Worst Hey Arnold! Characters

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1 Big Bob Pataki

He is self-centered and seems disrespectful to Helga. And it is obvious that Helga can't stand to be around him in the Hey Arnold Quantity Time episode. Usually the outings intended for "father and daughter bonding" turned out to be to places Bob wanted to go, making it all about him. Helga wanted to go to Wrestle Mania. Sometimes I think Big Bob talks down to his wife and sees her as a pushover which may explain why she's all run down with seemingly no identity and mental strength left. So to cope with the miserable marriage, she drowns her pain in smoothies to keep it age appropriate for child viewers. Because in reality, the smoothies she downs actually represents alcohol in disguise. That's my theory on the marriage among Miriam and Big Bob. Notice that Helga resents him when he tries to order her around like the time when he was competing against Arnold's grandpa in golf after they got into a feud with each other for making each other's cars scratched. He probably orders Miriam ...more

He's the reason why Helga is a total jerkface. - Anonymousxcxc

You said it, Anonymousxcxc! He's also the reason Miriam is so run down and has no spirit left.

The way he treats everyone especially his own blood is awful. The only person he respects is Olga. No wonder Miriam is a drunk and Helga is bitchy and clingy!

2 Olga Pataki Olga Pataki

Why does Helga's sister talk with an accent? It's weird!

Stupid spoiled entitled perfectionist whiney brat. Reminds me of someone I know.

I really can't stand her and the whole damn family with the exception of Helga.

I despise her so much! Hlga is the best!

3 Wolfgang

Give him a super big spanking

Wolfgang: give me my character back.
Arnold: But I'm Arnold.

Lane Toran = Arnold always not Wolfgang.

4 Edmund
5 Oskar Kokoshka

Every single time this guy came on screen I would just close my eyes and shake my head and wish he was gone when I opened them

He is the only character in Hey Arnold that I hate.

He is a pathetic loser.

I hate him

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6 Eugene Horowitz

Thinks he is the luckiest person ever and at on point considers Arnold a jinx. It's irritating that he is just too positive and weird.

So positive to the point its annoying. And not to mention the itsy bitsy spider.

I don't find him annoying at all but u know who I find really annoying who is also sweet and positive also? LILA

I hate Eugene, because he is gay and he looks like a penis.

7 Rhonda Wellington Lloyd Rhonda Wellington Lloyd Rhonda Wellington Lloyd is a fictional character from the 90s Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold. She's generally known for being rich and stuck up. Along with that she cares very deeply about fashion. Her best friend is Nadine. She generally hates people that are "geeks" and refuses to be around them or ...read more.

At Least I'm not the only one who hates her

She is a bratty version of Muffy from "Arthur" (To be honest though ' Muffy is sortta bratty.)

She should be number 1, a typically rich, snobbish, self-centered bitch that looks down on others and thinks that she's the central of the universe just because her family is rich.

8 Lila Sawyer Lila Sawyer Lila Sawyer is a fictional character from the 90s Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold created by Craig Bartlett. She's generally known for being nice and kind to her classmates which disgusts Helga Pataki. She also has a crush on Arnold's cousin Arnie. In the series she's revealed to be poor next to being ...read more.

I like the idea of Olga Pataki and Lila Sawyer being portrayed as sister like figures all because Lila Sawyer is a one sibling-less only single child so she's especially sister-less.

Lila knows Helga's secret so she will not steal Arnold!

Lila is so fake. Arnold should move on and I bet she'd be jealous.

Helga or Ruth not Lila.

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9 Ludwig
10 Miriam Pataki

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11 Big Gino
12 Helga Gerdaline Pataki

She is nine years old, immature. In her teens she and Arnold would date. She has a terrible family. Drunk/drugged mother, father who doesn't care about her, he always forgets how old she is, and they only love and care about her older sister.

The way some people talk about her, she's not evil, immaturity yeah she's a kid. Angelica Pickles who is Three Years Old behaved worse.

She's a bully with a bad personality. Plenty of people have a bad home life and don't act as rotten as her. I'm surprised she's not higher on the list.

She deserves to be Number One on this list because of feminaziism and hypocrisy.

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13 Iggy

All because he held a grudge.

All because Arnold betrayed him.

14 Willie the Jolly Olly Man
15 Timberly - Hey Arnold
16 Harold

Stupid bully who doesn't care for anyone

You such fat ass

He is a Jerk

17 Sid

Every time there's a single episode focused on Harold and Stinky, it makes them more likable.
Every time there's one focused on this kid, it makes him more... annoying.

18 Brainy

*punches him in the face*

Was he Brainy? How many lines did he have in the whole series.

19 Arnie

This guys boring and took Lila from Arnold

20 Principal Wartz

A power-tripping egotistical punk bitch. I hate his face

21 Camp Fire Lass
22 Wally the Alligator
23 Mr. Simmons


24 Ruth McDougal
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