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161 Vanessa - Season 15

Almost sanked her team in the first service

I felt sorry for Vanessa when that bitch Ariel threw her under the bus, that's why she left early in the game.

162 Manda - Season 15

I found her one of the best, ironically.

Frank was right about her. She's annoying, weak, and incompetent

163 Genaro - Season 16

He was useless. End of story. - ndog

164 Aaron - Season 3

He seemed like a really nice guy, but I'm sorry to say his performance on the show was very poor.

Although Gordon tried to be more patient with him, it didn't stop the crying cowboy from taking 15 bloody minutes to "debone" a fish in front of a costumer. - PikaRamsay

Good Lord you bombarded with dislikes (though I do understand your issue with Aaron filleting the fish. )

But Aaron was awesome D:

He was useless I wonder why Ramsay even kept him Brad and Eddie were WAY better than Josh and Aaron.It's like choosing a dinkey over a dragon

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165 Zach - Season 11

He was great in the first episode of season 11, but then he showed his true colors. There's no way he should have made it all the way to the final 6.

I take a chef like that in the toilet every morning

Zach should've left over Anthony!

I am mind boggled that he is not in the top 100

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166 Jonathon - Season 9

Johnathan season 9 was the worst ever. He always malingered because he had 'babies' and he was always making excuses for his performance. He also looked like a scuzbag. I wouldn't hire this guy for any work let alone preparing food.

It doesn't help when you served canned pineapples as part of your signature dish

Started decent but then ended up sucking.

Hell No! There were worse! Sure he can be on this list but not this high! - Conhill389

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167 Tavon - Season 10

He clearly froze in Hell's Kitchen, being an executive chef at 22 he could've performed just as well as Danny (who was an executive chef at 23 at the time of going on Hell's Kitchen 5). Unfortunately, his signature dish was very poorly received, served raw squabs, did a worse job at prepping scallops than Seth butchering meat and Ramsay made fun of him for saying he froze he laughed and got kicked out the kitchen. No wonder why this "executive chef" was the first to go.

Terrible signature dish and wasted an entire supply of scallops while laughing at it. How did he became an executive chef that quick is a mystery. And that is he is only 174th on this list is a mystery too.

Whoever employs him as an executive chef must be completely clueless. He is incompetent, didn't do a single thing correctly in his short time on the show. Now he runs his own business called Chef Tav, where he teaches couples how to cook. Yes, he is actually teaching people how to cook even though he doesn't know what he's doing. Unsurprisingly he doesn't have great reviews.

He was a bad chef. I thought he could be like Michelle in HK 14, when she was 22. Why is he 219th? He should be way higher than this. L

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168 Jay - Season 7

Jay acted like he is the best.
Jay shouldn't be a runner-up.
Benjamin and Ed are a better chef than him.

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169 Trev - Season 8

Absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. A slithering weasel, with the most annoying voice. Most of the male contestants are male chauvinists, but he was one of the worst. He was extremely obsequious, and tried to kiss-up to the other contestants to get favors in return. Very phony, and often just mean. - Argo

How did he make it all the way to the top four? HOW?!

Why is he on here?

Improved significant

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170 Scott - Season 12

I believe he was added on this list before he made a comeback. As of now, he no longer belongs on this list.

I honestly believe it's because of that one service where he got in to two arguments with Ramsay!

He got nominated seven times, that's the most amount of nominations for a winner

Scott should not have won season 12! Jason should have won!

Longest record of nominations

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171 Polly - Season 2

She had a crappy signature dish, she did nothing right for over an hour in dinner service to the point where Chef Ramsay made her the kitchen donkey, and she was the first kicked out of Hell's Kitchen.

Should be a lot higher than 88. She seemed like a nice lady, but I'm sorry to say that she is one of the absolute worst contestants ever on Hell's Kitchen.

Undone focaccia bread as you signature dish. Are you serious?

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172 Nilka - Season 7

When Gordon Ramsay tells you to get out, you better get out.

And Maria, and Autumn

She should be way higher on the list. I am not sure how she lasted as long as she did. Second best dinner service elimination to Josh (Season 3).

Nilkia is the best woman cook on red time plus Fran

173 Eddie - Season 3

The original spaghetti waster

Shouldn't be on here

174 Krupa - Season 9

Was the main reason why Paul won/Will lose the final service and therefore Season 9 for a disastrous showing on fish. Should Will have kicked Krupa out of the kitchen earlier, than he could have had a better chance of winning Season 9.

Started off decent, but then became horrible very quickly.

She likes a fish & Dora the Explorer fused together

175 Guy - Season 10

This guy looks like he's one of the Thunderbirds

176 Jason - Seasons 9 & 12

Why is he around the top 30? I was rooting for him since the start. He is funny, and one of the only chefs I like out in season 12. Great guy. Therefore, he shouldn't be on here. - ndog

Are you kidding me? Jason does not belong on this list, he is an excellent chef.

Shouldn't be on here

Katie G/PikaRamsay,I demand you to take him off the list!

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177 Emily - Season 8

Even though she was one of the weakest chefs in the red team (especially working with fish), it is mind-boggling that she was eliminated by Ramsay over Melissa despite the latter's humongous waste of filets in that service (and this despite after sending barely any apps).

She's better then Melissa, 100 times better.

Should've gotten a black jacket

178 Mikey - Season 7

"Mikey was all about appearances. Unfortunately for him, it didn't appear he could cook." - Gordon Ramsay

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179 Jacqueline - Season 11

Chef Ramsay: Jacqueline, why do you think you should stay in Hell's Kitchen?
Jacqueline: I think I should stay in Hell's Kitchen because I'm born to do this. I've been doing this all my life.
Chef Ramsay: You're born to cook pink chicken?
Lol She got owned.

Chef Ramsay hates her lol! He manages to own her every time she's nominated for elimination.

I'm on the fence whether she should be on here or not. She had a lot of good moments in Hell's Kitchen, but also had some bad moments as well. I think she probably doesn't deserve to be on this list.

Should've been eliminated over Gina

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180 Steven - Season 9

This guy is useless in the kitchen!

He is deluded to how scallops are supposed to be cooked

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