Top 10 Worst Hetalia Characters


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21 Canada

The reason why Canada irks me is that he is somehow an overrated underrated character, if that makes sense. The anime doesn’t mention him much, but some fans are like: “ Canada my smol bby why isn’t he on the Allies fanart”? Because if we included all the Allies on the Allies fanart, the artist would be drawing for a while.

You can't be serious! He's an adorable cinnamon roll! - MarByz

22 Prussia


23 Spain



24 Iceland
25 Russia

Weird, creepy and what's up with that big nose

26 Italy

Italy is annoying, I feel bad for the real country and for italians that this character represents them in hetalia.

27 Ukraine

Hey! Why is Ukraine here?! - MarByz

28 Taiwan
29 Poland

He's annoying. I don't think Poland deserves this character, this feminine shorty with a basic bitch behavior and crossdressing hobby. I think Poland should be a female character not this nonsense.

30 Sweden

The country Sweden has this rumor going on that it's the country with the most beautiful people. So why is the character in hetalia a creepy looking dude? I was expecting a handsome and charismatic man...

31 Chibitalia
32 Netherlands
33 Latvia

He cries too much

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