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161 Jimmy - Season 1

I'd like to say that, even though Jimmy probably should not have made the black jackets, he still had some talent. His performance was consistently mediocre, which saved him countless times because other contestants were either very inconsistent or outright terrible, making Jimmy look better. In either case, he was a hard worker and a nice guy. He got my respect more than some other chefs that season.

Just like Josh (Season 3), Elise (Season 9), Robyn (Season 10), Jen & Matt (Season 4), how did this guy get a black jacket?

This guy was lucky he got a black jacket because he was one of the season's worst contestants cooking wise

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162 Robert - Seasons 5 & 6

He was great during season 5, but awful during season 6.

At season 5? he was great, one of the greatest,but in the season 6? nah...

163 Polly - Season 2

She had a crappy signature dish, she did nothing right for over an hour in dinner service to the point where Chef Ramsay made her the kitchen donkey, and she was the first kicked out of Hell's Kitchen.

Should be a lot higher than 88. She seemed like a nice lady, but I'm sorry to say that she is one of the absolute worst contestants ever on Hell's Kitchen.

Undone focaccia bread as you signature dish. Are you serious?

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164 Nilka - Season 7

When Gordon Ramsay tells you to get out, you better get out.

And Maria, and Autumn

She should be way higher on the list. I am not sure how she lasted as long as she did. Second best dinner service elimination to Josh (Season 3).

Nilkia is the best woman cook on red time plus Fran

165 Eddie - Season 3

The original spaghetti waster

Shouldn't be on here

166 Krupa - Season 9

Was the main reason why Paul won/Will lose the final service and therefore Season 9 for a disastrous showing on fish. Should Will have kicked Krupa out of the kitchen earlier, than he could have had a better chance of winning Season 9.

Started off decent, but then became horrible very quickly.

She likes a fish & Dora the Explorer fused together

167 Guy - Season 10

This guy looks like he's one of the Thunderbirds

168 Emily - Season 8

Even though she was one of the weakest chefs in the red team (especially working with fish), it is mind-boggling that she was eliminated by Ramsay over Melissa despite the latter's humongous waste of filets in that service (and this despite after sending barely any apps).

She's better then Melissa, 100 times better.

Should've gotten a black jacket

169 Carolann - Season 1

The very first contestant that was told by Chef Ramsay to leave Hell's Kitchen.

She looks very attractive...but not in the kitchen

170 Mikey - Season 7

"Mikey was all about appearances. Unfortunately for him, it didn't appear he could cook." - Gordon Ramsay

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171 Jacqueline - Season 11

Chef Ramsay: Jacqueline, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Jacqueline: I think I should stay in Hell's Kitchen because I'm born to do this. I've been doing this all my life.
Chef Ramsay: You're born to cook pink chicken?
Lol She got owned.

Chef Ramsay hates her lol! He manages to own her every time she's nominated for elimination.

I'm on the fence whether she should be on here or not. She had a lot of good moments in Hell's Kitchen, but also had some bad moments as well. I think she probably doesn't deserve to be on this list.

Should've been eliminated over Gina

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172 Steven - Season 9

This guy is useless in the kitchen!

He is deluded to how scallops are supposed to be cooked

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173 Sharon - Season 4

Two services, you haven't convinced me that you can cook. - Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay: You're not really a chef are you. You're just a showgirl with a big feather coming out your arse!

174 Fran - Season 7

She must be the most targeted chef to ever set foot in Hell's Kitchen.

I think that she should've been eliminated instead of Siobhan.

She outstayed her welcome

She also should be eliminated over Maria

175 Joanna - Season 3

She could have killed somebody with the rancid crab she tried to serve! Plus, she didn't even accept responsibility for her mistakes.

Ghetto all the ways that's all I have to say about her

She should have gotten a black jacket, despite the fact she served rancid crab. Well Jen tried to served spaghetti from the trash.


176 Chris - Season 1

He thought, he was the best chef on the red team

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177 Kalen - Season 13

Terrible chef in denial. I find it funny how she thought she was one of the strongest chefs on her team, when in reality, she was a major weak link.

Should've gotten a black jacket over Jennifer

178 Steve - Season 13

Sabotaging is a no-no Steve! You suck!

Should have been sent home on Episode 6 instead of Katie

179 Santos - Season 13

Ramsay made him scream what VIP means several times after botching the fish for the VIP table. Is also currently the only black jacket chef for not getting a retro tribute after elimination, which make me think he should have not been given a black jacket. But, the only one who might have deserved more the black jacket would have been Fernando (or maybe Ashley).

So Egotistical that he pushed Sade under the Statue of Liberty

Santos was awesome he should of got a tribute or actually won the whole thing

Roe should of been out before Santos

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180 Rob - Season 8

Right after he got eliminated, Chef Ramsay himself said that he outstayed his welcome.

Got worse during competition

Rob McCue!? More like Tub McPoo!

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