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21 Sweden x Finland

Sooo boring and overrated, this ship makes sweden look so creepy.
i'm sick of all this couples with tall seme and short uke

22 AusHun

Honestly, this ship is really lame. It's too basic, and not even cute. Sure, they were married, but that doesn't mean they actually loved each other.

This is like an almost canon thing

Why hate lmao
Hungary still cares about Austria and it's canon

Why is this here. ITS BASICALLY CANON people. they're MARRIED

23 AmeBela

I'm not trying to offend anyone who ships AmeBel but I just can't stand this pairing! I mean their personalities clash with each others and even the countries in real life aren't in good relations, I think the only interaction they both have is when America took care of Bela and TRIED to be a brother to her, but if you read the history book America pretty much neglected Bela. And I don't think America would like anyone who supports Russia's side and I don't think Bela is gonna give up so easily on Russia either. This is just my opinion on this ship, if you respect my opinion then I respect your ships.

To be honest, I don't even now how this became a ship in the first place. Both of their personalities don't really mix well. Plus, Belarus probably won't get over her Russia obsession, and I'm pretty sure America is canon with someone else.

It must burn in hell. - MarByz

Oh. My. GOD. It's wrong. WRONG. On so many lvls.
A) their personalities don't match at all (why so cruel to Alfred? + I can’t see this “opposites attract” thing working), b) they didn't mention each other in the anime, c) in the strip, America viewed her as a sister. A SISTER. NOT. A. FREAKING. GIRLFRIEND/WIFE! d) the actual countries don't exactly have good relations.
Srsly people
It's wa-a-a-y to-o-o-o-o overrated. - MarByz

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24 Sealand x Wy

They to young to be shipped.

They just don't need to be a couple. It just makes England X Australia a more plausible ship.

Eww Wy clearly hates Sealand. She isn't a tsundere at all, she just wants NORMAL FRIENDS who don't shout and act very childish like the other Micronations. Fighting relationships aren't very cute or funny

I don't know whether this one is cute or weird...
Ah, what the Dark Forest. Another member of my Great Hetalia Ship Armada.

25 Ameripan

Guys, I know that its super cute that they love technologic and many other things but when I look at them I simply cannot see how Japan would still like America, HE DROPPED AN ATOMIC BOMB ON TWO OF JapanS CITIES. I know that if we weren't supposed to ship hetalia couples because of historical facts, we wouldn't ship nothing at all, but still... Sorry

This doesn't really need an explanation. Just remember Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima. You're welcome.

Well I ship this everyone else that's here and that ships this please say Hello I'm not mad but sup

I find it really adorable. Even after the wars and bombs they have forgiven eachother, and Japan no longer has its own military because America's military protects Japan instead! But that's just my own opinion.

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26 Philippines x America

I can see how people ship this. Culturally, America and the Philippines have a good relationship. But I would rather see them have a platonic relationship than a romantic one.

Since Philippines is a CANON character it can kinda make sense but I see them have a BROTHERLY relationship! Not much as lovers!

Sure, I'd love a Philippines as much as the next Filipino fan, but still. I don't see how shipping an OC with an actual character works. Even worse, people tend to forget history between them. America actually took away the Philippines' independence after it was declared!

Yes, there are some other trrible ships with the Philippines in it, but this is a notp for me.


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27 RoChu

- cries because I ship this I even saw Germany x Italy -

Seriously Why Would Anyone Ship These 2 is Beyond Me In Th Anime And Manga And In Real Life China Hates Russia And Does Not Even Want Him Near,Sure There Is The Whole Thing Russia Turned China Communist But Not Because They Liked Each Other.It Has Been Known Throughout History That Countries Help Other Countries But For Their Own Personal Gain And When One Country Cannot Help The Other Country It Is Know That They Other Leave Or Betray Them,Or Something Like That.


28 IceFridge

What the hell is this ship?

...the hell? - MarByz

29 Taiwan x Japan

Let me just say that the people of Taiwan pretty much hate the Japanese. Even now they still hate them.

I'm Taiwanese, my grandmother deeply hated Japanese rule. Taiwan and China from Hetalia are a propaganda piece; Taiwan is Japan's "friend" and China is the emasculated stereotype who gets all the credit for WWII.

It's impossible

30 RusLiet
31 Puerto Rico x U.S.A

...what. I think Puerto Rico now has the "Philippines OC Shipping" fever. come on, guys! You can do better than this! Stop shipping Puerto Rico with America just like the Philippines!

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32 HongIce

Really, this ship is horrible. No need to explain more. They're both only friendly towards each other, nothing else. /Nothing/. I hate this ship more than anything else.

It's not even cute. HongIce is not nice


OH YES It's SO BAD! They've had ONE INTERACTION! Icelanf hated it

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33 Japan x Denmark

Actually the netherlands warned him

Honestly kind of cute since Denmark went all the way over to Japan to warn him that some country was gonna bomb him... I like any ship with Japan and AmeriPan is my OTP but this doesn't stop me from supporting other ships but still...

34 China x Seychelles

I don't get it. - MarByz

35 GrandpaOliver

This ship is so beautiful! The concept of Grandpa Oliver is perfect. This ship shows the difference between two polar opposite. This ship should totally be cannon.

...You do realize this is a page for worst ships right?

Grandpa Rome X Oliver Kirkland is the best ship of all time!

36 Greece x Japan
37 Spamano

Romano doesn't deserve Spain he treats him too bad, I usually like tsundere characters but Romano is crossing the line. I think Spain is better with France or Belgium because they treat him better.

38 Flying Mint Bunny x England

This even exists?

- starts dieing-

Okay, this one is just crazy. It's seems okay if FMB is human, but seriously. I don't think England would harbor any romantic feelings for his magical buddies. In my opinion, I think that he just sees them all as good friends. FMB seems to be more of a best friend for England, not a lover.


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39 Philippines x Japan

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Japan took over the Philippines, for heaven's sake! Would that help the Philippines' relationship towards Japan? NO! Honestly, I see them more as frenemies then lovers.

Isn't the Philippines an OC? So technically, this isn't even a real ship.

40 GerMano

There is literally NOTHING to support this ship, and I have no idea how it came to be in the first place. Romano hasen't shown even remote interest in Germany, and the only interactions they've had were Romano openly cursing out and badmouthing Germany. Even from Germany's side, there is literally NO interest! I'm usually pretty open to other people's oppinons and ships, but this is the one hetalia paring I can not stand. If you ship it, that's fine, and I'm sorry, but this ship is honestly damn disgusting to me.

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