What I don’t understand is why so many of you are voting USUK because “they’re adopted brothers”, despite the Germancest, Itacest, and American below. Honestly- some of you guys are only voting USUK because it’s the main ship blocking your OTP, which I completely understand, but still.

I’d admit I’m a USUK shipper, but I tend to be very mild about my ships. I’m never started a shipping war, never specifically bashed on a ship- unlike many of you below.

I wish you all would just generalizing the USUK shippers to be rabid fans who are oblivious to the other ships. I’d admit those do exist, but they aren’t all of us- they are simply the most outspoken.

And while I agree that their relationship is best written platonic, I find the ship intriguing and cute.

Apologies if any of my comments or views on USUK have offended you- I assure you that was not my intent.

I don't really hate this ship. I'm just not fond of it. I'm not fond of every ship, as well but, this one is no. 1 in my least favorite pairings. Why? Well, one of the reasons is because I don't like it hoe England is portrayed as uke/shota boy or something like that. He is a former pirate who used to torment one of his fellow nations. He was once the largest empire in history, and was obviously, deeply, feared by Italy during ww2(I meant in hetalia, not real life). He is described as cynical, sarcastic, and sharp-tongued. With all of the things I said about England, does he still sound like an uke/shota to you? Another one of the reasons is because I only see him and america as, either, brothers or friends who fight about the most damn silly/ridiculous things (not just usuk, but also for other ships).

Well I guess him being a tsundere is what caused that.

Sorry, but shipping people who are obviously brothers/siblings/just friends with no feelings for each other/enemies ...more - EnvaEnilo

Let's face it people, USUK is a crack pairing. Not a humorous one either, it's just awkward. The only way this ship could possibly work is if you made a human AU where they were both the same age, and were not in the same family. Other wise, I fail to see any romance in this (in cannon) platonic relationship. Also, this ship has caused so much trouble in the history of the Hetalia fandom. I mean, the shipping wars between Fruk and USUK weren't necessarily pleasant. People were seriously arguing over two ships, how immature is that? I believe USUK is one of the reasons why Hetalia has been given such a bad name. Also, the fact that this ship is EVERYWHERE gets on my nerves. Especially since this overrated ship gets in the way of anything good in this fandom.

I was aware of, and sort of 'shipped' this pair before I even watched an episode of Hetalia. The fans of this ship seem to be convinced this pairing is "canon" and will go to great lengths of the internet to proclaim so. After watching the series I must say I was left like "Hmm, what? ". Seriously guys. They're family - England RAISES America in the anime. Did a large percentage of fans miss that part? I don't see how as it's a important part of the show and even revisited in many flash-backs from both characters. I honestly believe that the majority of supporters of this pair have simply failed to differentiate between familial love and romantic love. They share a bond, sure... but it's BROTHERLY or even FATHERLY. In fact, I'd personally go with the latter. I mean, there may be fan works that portray a romantic relationship between the two in an AU setting and that's fine but please, please stop shouting about how "canon" this is and pressuring the creator to make it "canon". It ...more

Now, I hate most of the Hetalia pairings out there (Yaoi just isn't my thing), but out of all of them, USUK is the one that makes me want to puke. It disgusts me that this is the #1 pairing in the fandom. For crying out loud, it's just plain wrong and it's everywhere! America happens to be my favorite character and I can't look up pictures of him without half of the pictures being of him smutting it up with England. I like America and England as FRIENDS and BROTHERS, not lovers who bang each other every single night. Also, in canon, these two basically hate each other. In the present, America just hangs around England to annoy him and England always calls America a "bloody git" and a "wanker". How is that love? And when America was found by England, he said to England "I'll call you my big brother! ". England from there adopted America and raised him as his own. This means that USUK is practically incest since they're brothers. I'm also sick of USUK fans pushing the pairing down ...more

Although many people in the fandom would disagree with my opinion, I don't see any romantic relationship between them. They were brothers, and from my point of view, England's only sad because he lost someone that he loved as FAMILY or as a BROTHER, not someone he loved romantically

England raised America. Then, in USUK, we see America, the happy, clueless idiot, (who as Americans are, is probably uncomfortable with nudity) top his father figure. (Who probably lost his virginity centuries before America, by choice.)

Okay so, many people argue that it isn't incest which I personally disagree with. But, you can't ignore the fact that England raised him. If you don't consider them brothers (even though they canonically are) it's like having a babysitter that's a full grown adult look after you, then smashing them years later.

Honestly I have always hated this ship, the two are BROTHERS (though it hasn't been proven), if anything. That's basically incest, it's disgusting. The relationship between these two is platonic. I'm glad to learn I'm not the only one who thinks this ship is ridiculous.

I think usuk is getting too much popularity even though it's kind of an awkward relationship.

Yes, They are brothers.. It would be really weird for them to have a romantic relationship

It's everywhere and annoying. I didn't see them as lovers but brothers

I literally am incapable of shipping it. In my mind, they have a brotherly relationship, and nothing more. I think I mind-puke every time this ship is mentioned

Oh my god,thank you so much... People never think about how England raised America, when America was an infant! Its such a strange ship that gets more love than it deserves

America and England's personalities don't work.

But America fought England for freedom in the anime so technically they're not Brothers also yes I ship it and I know many don't because of that but they aren't really Brothers anymore? so ya

I think it's a little overrated is all.

I dislike it. Not cuase their brothers, I have other APH ships that are brothers lol but I never see them in a romance relationship. I see it as a parent-child relationship.

1) England raised America
2) England sees America as a little brother

So if that's the case, then it's pretty much incest (father X son) / (brother X brother)

USUK is the worst pairing in Hetalia because they have zero chemistry, zero romance... etc. they don't match at all. I really don't get why so many people like this pairing, some people say it's candy eye, but I don't see that at all, they don't even look good together; and the thing I don't understand the most is why is America the top, he is the worst seme ever.
I don't like Germancest when Prussia is the uke/bottom, I only like PruGer.

Do I care whether you ship this or not? Eh. Not in particular. But it annoys me to no end when people pull in the old, "Oh it's incest" excuse. Guess what? They don't consider the other to be their brother. It's literally in one of the webcomic strips; both deny any sort brotherly relation to the other person. If you don't ship it, that's fine! But find a REAL reason. You can say, "I consider it incest." Perfectly acceptable! It's YOUR opinion. You can even say, "I consider it incest because they were once brothers." But don't say that it IS incest, because neither England nor America treats/considers the other to be a sibling anymore. ESPECIALLY England, because he completely and utterly 'freaks out' and denies it when someone asks, "Aren't y'all brothers? ". America kinda looks 'disgusted' but continues to sip his soda. I'm sorry to disappoint, but it's not incest.

What's funny is I'm not even a huge fan of this pairing myself. Guess I just like accuracy.