Top 10 Worst Hetalia Characters

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1 Seychelles

I can't stand Seychelles either. It's not because of the pairings but she has absolutely no qualities that make her stand out from the rest of the female characters in Hetalia. You have plenty of characters who have interesting personalities and can act their role very well. Seychelles is just boring and bland. She could be like Taiwan with the whole nice and cute girl persona that's child-like but Taiwan stands out more than her because at least she has a certain charm to her that makes her attractive as an Asian girl. Seychelles and Vietnam are the most boring characters in hetalia for me and I don't understand why Seychelles gets paired with so many boys, she doesn't deserve them! I really hate her.

All of the people on here are idiots.

Shes basically a mary sue who gets all the boys like she think she all that. Shes useless and does absolutely nothing and yet still gets all the boys! Annoying! Her personality is annoying too!

Most of the people here are idiots

2 America

I used to love this guy, but it's not really him in the show but more along the lines of how the fandom interprets him. Yeah I know it sounds stupid but like, I hate how he's always portrayed as sexy and badass, I hate how he's just there for England to hide behind while he beats France up for "Checking out his bae" or whatever, I hate how when people try to make him a villain, how 99% of the time is just being a "sexy crazy yandere for iggy" and locking him up, keeping him as his sex slave or something, and the fact that he's constantly everywhere and that you might as well think he's the actual main character of Hetalia even though he's far from it. Not to mention his Japanese voice is very, very annoying, much more annoying, and not in a "friendly American" way too. His characterization in the show makes him lovable, but for me how the fandom interprets him leaves his good qualities in the shadows.

He is seriously overrated, I have seen too much fanfictions of him being able to do things he isn't technically supposed to do? I mean, America is cute and all but the fandom has made me annoyed of him

He's annoying, narcissistic, arrogant, and thinks only for himself. He's constantly stuffing his face with burgers and cola and shows the worst American stereotypes out there. Never has there once been a character in one of my favorite anime's that make me hate the country I'm from.

Aww man, I can say he's not my favourite character, but he's hilarious. He's dorky, and all his interactions with England is just pure gold. He definitely didn't have a perfect life though, (the revolutionary war, and having to do that to England, like shown in Americas storage room cleaning) but does he choose to grieve over it forever and ever? No! He's still happy go lucky, and almost never sad.

3 Belarus

Belarus is just a really boring and overrated character. The only thing she does is try to force Russia to marry her. That's basically it. //Ps she isn't even that pretty.

I don't like it when she is shipped with America


Not a fan of the yandere type, sorry :/ - Limeyy

4 England

I love him, but I have to agree. He's very overrated, and he has way too many ships. Lovin those eyebrows, though.

I honestly don't have a big reason to hate England, but I think the fandom is over-exposed to him. Like, 50% of fanart has to include England and the other 50% is focused on literally every other character. Plus, he's shipped with every character in the series. There are more interesting characters than England people! Take Romania and Moldova for example. Moldova joined the USSR with Russia, and the storyline that Himaruya gives both of these characters is absolutely incredible. I don't get why people are so excited over England, then get turned off when they see characters like Wy and Belarus. People hate on Wy for being annoying and bossy, but England is literally the same character. Fangirls only hate on At because she's a female and swoon over England 'cause he's "the hottest character."

In short, he's overrated.

Honestly, I don't get why people love England so much. He's grumpy, he's not even that attractive, and he's SO overrated. Sorry to fangirls.

He's overrated. To be honest, I don't get why some fangirls find him attractive. He's so critical and mean towards the other countries, and yet sulks about not having friends? How will you have friends if you're this stuck-up?!

5 Japan

He's basically heresy made flesh; violated every known laws in the name of all that is good

Everything about him is to make the country look good

One word BORING, and it's very obvious that the author made the character look good just because he's japanese, the character's very good at reading the atmosphere, he's very peaceful (this is based on history right? when was Japan peaceful? and all the other characters are fighting like crazy) biased much? (and in most mangas I've read the japanese characters are very bad at reading the atmosphere)

Such a boring character

6 Romano

Are you kidding me? I know this is your opinion, but all of these characters are awesome!

Wy is hilariously cute and her friendship with Sealand is nice.

Seychelles only gets hate for being shipped with many of the males even though it's not her fault.

Germania was a strong and loving country who raised two of the best countries. (Germany and Prussia)

Belarus is adorable, but also creepy. But she's very loving (not in the kissy way) towards her family.

Romano is one of the best characters.

Romania was barely even shown, so why do you just suddenly hate him?

Norway is another great character and he's in my top 10. Oni-chan... Oni-chan.. ONI-CHAN...

Cuba is actually a very sympathetic character. Didn't you watch Paint it White?

Austria is a priss but he's a funny, talented priss.

And Sealand is a kid, so he acts like a kid.

- MontyPython

Oh god, yes. Romano is terrible. He's an jerk, but not an interesting jerk like, for example, England... he's literally NOTHING but a jerk. There are no added character traits that make him likable in any way, he never does anything other than yelling and being in the way, he does hardly ever contribute to the plot in an useful way and if he does, then it's not by doing something unique to him, but by doing something that most other characters could have done, too.

What is this slander - HugeW33b

I’m gonna be honest with you guys, tsunderes aren’t my thing. Some of them are ok but then there are some who are annoying and or will physically HARM YOU. I don’t hate Romano but like a lot of tsunderes, he’s needs to calm his ass down.

7 Puerto Rico

Since I love all characters in Hetalia and Puerto Rico is not even in Hetalia, I'll vote Puerto Rico

Why is he/she even on this list? We haven't even seen Puerto Rico on Hetalia.

This country isn't even in Hetalia!

Lmaooo I see what you did there

8 Sealand

Uhhh did you all forget that sealand is a child? He is supposed to be annoying. - McFlurryFlur

I find him annoying. He throws tantrums in literally every single episode he's in.

I don't know why but he really pisses me off for some reason

He acts gay all the time

9 Wy

First of all, if you voted on Wy, shame on you. Although Wy may be a bit bossy around Sealand, she has reasons! Including Sealand trying to boss her around first. Wy is very talented(she rocks at art! ).

10 Vietnam

I agree, Vietnam is such a boring character to the point where she's so forgettable. When I took a break from the fandom once I nearly remembered almost everyone except her. She also gives off a rather snobbish aura under all that façade she's showing. I mean it's pretty obvious she wouldn't waste her time interacting with anyone outside the Asians unless she really has to. I'm not fond of characters like her, I've seen the other tough and headstrong characters in Hetalia (I.e. Germany, Belarus, Sweden) and they all have more personality than this character does. Her fans are also annoying and are always whining when she never gets noticed. She practically gets more spotlight than India,Thailand, and Macau do and their apart of the Asians as well! She can't stand alone as a character because then she'd be the generic I'm tough-but-secretly-soft character with no interesting traits whatsoever. I know her personality is supposed to be based off of Vietnamese stereotypes but come on! ...more

She is very boring, despite her being tough she is boring and... ok I'm frisking DONE

A boring and stiff character that has as much personality as a rotten fruit. She is such a dull character and nothing stands out about her other than the fact that she's tough and doesn't know how to smile. When writing about the Asians you can practically forget that she exists because of her blandness as a character
Without Taiwan or any other character with her she is absolutely uninteresting and SO BORING! I don't get why she's paired with America so often she has no qualities that fit her as a candidate to be his girlfriend. He deserves better and Vietnam needs less or absolutely no screen time at all. She's like a mix of Hong Kong and Germany what a stale girl with no personality whatsoever

Very boring. The only thing that sticks out about Vietnam is that she's tough. I also don't really get why people like her so much, she just plays as a minor character in Hetalia and rarely seen in the comics and she doesn't even appear in the anime! Also, some people only notice Vietnam because of the Vietnam War.

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11 Hungary

The fandom really ruined this character for me. Hungary x Prussia. Seriously? These countries don't like each other. Hungary is also nothing like the actual country. Fujoshi? You've got to be kidding me. Seriously. This character is better off as a male because she annoys me so much.

Bad representation of the actual country

Hungary is probably the most annoying female character out of all of the female characters.

she’s so annoying, and I hate the ‘love triangle’ between her, prussia, and austria. her being shipped with like 99% of the male cast annoys me, and just how they sexualize her with prussia.
pruhun makes no sense and is such a toxic ship to be honest. you post your opinion about pruhu and people attack you for saying that ‘pruhun in my opinion is just a meh.’
The fan art is just...ugh...
I hate Hungary fan art. - epicgermansoldier

12 Cuba

I hate APH Cuba too, and CuCan is a notp of mine for the same reason. I get Cuba and Canada are close friends now and Cuba is a lot more nicer to Canada now. But that doesn't change the fact that he beats up Canada when he thinks he is America. This relationship would be very toxic because Cuba could always mix the two up again and beat Canada up. Who cares if Cuba knows Canada most of the time now a days, it doesn't change the fact that sometimes he may confuse the two.

Everyone has opinions but to hate aph Cuba is just wrong. It can't be because of his actions because that's a resolved problem. Only other reasons are his (always cheerful) attitude, his weight and/or skin colour, or his hate for America. None of these are flaws though?

He hate my favorite character. -Personal opinion

13 Germania
14 Norway

He's awesome! Get him off! He should be in top ten favourite hetalia characters!

Have you even WATCHED Hetalia?! He's awesome - it has to be a mistake here!

Why is he on this list?! Get him off! He rocks and is a great character!

NO! Norway is the best! he should not be here he is too fabulous!

15 Italy

What he is my favorite charachter
He is so cute and sweet. Who ever hates him is an abomination

Woah, North Italy is one of the friendliest and kindest characters, I think that him and South Italy are both misunderstood

Lets not forget that N Italy had evil thoughts about taking down Germany and Japan when Japan saw inside his mind. - it2ly

Italy is annoying, I feel bad for the real country and for italians that this character represents them in hetalia.

Annoying. Mary-sue.

16 Romania
17 Canada

The reason why Canada irks me is that he is somehow an overrated underrated character, if that makes sense. The anime doesn’t mention him much, but some fans are like: “ Canada my smol bby why isn’t he on the Allies fanart”? Because if we included all the Allies on the Allies fanart, the artist would be drawing for a while.

I think he’s a fine character but he’s so overrated it just ruined his character for me. - Limeyy

You can't be serious! He's an adorable cinnamon roll! - MarByz

I really hate APH Canada with a burning passion. I don't hate Canadians, I have friends that are Canadians but Canada annoys me to no end with everyone calling him the 'sweet innocent cinnamon bun~' Urk, and I really hate Fem! Canada too...

18 Russia

Weird, creepy and what's up with that big nose


19 Finland

He is a polar opposite from how finnish people behave

I love Tino but as a finn I know from experience that not many Finnish people act like Tino does.

I have a friend named pat he’s from Finland he speaks finish he asks nothing like fin land nor do the people in Finland act like the character Finland

20 Taiwan

Taiwan should NOT be liking Japan so much! She is overrated and annoying!

I can't stand Taiwan

21 Prussia


Possibly the most obnoxious and overly sexualized country i’ve ever known that existed in Hetalia
why do people get sad over his dissolution? it was bound to happen at one point. - epicgermansoldier

22 Austria

Austria is my legit child I love him so much why is he even on this list he's too precious

23 Turkey

He's a wannabe phantom of the opera and he's mean to greece and he's just U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi you ugly

24 Greece

I find Greece very boring, I don't hate him but I don't like him because he just sleeps all day and smiles rarely. And this character is just all about cats, okay, I love cats too much but this guy is just "all about" cats (and sleeping)

25 Spain




26 Poland

He's so fake and annoying to me. Really the only character I dislike, and it's not because he looks like a girl because honestly my favorite is China.

He's annoying. I don't think Poland deserves this character, this feminine shorty with a basic bitch behavior and crossdressing hobby. I think Poland should be a female character not this nonsense.

27 Latvia

He cries too much

28 Estonia

If you guys didn't know, Estonia is Hima's favourite character in Hetalia


Estonia is the worst character of Hetalia by far. He's egotistical, and claims he deserves things when he doesn't even work for it. He's supposed to be the ~nerdy dork character~ but honestly he just looks and acts like an incel. He tries constantly to be apart of the Nordics and in the manga, claims "he's the most Nordic one by far" just because Vikings liked his country. Estonia needs to leave Hetalia for I really can't stand him whenever he's in the manga or pops up on screen. Estonia, you are not a Nordic and never will be, you incel.

29 Belgium

She annoys me

I hate Belgium!

30 Liechtenstein

To me she is shipped with Switzerland always and I’ll ratherher be a boy

31 Iceland
32 Ukraine

Hey! Why is Ukraine here?! - MarByz

33 Netherlands

Ok, he is pretty much an annoying rich man, yeah he is hot and all, but I HATE his personality, he is SO rude and obsessed with money and full of himself, ok...I GET THAT HE USED TO BE POOR but STILL he is full of himself and I hate HIM

How do you hate Netherlands! He is cheap is because he grew up poor and had to make money quick. He has a cute pet rabbit. He also doesn't want Luxembourg to follow his example thinking it is a bad way to go about things and wants to protect both Luxembourg and Belgium. Yes he doesn't get along well with Spain but that's literally the stereotype that Spaniards and Dutch don't get along and not something that the creator made up.

34 France

Let's all remember that France is not a rapist. Sure, he's affectionate, but he will not force his affections onto others. That is something to admire. Anyone who voted France to this position because of his flirty actions is misunderstanding him.

This guy is really overrated and just overall annoying and wayyy too sympathized - epicgermansoldier

35 China
36 Chibitalia
37 Switzerland

Seriously, we Swiss people don't have any obsessions with guns, that would rather fit to America's character. I have also never heard of such a stereotype. But it's true, that we have a close relationship with Lichtenstein.

38 Sweden

The country Sweden has this rumor going on that it's the country with the most beautiful people. So why is the character in hetalia a creepy looking dude? I was expecting a handsome and charismatic man...

39 Egypt

He has little to no back story yet I do care for people in Egypt I just think his character should be built up more and shown more because he was in the anime 1 or 2 times, also my thing is us Arabic people aren’t really that white so I guess his character is ok?

40 Bulgaria


41 Argentina

Why this country is so mean and rude, because he argues with mexico a lot of time and he is a jerk. even in world war 3 he joins the axis power, so he is a terrible

42 Madagascar

This country ain't even in hetalia, but I'm voting because I can't stand to see my children get insulted

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