Top 10 Worst Hetalia Characters


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21 Belgium

She annoys me

I hate Belgium!

22 Spain




23 Prussia


24 Iceland
25 Poland

He's so fake and annoying to me. Really the only character I dislike, and it's not because he looks like a girl because honestly my favorite is China.

He's annoying. I don't think Poland deserves this character, this feminine shorty with a basic bitch behavior and crossdressing hobby. I think Poland should be a female character not this nonsense.

26 Russia

Weird, creepy and what's up with that big nose

27 Italy

Italy is annoying, I feel bad for the real country and for italians that this character represents them in hetalia.

28 Chibitalia
29 Ukraine

Hey! Why is Ukraine here?! - MarByz

30 Taiwan
31 Sweden

The country Sweden has this rumor going on that it's the country with the most beautiful people. So why is the character in hetalia a creepy looking dude? I was expecting a handsome and charismatic man...

32 Netherlands
33 Latvia

He cries too much

34 Greece
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