Worst Hey Arnold! Characters

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1 Big Bob Pataki

You said it, Anonymousxcxc! He's also the reason Miriam is so run down and has no spirit left. - eventer51314

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2 Wolfgang

Give him a super big spanking

Wolfgang: give me my character back.
Arnold: But I'm Arnold.

Lane Toran = Arnold always not Wolfgang.

3 Olga Pataki Olga Pataki

Why does Helga's sister talk with an accent? It's weird!

I despise her so much! Hlga is the best!

4 Oskar Kokoshka

Every single time this guy came on screen I would just close my eyes and shake my head and wish he was gone when I opened them

He is the only character in Hey Arnold that I hate.

I actually like him. - RalphBob

He is a pathetic loser.

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5 Edmund
6 Eugene Horowitz

Thinks he is the luckiest person ever and at on point considers Arnold a jinx. It's irritating that he is just too positive and weird.

So positive to the point its annoying. And not to mention the itsy bitsy spider.

I don't find him annoying at all but u know who I find really annoying who is also sweet and positive also? LILA

I hate Eugene, because he is gay and he looks like a penis.

7 Ludwig
8 Rhonda Wellington Lloyd

She is a bratty version of Muffy from "Arthur" (To be honest though ' Muffy is sortta bratty.)

9 Big Gino
10 Miriam Pataki

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? Arnie
? Ruth McDougal

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11 Lila Sawyer Lila Sawyer

I like the idea of Olga Pataki and Lila Sawyer being portrayed as sister like figures all because Lila Sawyer is a one sibling-less only single child so she's especially sister-less.

Lila knows Helga's secret so she will not steal Arnold!

Lila is so fake. Arnold should move on and I bet she'd be jealous.

Mary sue!

Craig Bartlett said he specifically designed her as a Mary Sue to be a foil to Helga. - eventer51314

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12 Helga Gerdaline Pataki

She's a bully with a bad personality. Plenty of people have a bad home life and don't act as rotten as her. I'm surprised she's not higher on the list.


13 Willie the Jolly Olly Man
14 Harold

Stupid bully who doesn't care for anyone

He is a Jerk

15 Sid

Every time there's a single episode focused on Harold and Stinky, it makes them more likable.
Every time there's one focused on this kid, it makes him more... annoying.

16 Iggy

All because Arnold betrayed him.

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17 Timberly - Hey Arnold
18 Camp Fire Lass
19 Brainy
20 Wally the Alligator

Made to make Barney angry for existing - ElectricCorpseSlayer

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