the middle of dinner service

I agree

155 Nick - Season 14

Very rude when it came to Bert's exit. No class at all and he stayed longer than he needed to be. - FallenApostle

I don't agree. He may get frazzled at times, but overall I think he was a good cook.

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156 Bret - Season 14

His attitude was unbearable. But, you have to admit that Bret could cook well

This guy has some serious anger issues

Just like season 8's Russell, great chef, terrible attitude.

Because his attitude sucks

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157 Meghan - Season 14

Are you serious? Okay she hates loosing, she is seems always to be patrolling a lot Monique, Sarah and Christine, but those three are clueless on the line and Ramsay is looking for someone trying to lead this team. Aside from Meghan, nobody seems to be doing that. And so far, she has been flawless in cooking so far (the only chef left among the remaining constants this season who hasn't had a mistake during service)

Shouldn't be on here she's more like Jillian season 8 - LRMendheim1992

She's like Danny from Season 5 if Danny threatened to quit on his team for embarrassing hi

Should have gotten a green jacket

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158 Vanessa - Season 15

Almost sanked her team in the first service

I felt sorry for Vanessa when that bitch Ariel threw her under the bus, that's why she left early in the game.

159 Manda - Season 15

I found her one of the best, ironically.

Frank was right about her. She's annoying, weak, and incompetent

160 Genaro - Season 16

He was useless. End of story. - ndog

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